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So a little about myself. I'm mainly a Sonic writer, but with the occasional inspiration to write for other fandoms. I like to write parodies, mysteries and deconstructions. My first story went up in 2006, and in spite of it's age, I'm still proud of it (bar a few novice writer errors). I'm even still using features that first appeared in this story to this day, even though, as far as I know, I'm the only person who's even remotely clued in to what.

I've been playing Sonic games since the day I first got my Mega-Drive (oh spoiler, I'm English), way back in the distant past of 1999. Been a Sonic fan for a lot longer, grew up watching AoStH, and to a lesser extent SatAM (wasn't as big a fan of that), as well as reading Sonic the Comic, and various British books that used the Dr Kintobor origin story, and that influenced some of my earlier stories. Still, I like the idea that Sonic is responsible for creating Dr Robotnik out of Dr Kintobor, heck I even took my username from it, had he been called Dr Eggman in the west always. Hence Dr Namgge.

With regards to what I read, well I'm afraid to say I don't like OC-centric stories, haven't read anywhere near enough Archie to understand Archie comic verse stuff, and don't really care too much for AU high school fics, stories that are random for the sake of it, or shipping stories. So yeah, that's about 90% of the site.

But what about what I do like? Well I enjoy a good humour piece, something with good characterisation and dialogue. I love stories that actually feature Sonic fighting Robotnik, particularly if Robotnik's got more going on than just "send down some robots" and there's an actual plan involved. I highly enjoy reading stories with clever twists, ones that leave you wondering what happened next. Most of all though, I just like to read stories that do something with effort. Any idiot can type up a few sentences and call it a story, it takes someone with real talent to make it interesting, compelling, and perhaps even thought provoking.

Generally, if it's like something I'd write, I'd enjoy reading it.

Enough about me, onto the stories:

Namgge's Current Work(s)-in-Progress

Needs & Wants: The obligatory side story to Disappear, this story sets out to reveal what was happening with the Servers of Chaos not mentioned in Disappear. As such it's so very incredibly spoiler heavy, and I doubt anyone many will read it. Still, at the same time, it hopefully answers some questions about not just Disappear, but also Voices & Unreality before the next story that's set up to conclude them all.

Namgge's Thoughts on His Completed Works

The Last Mission: I love this story. It came to me out of nowhere, when I was mindlessly typing. It came to being while I was writing Voices, and it served as an inspiration to myself for the relationship dynamic between Bean & Bark. I'll admit the ending is a bit of a cop-out for a tragedy, but at the same time it worked so well, and the reviews agree.

Sonic's Wasted Time: A novel idea, based on just how many bad stories I saw. I knocked it out in about an hour and a half at about 6am in the morning, and I remember just writing it directly into 's document editor over a previously existing document. I made a digital copy afterward, but it was on before it was on my hard drive. I made up all the story extracts featured, but they were typical of what was being seen at the time. It spawned several sequels.

Voices: My second longest Fanfic to date, and also the second fanfic I ever wrote (the first being a God-Awful thing I wrote aged 13 that went on for just 3 pages, and quickly descended into rambling chaos). It was originally published on the old Concept: "Mobius" forums, and went on hiatus around chapter 24 - I think - for nearly a year before a conversation about it with a close friend made me attempt to finish it. I'm still pleased with this story even now looking at it, but it shows it's age a bit, and could do with a clean up, particularly in the early chapters. Considering it's from 2006, that's not bad going, yet I can't help but think one day I'll fine tune and polish it up, or better still, completely re-write it.

Originally Voices was going to end rather differently. Bean & Bark were meant to be just cameos, and I wanted to include further cameos from other characters like Ray the Flying Squirrel, Nack the Weasel and Rouge the Bat. Furthermore, when I started I had no idea who the mystery voice was going to be, and it was only after about ten chapters that I'd decided for certain who it was, hence why Knuckles heard random gibberish. That later worked itself out in a case of going over the story with a fine tooth comb and trying to fit some logical ret-cons to it. Chapter seven of that story in particular was changed a couple of times (and still doesn't fit right to me), and there was a different fate planned for one of the bi-planes than actually happened.

Message to All: This story was written as Christmas fluff, and I only spent one afternoon on it, something that shows. The idea was in my head for about an hour after reading through The Sonic Writers Guild Forums, and I felt I had to do it. It was another instance of mindless rambling leading to a story, but it did go through a phase of being re-written to work better.

