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Before I go any further - Yay! I recently found out that my two PITCH-fics got referenced on TV Tropes, on the "Recursive Fanfiction" page. I don't know which one of you lovely people did it, but I do know how much I love ya for it. Thanks!!

Ahem. Back to my profile.

Hello! I believe I'm too old to be on FFN, and I'm not quite as attuned to fandom as I used to be (I have no time!), but I don't intend to go cold turkey on fanfics for quite some time yet, if I ever completely do. My current fandoms are Death Note and (more recently) Darkwing Duck, which I got into after watching The Blockbuster Buster's review of the show in December. Older fandoms - which I still love, though don't obsess about anymore - include Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, and South Park.

Only recently have I mastered the art of fan videos. I have an idea for a Death Note video set to Brillig's version of "The Hearse Song," which I hope to eventually get to. In the meantime, I recently made two short fan videos featuring Darkwing Duck, both set (coincidentally) to themes from other TV shows. The first is set to the Batman: The Brave and the Bold theme song - basically, it's an alternate intro to DWD, set to the Batman music. Since both BatB and DWD are relatively light takes on the superhero genre, I feel they go well together. The second video is set to an instrumental version of the South Park theme song. The South Park theme, especially without the lyrics, conveys "weird" very well, and since that's really the point of the Negaverse, I seized my chance to combine two of my favourite shows by making a video focusing on the Negaverse episode of DWD. The videos can be found on youtube, at these addresses: and

I have a few Death Note story ideas that I'm probably never going to write down. It's funny - all the plotbunnies are basically the results of crossing Death Note with random other fictional (or, in the first case, real life) universes. I've posted the bunnies here for your amusement, and if you see one you want to write, let me know and I'll give it to you.

1. A LxLight (or LightxL, or LxLightxL) story based on the Leopold and Loeb murder case. Leopold and Loeb, if you don't know, were two American teenagers in the 1920s who became infamous after they murdered a young boy. They both had genius-level intellects and they believed themselves to be Nietzschean "supermen," and thus above the law. Loeb was handsome, popular and charismatic; he was younger than Leopold by about a year, and the murder was apparently his idea. Leopold was a bit strange looking, with rather protuberant eyes, and he was socially awkward and introverted. Loeb helped insure Leopold's cooperation in the murder by offering himself to Leopold sexually. Loeb was later killed in prison. Leopold was eventually parolled and lived out the remainder of his life in Puerto Rico. He kept a picture of Loeb in his bedroom there.

2. A takeoff on "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (and an episode of Star Trek called "The Enemy Within"), set during the Victorian era. Multiple pairings, including LxLightxL, MelloxLight, LightxNear and possibly mild BxL. Features evilseme!Mello and cuteuke!Near. Famous yet introverted scientist/inventor L Lawliet is working on a potion designed to purge people of their evil impulses, wanting not only to help others but to curb his illegal homosexual desire for acquaintance Light Yagami. Rival inventor Beyond Birthday and his personal attorney, Mikami, already suspect him of perversion and want a scandal to bring him down. L's potion doesn't work quite as planned, and he wakes up the next morning to find that his hair has turned white and he doesn't have the energy to change out of his white pajamas. His darker thoughts and impulses have completely disappeared, along with his craving for sweets, but for some reason he has an insatiable need to play with toys. Knowing that no one will believe that he is L Lawliet, he is forced to shut himself up at home where he drafts a will for himself, stating that if he dies or disappears, all his property will go to "Near," his new persona. Light shows up at L's house wanting to know where he is, but all he finds is a mysterious but very cute assistant known as "Near" keeping house for him. Near, to his horror, finds that he is still attracted to Light, though in a somewhat more innocent (read:uke-ish) way than before. Light considers seducing Near, but reminds himself that it is L he really wants. Eventually, Light finds out about L's new will and starts investigating Near, believing that he is blackmailing L. Meanwhile, horrible murders are being committed all over the city by a chocolate-consuming criminal known only as "Mello." This person, Near quickly surmises, is his missing other half, L Lawliet's dark side. Near, realizing his error in trying to purge himself of his dark side, vows to reunite himself and Mello somehow. Mello, however, has no desire to reunite with his good side; rather, he intends to become the king of the London underworld and live the hedonistic life. Also, he believes that all of L Lawliet's possessions, not to mention Light Yagami, should become his. He begins to aggressively stalk Light, both terrifying and perversely attracting him. Among Mello's murder victims are B, Mikami and a few of Light's would-be lovers, including Misa and possibly Takada. Mello eventually confronts Near and shows him a new invention he's been working on, a notebook that can kill people. He tells Near that he intends to rape and then kill him, and then use the notebook to gain control over London, and Light in particular. He accuses Near of not having the guts to pursue Light, makes fun of Near's cowardice/ukeness and even attempts to seduce him. Meanwhile Light, who has somehow figured out what has happened, shows up at L/Near's house. There's a tense standoff with Near pointing a gun at Mello while Light frantically tries to get into the room to help Near, but once Mello actually tackles Near and touches him skin-to-skin they merge back together again into the person of L Lawliet. Now that L has gone through this adventure, and has had the experience of being devil-may-care Mello, he feels confident enough to pursue a relationship with Light. There is a happy ending involving hot LxLightxL sex.

