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Name: Izzy Johnson

Age: currently for the next year, 14

Nationality: Canadian

Likes: manga, anime, sleeping, reading, art (mostly sketching and pencil work), art programs (like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Flash),the internet, fanfiction, dogs, T.V., gaming, sims 2, rice, dances, singing, parties, bare feet (socks bug me), cold (i get dehidrated easily), animals, writing, playing impossible quiz, karate, fashion, and ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS!!

Dislikes: people who think their funny, annoying people, people being really close to my face (like breathing on it...ew), tomatos, socks, being bored, being yelled at, stupid people who call my house asking for money, stupid people, computer ads, school (the working part), when somebody tells me i can't do something, and when somebody insults Alvin and the Chipmunks

Future Goal: to go to Sheridan collage and get a diploma and start working as a Pixar cartoonest or a chipmunk cartoonest for Bagdasarian productions

~~ Stories ~~

The Warriors: Travel Through Time

The beginning to the adventures of The Warriors. this story explains how they came to be and how they restored balance. there are three legendary elements, Fire, Water, Darkness, and Light. the Darkness element has overflowed in power, and so the Warriors have emerged from hiding and must restor the balance between the four elements. The generation of Warriors has been passed down longer than anyone can remember. now, it is their turn to be chosen. the seven new Warriors of Amperia. Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette, Eleanor, and Crista shall recieve their gifts of power and restor the shift of the elements!! and they are teenagers which makes if more fun! (at a total writers block right now)

Only You, and You Forever

this is a cute fluff story i was suddenly inspired to write. i LOVE LOVE love stories with tonnes of fluff, but it occured to me i've never written one of my own. this story idea was toatlly random and i was making it up as i was typing. in the end it only lasted 3 chapters but i'm proud of it. people seemed to like it too so yay! i chose to write about Alvin and Brittany because they are my FAVORITE chipmunk couple. i loved how they like eachother one moment, then the next they were biteing eachothers heads off. they make me laugh so much when i watch them. this story was a little deep to be centered around 10 year olds, so i made them teenagers like in my Warriors fic. i'm glad people liked it and i'm happy i came up with the idea to write this.

Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Dracula

as i said in the beggining of this fic, Frankenstein and Wolfman aren't the only famous hollywood monsters. so i decided to write an Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Dracula cause i just finished reading all four books of the Twilight series and wanted to write about Vampires. since i'm totally unimaginative about creating my own vampires, plus i already got a different veiw of them from Stephanie Meyer, i decided to sort of copy the vampire symptoms from Twilight. this is the first story i've actually written about the munks were they are still kids O_O. so i have to keep the language K, hence the "Alvin you said the 'S' word!" -Theodore said when Alvin told him to shut up. I've already gotten 6 reviews for the first chapter so hopefully people will like it! Also: ChipmunkFanatic, i probably will need some pointers since i'm also making up this story as i'm typing...

...I'm more of the drawing type...so i will have drawings from my story (The Warriors: Travel Through Time, and others) up and on my account on deviantart.com, so check it out! also take a look at my other drawings of the Chipmunk/ettes. also if you do go and look, my account is SimonismymunkAC. so search my name if you want to find my account okies?

Thank You!!

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