Tails' Wasted Time: Conceived as a sequel to Sonic's Wasted Time, this story took a fair bit longer to write than the first story. Yet again all these stories are original, and a representation of what I often saw on . This one has more views and fans than the first one, but I actually prefer the first one to this one.

Eggmania: An Easter fic that couldn't be resisted. After someone on the forum said there was no Easter fluff, I set to work on this piece. It was slightly rushed, and ideally could use more details in it, but it works all the same as a summation story of a years events that stays light hearted and I for one thinks brings a smile to faces.

A Love Unmatched: This was an April Fools piece, deliberately mislabeled to trick. It was a bit mean, but I couldn't resist it. Also, despite how the cut makes it look, there really is no middle to that story. I never wrote what happens between cuts, never even imagined it, but I must admit I'd like to one day see what people would've put in the middle.

Knuckles' Wasted Time: The second sequel to Sonic's Wasted Time, this one probably the weakest of the series. The problem with this one was that I didn't write it based on what I was seeing, but rather wanting to make a sequel, and it suffers as a result. It also tries too hard to be clever, I'll even admit the very first review was left by myself in an attempt to show Knuckles breaking the forth wall and reviewing the very story he's reading. I don't think anybody got that joke, and I'm kind of embarrassed that I tried it.

The Master Emerald: The one good thing to come from the previous story. This was inspired by one of the made up stories in the first one. The ending seemed cruel but just enough to work, and it's a creepy insight into the Echidna culture, and Chaos Emerald power. Puts a much darker twist on the series.

My Obsession: This story actually started life as a bitter self hating rant about myself, and my pursuit of an unrequited love. Writing it though I noticed it would make a good story, took out all the personal details, related it more to being about Sonic, and adjusted a few details accordingly. I like how this turned out, and it seemed to make sense to end it how I did.

Waiting for Her: Somebody in The Sonic Writer's Guild suggested a Rouge pairing that I thought was too perfect to write. Though they said it as a joke, I went for it seriously, and came out with a story that I like a lot. I attempted to write a reverse perspective sequel, but I just couldn't make it anywhere near as interesting, and swiftly abandoned it.

Froggy's Foggy Thoughts: This story kick-started a now dead thread in the writers guild called one-shot theater. The actual story wasn't too bad, but had I not had the idea for the thread, this story wouldn't've existed. Really I just made it because it was just different enough to qualify as a truly original story (as far as fanfiction can be anyway), and was a good, non-complex example of the sort of thing the thread was about.

The Date: Strictly parody, again written for the forum, in an attempt to get ten reviews from people who genuinely thought it was good. It failed badly at it's aim. The story is deliberately poorly written, but there's actually a reasonably clever chain-of-deals plot going on there, with a Robotnik invasion going on in the background, which is actually how I perceive Amy to think of Robotnik's attempts, no big deal unless they directly affect her. I keep thinking I should re-do this, with better writing, more detail, a few more jokes, and actually make it a proper story, rather than a cheap stealth parody of bad writing.

A New Future: Written as a reply to Hawki's 'You Can't Go Home Again', this story was to provide a rebuttal to the arguments Hawki proposed in his story. I never actually found out what Hawki made of this story, but he didn't try to stop me when I asked if I could write it. I advise you read his story first, as it's a much better piece than mine is.

Unreality: My third longest story, and possibly the most complicated and confusing story I will ever write. Even reading it here, with all the notes I made regarding the logic behind this story, I can't 100% guarantee it makes sense. This story, like Voices, suffered from an interruption, again caused by writers block. It's a recurring pattern with me, I write myself into a corner, try to think for ages and ages, then eventually get the answer. Unlike Voices though, this one shows it's cracks a bit more, and there were several edits into the story to try and get a sense of narrative back.

There are pacing issues with this story, I admit that, In essence I rushed through the first two acts, then stalled a fair bit on the third trying to explain just what exactly was going on. Even then, there are still enough things that aren't fully answered, but there are clues laying around as to what was going on, and hopefully one day there'll be a sequel to make it all make sense. Either way, I'm glad this story got finished, I don't think there's another fic like this on , at the very least not in the Sonic section (though feel free to prove me wrong).