3. A Death Note/South Park crossover. Innocent little Butters finds a Death Note outside South Park Elementary. He vows not to use it, but slowly the temptation begins to get to him. This time, his dark side may not be expressed in an innocent way, as with Professor Chaos - THIS time, it might be serious. Butters keeps thinking about how the world would be so much better off without certain people... At the same time, sociopathic Cartman somehow finds out about the Death Note and does his best to get Butters to use it the way Cartman wants (kill Kyle, etc.). When Butters resists, Cartman decides to steal the Death Note for himself, though his "brilliant" schemes to do so don't get him very far. Meanwhile, Stan and Kyle band together to find out what's going on - a few unimportant characters have died, and the two best friends are going to get to the bottom of the mystery or die trying! No pairings, although there's room for hinted Cartman/Butters and Style.

4. A Death Note/Interview with the Vampire crossover. Light as Lestat, L as Louis, it basically writes itself...

5. I can't draw at all, but if I could, I would make a fan art in which L and V from "V for Vendetta" do an ad for Louis Vuitton. Wouldn't that be awesome?? It would be especially funny if they did an ad for LV Japan, as neither letter exists in the Japanese language.

After more than a decade of slashing, I've decided that LxLight/LightxL is my OTP. Seriously, I've gone through a number of pairings in my time, but I don't think I've EVER responded to one with quite the fervor with which I've responded to this one. Ergo my writing fanfic for it when I swore years ago I would never write fanfic. Anyway, here's a bit of LxLightxL nonsense:

Reasons why L is uke:

Lighter skin

Bigger eyes

Longer hair

(When slouching) is shorter

Is smaller

(When Light is Kira) is sweeter

(When Light is Kira) is more innocent

Eats sweets in interesting ways

(Presumably) has less sexual experience

Reasons why Light is uke:

Lighter hair

Lighter eyes

Better-looking (both face and body)

Dresses better

(Without his memories) is sweeter

(Without his memories) is more innocent

Is less worldly

Is younger

Has little/no power in canon relationship with L

Reasons why Light is seme:

Darker skin

Shorter hair

(When L is slouching) is taller

Smaller eyes

Is larger

(When he is Kira) is harder, personality-wise

Knows how to be charismatic and seductive

Knows how to manipulate others

(Presumably) has more sexual experience

Reasons why L is seme:

Darker hair

Darker eyes

Less good-looking (both face and body)

Has less dress sense

(When Light loses his Kira memories) is harder, personality-wise

Is more worldly

Knows how to manipulate others

Is older

Has most/all power in canon relationship with Light

Yup, there's no doubt: they are my favourite pairing EVER!! Just one variation of the pairing's great, but with these boys you get two for the price of one! It's like buying a really nice jacket that's reversible too :)

Btw, I think there is some confusion over how to pronounce L Lawliet's real name. Sometimes you'll find people telling you to pronounce it "low-light." I think that for North American fans, and perhaps others as well, this is misleading. What Ohba was aiming for, I believe, was "law light," literally a version of Light who administers and (for the most part) follows the law. The thing is, Japanese renderings of English words often follow standard British pronunciation, not American pronunciation. Near, for example, is rendered Nia rather than Niaru - this is because English people, unlike Americans, tend not to pronounce "r"s at the end of words. Now, take a second (if you're not English) to pronounce "law" with a strong English accent. It's a much darker vowel than in American/Canadian English, and it sounds a bit like "low." Now say "law light" with an English accent. Now say "roraito," which approximates the Japanese pronunciation of L's name. They sound alike, don't they? Now, in North American English, the vowels in "law" and "low" sound very different - if Ohba had followed the American pronunciation of "law," the rendering of L's name might have been "raraito" instead. That, I believe, is where the confusion comes from. Lots of American and other fans, I think, bend over backwards trying to pronounce Lawliet in a way that's completely counter-intuitive to them. Well, they needn't do it. All they have to do is pronounce "law light" in their own accent. And that's my two cents.

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