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After a very long, unintentional hiatus from this site, I am returning to once again work on my fanfictions that I left unfinished!

I can make all sorts of excuses as to why I disappeared for what, 2 years or so? But, I'm going to be straightforward and say that it was a combination of life, school, a year-long, heated involvment in the Avatar: the Last Airbender fandom, AND my own laziness, procrastination, etc. I guess I just kept putting it off.

That isn't to say, however, that I haven't recieved all the feedback I've gotten from the stories I have written, even the old ones that I don't feel anymore. I still have the same E-mail and have gotten every review and every fave alert, and I appreciate that people still enjoy my work, even while I'm being neglectful of this site. I read each review that I get and I appreciate all the feedback, even though I haven't responded to many of them.

But I have figured that it's high time I returned to this site to continue the work I started, and give some of my friends a much awaited-for update on my stories, particularly on Aftermath of Oban, since I'm still in contact with the friends I picked up from writing that fic and they bug me and bribe me every once and a while to get my ass in gear and finish the story. lol! So, this return is for you guys, sorry it took so heinously long.

However, though I will be returning to FF, note that there will be some changes. I won't be able to be on here a whole lot, because at age 21 and probably getting married within a few years and getting my life on the road, along with college, I need to focus on other, more important ventures. I need to start writing and creating art seriously. I need to start thinking about my career in art and animation and creating more original ideas than just Fanart and fanfiction. I'm not the 18-19 year old kid just out of high school with tons of time on her hands anymore. I currently do have time on my hands, but soon I'll be back in college after summer break is over.

Along with that, I'm going to have to pick and choose which stories I continue or not since my time is limited. So, Aftermath of Oban and Protecting Those You Love will take priority, and I will also keep Journey of a Prince and Bonding Over Broken Glasses going as well. Outside Looking In, however, I may discontinue. I apologize to the fans of that story, but the reason being is that I found it to be sort of a Mary-Sue story after looking at it, and I had a plot planned out, but it was something that SO many other people in the Fruits Basket fiction writing department have done before, either with Tohru, or with their own characters. So, I might just discontinue it unless I get really inspired and am able to revamp the plot to make it more unique. I suppose you could say it's on hiatus.

Dreams of Spirits, I discontinued a long time ago, and I don't think I'll be going back on it. Learning to Love Again, however, I have been reading to catch myself up on all the details so I can continue PTYL. And I'm kind of glad to say I've noticed a lot of improvment from my writing on that project, and my standards now. I was looking through it and was finding things I didn't like, mistakes and grammar issues I somehow missed, things I would have done differently, and a few instances that made me really not like how I did them.

So, to that end...and since I expect that updating PTYL will bring in some more Spirited Away fans who will have to start from LTLA to understand the story...I'm seriously considering REVAMPING LTLA. Just to make myself feel better about what those new readers will be seeing when they read my story. lol!

If I do this, I won't deviate from the actual plot, but I plan on beefing up the story a little, working on the characterization, taking out what purple prose I do have, and maybe possibly injecting a little more tension, just to make it overall a better reading experience. I'll also be getting rid of those notes at the top of the page which were honestly, really stupid and overtly Japanophile and kinda made me feel like a weeaboo. haha, OH yeah. I'm getting rid of those. True I'm still in love with Japan and everything, but I'd like to think of myself as more of a classy Japanophile. Obviously I've done some growing up since then, I'd like to display that to whomever may find that story.

Anyway, as I won't change the plot much, I'll just be modifying the quality and some details, any who have already read but don't want to read it again don't have to, but it'd be a nice treat for you if you are a fan of LTLA and choose to read the re-vamped version. Any newcomers will also be able to read it and I won't be too worried about losing any new readers because of my old, less experienced style of writing or silly notes. lol!

I won't make any promises on when this will happen, because last time I made a promise on this site, I disappeared for 2 years! But I'll get around to it, but like I said, priorities on this site are Aftermath and Protecting.