It was initially conceived as a double bluff start story (an element that stayed), but I never initially planned to use the italics at the beginning of each chapter. It does however work to this stories advantage, but I can't help but think the last two chapters could've dropped that element. In writing this story, there were numerous other inconsistencies, that ultimately came together to solve themselves. Let that be a second thing you can learn from this, you can often plug plot-holes if you think about your current dangling plot threads. Lord knows I did.

Sonic's Continued Wasted Time: Yet another take on the ongoing series of taking the stuff commonly seen around , and having characters comment on it. This one addressed the sheer lack of uninspired identikit stories that seemed to flood the site at the time. Better than the Knuckles one, but not as funny as the first two in my own opinion. First comic story in a while, and it shows just how long it's been. Humour, something I need to work on...

It Could've Been So Different: I really loved writing this story, as hard as it was. It was great fun to just completely go nuts and unleash the absolute upper limits of absurd creativity. Yes, the plot's almost impossible to follow, but part of that is due to the fact that it was initially conceived as alternate endings for Unreality. I tried to get the order right, with each one coinciding with a key plot point of Unreality.

However, to answer a few questions, each one represents a clichéd ending, from "it was all a dream" to "Sonic's gone insane" type of twists that could've explained Unreality had I been lazy about the ending. Different parts are set in different universes, such as Fleetway's STC, the games, various alternate universes, and some of it even doubles back to reference both Unreality and Voices. Most chapters end with some sort of "it's not real" ending, and the real joy was tying them all together.

Another Setback: This story was originally just a one shot, showing Eggman's escape. But then I got into it, and before I knew it, it had evolved into a full on story, showing everything Eggman has to endure to have a new place ready for the player to ruin in the course of a game. Of course, as it went on I had to insert a reference to my ongoing story arc, and before too long this story became a fully fledged prequel.

One thing to note about this story, the word Sonic is used exactly twice in it, once in reference to Metal Sonic, and once directly in reference to Sonic himself. This was a conscious effort, right from the start, I didn't want to mention Sonic, because this simply isn't Sonic's story. It's a deconstruction of everything Eggman goes through, everything he's done, and the ins and outs, and hows and whys of his plans. It's a bit slower paced than some of my other stories, but overall I like the way this took shape, with everything feeding together into a well earned finish.

Unwanted Interruptions: A very simple parody piece that was a bit of fun to write. Not really the deepest or most complex of stories, but I did enjoy writing the dialogue, especially the stuff that's just Sonic & Tails having fun with each other, and enjoying each others company. If anything, I'd say that is the stronger part of this story, than the main area it's meant to be parodying.

The Best Is Yet To Come: This story was a look at what I thought of Sonic Generations, and what Eggman's actual plot must be if you sit and hold what the game shows you up to scrutiny. It's not immediately obvious, but this story is written around the framework that Eggman's failures have more to them than him simply being beat. I'm not too sure about the narrative within it, trying to use Eggman for whenever the audience is seeing what Sonic is thinking, and Robotnik for when Robotnik is the point of view character. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but might not be clear that this was my intent upon reading.

Lost In The Songs Of The Desert: a fanfic based on the excellent Playstation Network game Journey, this was written at the mid-point of the game (which I completed in two sittings, not one), hence it may be slightly contradictory to what comes ahead, but considering that this is written during the journey, and not upon completion, I think it holds up. It's really more of a thank you to those who joined me in playing, as well as my initial thoughts, and is my interpretation of what I'd seen, as anyone who's played the game knows it's very open to interpretation.

Road To Where?: A story that started simply, and got more complex the more got written. Originally I just wanted to have a snapshot of what Sonic goes through in the special stage, but it quickly turned a bit more philosophical. Was also going to have a very different ending, but I'm not going to say what because I intend to use it in another story. This story is really overlooked, getting very little attention statistically, the least popular of all my stories, even less popular than fanfics for much smaller fandoms, such as Journey.

Quiet Time: Another example of planting ideas. It's essentially a look at the out-of-work mindset's of Vector and Espio. the pair actually have very little in common, much beyond there occupation, and yet there is still a bond of sorts there. This story takes a moment of attempted bonding to explore it and reveal a bit about each of there personalities. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, and intend to follow this up with a longer story featuring the Chaotix at some point.

