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Hello, my name is Addie! I'm eighteen and I play guitar and sing!

Quite a few years ago, I was a little bit obsessed with Hannah Montanna. I wrote some pretty awful stories that just sucked outright, but people on here are very sweet and left very kind reviews, so thank you for them. They encouraged me to go further with on my day I shall conquer all literature!

Since starting high school when I was thirteen, I have definitely developed and matured (well, here's to hoping!). It has taken me quite a long journey to get to who I am currently, but I'm glad it happened because it made me realize some very important things about myself.

Right now, I plan to start writewritewriting again, because I honestly miss it so effin much. However, my interests have developed quite a lot since I was thirteen and therefore, I will be writing fanfictions for different television shows.

Regardless, I am a kid at heart and always enjoy to sit back and watch a bit of Nick and Disney before year 12 assesment tasks beckon me...

So, without further ado, my interest now include:

Life With Derek- Major Dasey Shipper. I'm a bit late on the bandwagon considering the show is now officially finito, but I always did enjoy to be different. There are so many amazing stories within this fandom that it is insane and I actually feel kind of nervous about posting anything. I am currently working on a piece but it's pretty dark and pretty OOC which slightly scares me--so if anyone would like to give me a hand, holla at me :)

Supernatural. Every fic I've read on this fandom has given me chills and goosebumps. I aspire to be like the authors of these fanfics. They are rondonkolously good :)

Big Time Rush - Ok. I love big time rush. I love LOVE LOVE LOVE big time rush. Ok. I will read it. I read it all the time actually. It consumes me. Big fan of Kames. Yup. SLash IS FUN! But uh yes Kames. Or friendship fics or sibling fics, they're just so effin cute. These four boys make me painfully aware that I am doomed to be forever alone and to never possess a friendship like theirs...and although it hurts, it is the good kind. I could continue gushing but I won't. Though I must say I adored Kendall and Jo and my heart broke a little bit when Jo flew over to NZ. you know who you're letting go? KENDALL KNIGHT. UGH.

iCarly - SEDDIE forever. Most fanfics are pretty good, too :) But the fanmade videos on youtube astound me :) They are all amazing!

Skins. I have to admit, season 1 and 2 will always hold a special place in my heart, but I did enjoy 3 and 4. Season Five was so good. It completely made me fall in love with it again.

Gossip GirlI don't read fics about this either, aside from the actual series itself, but man oh man, I love this show.

18 to Life. I have to say, this show upsets me for the fact that it shows Mike Seater married to Stacey Farber, who is in, no way Ashley Leggat. I need closure in regards to DASEY. I wish they kissed, just once.

UH I'm also into bandom so yeah, hardcore all time low fan right here (RILEX, JALEX, Merrikat, Rian/Zack (what is that? Zian?) ok JUST ALL PAIRINGS i am a YES FOR god I love those boys so much).


The Maine
Cobra Starship
Mayday Parade
Fall Out Boy
Panic At The Disco (pre-break up)
The Academy Is...
We Are the In Crowd
Stereo Skyline
Chase Coy
A Rocket To The Moon
Taylor Swift
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Boys Like Girls (yes Martin. Yes they do indeed.)
Love Is A Story
Ke$ha ( she's fun to dance to. Sue me.)
Miranda Cosgrove (not even I can explain this one.)
Demi Lovato (insanely talented girl)
+ about a kabillion more.

I'm just getting back into writing after taking say a four year hiatus. The prospect of writing again excites me. I'll mostly be posting LWD stuff, because I'm a little bit obsessed with the chemistry that Mike and Ashley have.

In most of my stories, I psycho-analyze. I like exploring light-hearted television shows for deeper meaning. This is mostly why my stories are so dark and angsty and whatnot--because I really want to get inside someone's head and delve into "why" and "how" and "oh no he didn't!". I also like playing with far-fetched story lines that create intense emotional turmoil. Probably because I believe writing is good for the soul and all about imagination! I mean...Marlowe wrote Faustaus, and that was totally amazing was it not? Anyway, I'm digressing once again.

I like friends, I like writers and I like reviewers. So if you're any of these, hit me up and we'll chat =D

Welcome to my wonderful life!

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