As for other future ventures, expect to see some work for Avatar: the Last Airbender; I have a few pieces I wrote way back when that are on my DeviantArt account that I'll be transferring over here. Pretty much oneshots, and pretty much Zutara all the way around. So, if you're into Zutara, then go ahead and give those a read, if you don't like Zutara, though, you are free to that opinion, as long as you allow me to mine. I'd prefer to not have the ship bashing wars started all over again.

And so, without any further ado, I'll tweak some info below, and then upload a very special update, the long awaited Chapter 19 to Aftermath of Oban: Eva's Fairy Tale.

Enjoy, my Lovelies!

Also, I'm pretty much attatched at the hip to my DA page, I pretty much check it way more often than my Email address. It also has my art over there. I have a lot of Zutara art, including a Zutara comic, As well as Oban art, original art, and a few Naruto pieces. I am also concocting an original comic idea that I'll likely be posting there sometime, so I'd love it if people stopped by and paid a look to my art!

I don't recall how to put links onto this site, so my account on DA is KyokoMari.

.:Learning to Love Again:.

((Spirited Away))

Set five years after the movie, Haku has been regretting telling Chihiro not to look back for the whole five years, for the spell set on the Gateway that has made her forget. He longs to see her, and with the help of Zeniba, finds a way to be with his Chihiro again, this time as a human. Despite the fact that he will have no memory of Chihiro or that he was a spirit, he agrees. So, now as human in Chihiro's class, Haku embarks on finding his lost memories, along with Chihiro, who finds herself in the same situation as the new boy, with a chapter of her ten year old life missing. Obstacles present themselves, in the form of Chihiro's human boyfriend, but things turn out to be more than they expected.

-Officialy finished! Huzzah!-I will quite possibly be revamping this for overall improvment of the story. The plot will not be changed, but small changes will probably be made.

.:Protecting What You Have:.

((Spirited Away))

Sequel to Learning to Love Again It's been three years since Haku and Chihiro were reunited, and their love is flourishing. However, returning home from a trip with a feeling that something is terribly wrong, Haku only finds his fears to be true, and a cherished part of his life gone from the human world. Seeing return to the Spirit World as his only option to set things right, Haku, Chihiro and some friends make another trip, knowing that their voyage will take them beyond the bath house, into unknown territories of the world. Haku soon finds his worst fear to be true; there is a force that threatens to destroy everything he holds dear. And Chihiro is the first to get swept up in this new war with one who he thought was their friend.

.:Outside Looking In:.

((Fruits Basket))

Minagi Kurosaki, a new second year student at the gang's high school, in Momiji and Hatsuharu's class. Minagi is a girl who has moved too much in her life, and feels that friendship in this new town will only lead to heartache and grief when she next moves away, and therefore seperates herself from the rest of her classmates. But you know how certain Sohma's and their friends can be. As much as she tries to avoid it, Minagi finds friendship among her Sohma kin, and perhaps even a little romance.

--On hiatus...Possible discontinuation...--

.:Aftermath of Oban-Eva's Fairy Tale:.

((Oban Star-Racers))

About a year after the Great Race of Oban, and Aikka manages to escape to Earth when Nourasia is attacked to find Eva and give her a warning; she may be next on the Crog's list. So now, in the midst of war, Aikka and Eva's team head back to help defend Nourasia, and all the while Eva becomes closer to her Prince. But the more Eva learns about Nourasia's plan for their prince, the more she begins to wonder if her and Aikka's fairy tale will have a happily ever after, or end up as another heart break as it was with Jordan. Can Aikka really escape the fate given to him as a Nourasian Prince, or will that fate force him to let down the only girl he's ever loved?

.:The Journey of a Prince:.

((Oban Star Racers))

This is the story of a certain Nourasian Prince that we all know and love, and his journey through the greatest race in the history of the galaxy. He races as a reluctant ally to the race that conquered his, but one thing in his mind is certain; he must obtain the Ultimate Prize. But will all of the twists, turns, the force of the Crog Imperium, and his odd relationship with a stowaway pilot of the Earth team he's meant to take down deter him from his righteous goal? Even the prize itself may succeed in changing his mind...

.:Dreams of Spirits:.

((Spirited Away))


Thank you to everyone who reads my stories and look at my art! I really appreciate every review and fave!

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