Cell Mates: This was inspired by 1Past and Present1's 'Chocolate', this story was all about getting two characters that have had very little shared time together, forcing them into a situation where they would have no choice but to talk, and seeing what would happen, in this instance Knuckles and Shadow. I'll let you figure out how they got into that situation to begin with, or how they got out in the end.

Good Future-Bad Future: This story was not very well received, primarily due to the fact that I split such a short story into two chapters, and the constant swapping into and out of italics. Thing is, the italics are a clear indicator. The story takes part in two very distinct timelines, and represent two very different stories that are tied together through a single event. Still, the story was not well received, and looking back, I can see why. It does not read very well, there are serious flaws, both grammatically, and in terms of plot direction and story telling. I really could've done a lot better, and should've invested more time in this piece to make it better received. I was debating writing a third chapter, but I couldn't get it to work properly, so it's ended up as a two parter.

Just Say Yes: This story came about because I made the error in saying "writing good SonAmy, in character, is easy". Needless to say, the response I got was "prove it". This story then is my proof. The best way I thought to keep it in character was to make it so Sonic couldn't say no, allowing him to think his character, but still be forced to go with Amy. It was actually quite easy to write the SonAmy stuff, the tricky bit was making sure all the dialogue was suggestions for Sonic to obey when required, and weren't suggestions when they weren't.

Xmas Time, Mistletoe and Crime: Another challenge, this one for a contest. The challenge was "write a story about mistletoe, bonus points for unusual shipping. So, rather than write some awful romance (having literally done some less than a week before), I went with the other meaning of shipping, making it a story about the theft of a cargo ship. I think the twist in the intent is quite clever, and it won me second place in said contest.

Amy's Wasted Time: Part five in the series. This time, mostly about all the various shippers. I had this idea ages and ages ago, as Amy is exactly the same as many of the rabid shippers on this site. Still, this stories strength, I think, lies in the fact that it not only shows off the bad, and unoriginal ideas, but also just how mad and crazy some of the more rabid fanboys and fangirls can be.

High School Surveillance: Firstly I wish it was called something else. Surveillance is one of those words I fail at typing. Secondly, this entry actually won the High School story writing contest it was entered into. I'm surprised as I really thought Qwisse's 'Sunday At School' was the much better story. As for the story I wrote, well it was essentially a story about becoming friends with someone you're supposed to be investigating. Simple enough, but with lots of subtle (and not so subtle) bits of satire at people who write Sonic High School stories. It wasn't especially as inventive, esp. not compared to Qwisse's entry, but I do like how it turned out, and how it helped flesh out Espio.

Younger & Older: A direct suggestion from the always awesome Speedy1236, who wanted me to put my mental faculties into figuring out how Eggman escaped at the end of Sonic Generations. I couldn't resist taking that suggestion, and fleshing it out with lots of bickering between the two. It's actually a common psychological question, "what would you say if you could speak to your past self?" and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to put Eggman through such a scenario, even if a lot of what's said is petty insults, and snide remarks.

Pressured Into It: The obligatory side story to Another Setback, this time very much the final boss as it were of what Robotnik was setting up in Another Setback. Yes, Another Setback doesn't even hint at it, but isn't that always the way of final bosses? Complete fun to write, pure catharsis after all the effort that went into Another Setback, this story is best summed up as a big dumb action flick. Highly enjoyable to write, crammed with as much awesome as I could muster.

For the Win: I'm not a fan of this stories title, but it was a contest entry where the title was given and the story had to be made. As for the story itself, it was a simple little piece that I'm actually quite happy with. It's basically an excuse to parody the stupidity of Sonic playing tennis (something often overlooked). I don't know much about tennis, so this may be a little inaccurate, but ehh, artistic license. I don't think there are any other stories based on Sega Superstar Tennis, so it's unique in that respect, if nowt else.

Zoned Out: Honestly, I had the title for this story long before I had anything else (it's part of my efforts to get the alphabet of stories). Zoned Out was one of those throwaway comedy stories, like the other contest entry, For the Win. However, I'm not as happy with this one. I put so much effort in trying to get all the speech spot on, and make every line as full of comic potential as I could that I overlooked description, and a lot of grammatical errors passed me by. I also spent so long obsessing over being funny that I'm still not fully pleased and am sure it could be made even funnier. I do like how the dialogue turned out, the back and forth banter is spot on, and while I was worried Tails was a bit to sarcastic, the recent cut scene reveal for Lost World convinced me it would be okay to make Tails sarcastic, a portrayal I can easily get behind.

Built for Combat: When I wrote this Orbot & Cubot weren't choices for characters in the Sonic section (someone let me know if this changes so I can amend the story). This story is them doing what they do best, being stupid and sarcastic about their boss and whatever predicament he's got himself into. This was, like many other one shots, an experiment to see how well I could write the characters. I think re-reading they need a bit more refinement. Still, the humour stands up and the back-and-forth banter is there at least, albeit in a crude form.

Disappear: I had three goals with this story, link the ending of Voices to the beginning of Unreality (which I believe I did), reveal the remaining Servers of Chaos (which I definitely did), and get versed in a regular upload schedule (which I more or less did, save for a couple of hiccups where I forgot the night before, one brief blip where I had to be a week late due to moving, and that time a Christmas happened without warning).

The story itself I'm mostly happy with. There are some sections where it feels like the story got away from me, and there are some chapters which could've been done in a slightly different order, and perhaps the final act drags a little, but for the most part I like how it turned out. It certainly has some sections I'm proud of, and it really helped flesh out the Monsters of Chaos just a little bit more, though I do need to come up with a better way of distinguishing them. Colours worked for this story, but for the next story they feature in, I think I need something better.

Namgge's Discarded Story Notes Dumpbin

The MisAdventures Of The Turquoise Emerald: Discarded due to changes with plans for the sequel. Original plan was to have the emerald go from one character to another through a series of increasingly unlikely events that referenced what was going on in Voices at the time. It was going to end with the emerald being picked up by an Egg-Robo, leading into the foregone conclusion within Voices. Also the safe found in one of Voices' Chapters with the calling card found in it was going to feature as one of the storage places for this emerald, liberated by Rouge. The ideas in this one aren't entirely forgotten, and will probably find there way into Voices sequel. Furthermore, many of the characters I had initial planned to take the Chaos Emerald are intended directly for the sequel to Voices, and thus it's better if they haven't had the Turquoise emerald thrust upon them prior to the events in the sequel.

The Revenge of Doctor Robotnik Ditched in favor of other plans. This was a Sonic The Fighters adaptation, and thus was going to loosely tie in to Sonic the Fighters plot. I was planning on making Tails become brainwashed to explain why Sonic fought Tails, and more reference was going to be made of Bean & Bark working together, for the same person who had hired Honey. I was going to cameo in Robotnik's tank track machine, as well as some of his robots too. The clone was going to be exactly that, only he wouldn't've had an emerald, in a better attempt to stick to the seven Chaos Emeralds fact. Part of me still wants to finish this story, but writing an adaptation of a game, even a simple game, is rather difficult, as a certain amount of knowledge is needed, and whilst I've played this game, it's not one I know inside out.

A Point To Prove: Casually ignored and now unworkable. This story was a piece of satire on the state of current games, and reading it now it shows it's age. Considering it was last added to at a point before Sonic Chronicles was released, this isn't that hard to understand. The story was really quite random, with no real sense of direction, though I was hoping it would end with the game eventually coming out and being slammed by reviews, with characters dryly commenting "no change there then", and contemplating other jobs. The story remains unfinished, though I normally just added to it when bored with other stories, so there was never really an incentive to finish, particularly as it started life as a simple oneshot that people wanted more from.

Orders of a Kitsune: Discarded due to lack of interest on the authors part. The plan was to have the Kitsunes test Tails, to find out if he was indeed was of them. During this time they would proceed to annoy Sonic more and more, and keep asking about the time stones. In the end Sonic would tell them to get lost, and they would begrudgingly leave just as Tails final test on Little Planet succeeds. Tails would've returned and seen Sonic without the Kitsunes and ask what happened. Later on Sonic would intercept some mail for Tails from the Order of Kitsunes, and find out that they had determined he was a kitsune. Sonic would then lie to Tails, saying he wasn't, and Tails would shrug it off. The final scene would end with the Kitsunes re-checking there results, and finding an error, pointing out that Tails actually wasn't a Kitsune at all. While I admit this was, in my mind, a good story, I just didn't want to finish it off, never having the motivation or interest to do it.

The Ultimate Torture: Too torturous to write. The story was going to go on for a few more chapters with sarcastic answers, then eventually Sonic and co would get free, and capture Robotnik, making him answer humiliating questions at the threat of thirty four volts. Needless to say I got fed up of the incessant question asking, couldn't keep up with people's questions, and was getting bored of writing the story, hence why it's left hanging.

Runaways: Forgotten about. The story was going to have Bocoe and Decoe pass there initiation, but with one of them partially losing there sentience, and the other trying to hide that fact from Scratch and Grounder. From there, the plot details get hazy, but Metal Sonic was going to be important to the outcome. This is another story I would actually love to finish, but if I'm honest it's been too long since I last added to it to justify working on it, but saying that, so was Unreality. I never planned to leave it incomplete, but the story was lost to a hard drive failure, and I lost all motivation with all the work I had put into it lost.

The Forgotten Child: Invalidated by new series. Though only one chapter was published, I wrote three, under the principle of "work two chapters ahead of yourself for flexibility". However, the key point of it was going to be an alien race who had the ability to become forgotten when they're not being looked at. Obviously, following Season 6, and just how menacing The Silence are, not only could I not use them, but I also couldn't create a new alien without being a rip off. Worked to my favour, because I got really stuck with regard to the plot, and couldn't get back into writing it. I'm on the fence about uploading what was missing, but then this Dr Who fic was really unpopular, and it's been so long that it would be a redundant bump for a declared dead fic.

Like everybody else, and their dog, I've a few stories that aren't obviously sequels to each other. For consistencies sake, here's the chronology order of certain stories.

The "Wasted Time" series: Sonic's Wasted Time Tails' Wasted Time Knuckles Wasted Time Sonic's Continued Wasted Time Amy's Wasted Time.

Not too much chronology here, but there's a few call backs in the later ones to there prequels. It won't matter if you read them out of order though.

The "Monsters of Chaos" Series:

This is where it gets complicated. Chronologically it goes: Another Setback Voices Disappear Unreality ????

But it was written: Voices Unreality Another Setback Disappear Unreality Sequel, and while there's no correct order to read them (bar reading the last one last because it will ruin a lot of the mystery otherwise), the preferred way is the order it was written, if only so you can see it the way I originally thought of it.

But on top of this, Voices has a (perpetually unfinished) side-story called "The MisAdventures of The Turquoise Emerald". Unreality has a set of alternate endings found in "It Could've Been So Different", which I'm still up in arms over about whether they're part of the ongoing series or not . Disappear meanwhile has a three part series of connected one-shots called "Needs & Wants" that explores the Servers of Chaos not covered in Disappear itself. Even "Another Setback" gets an ending to help it tie in as a prequel called "Pressured Into It." In addition, certain characters get prequel moments in other stories of mine. Two of my stories act as set-up's to events that will be unveiled in the story set between Voices and Unreality, and then eventually, when all that's done, there's one story after Unreality which will, finally fully close of this entire arc.

And then of course, even the stories that don't reveal anything towards this plot, it's fair to assume they're in the same continuity. Such as "Froggy's Foggy Thoughts", a story that really has no bearing on anything seeing how Big isn't in this story anywhere (yet), unless it's obviously a humour piece, or part of another franchise. That includes incomplete stories, such as "Runaways".

If all of this sounds complicated, then let me assure you it's not. To date, none of the stories involved in this arc have required anyone to read any of the other stories. Great care has been taken in making them all stand alone, and this will not stop. I do not wish to alienate anyone with continuity, rather reward regular readers.

Well, that's pretty much it. If you have any questions you want to ask me about either my stories, or even myself, don't be afraid to send a PM. At worst, you'll get "I can't comment yet, but keep reading." Otherwise be happy, enjoy my stories if you wish, and have fun reading and writing.

Over 99.98 percent of FFnet users have things copied into there profile from other places that have asked them to because they either support something, or have done something. If you're one of the 0.02 percent that hasn't done this, copy and paste this into your profile. Surprisingly somebody did actually copy this, despite the obvious sarcastic intent.

Also, not mine, but the always awesome Speedy1236 wrote a story based off the end of 'Another Setback' and 'Pressured Into It' It's called 'Aftermath' and it's brilliant. It's in my fav's if you want a summary, but really do check it out if you read Another Setback and Pressured Into it.

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