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Hi, I'm Raphael Fitchburne. I'm a closet otaku. I write for fun. Anime series that I grew up with are Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and Black Lagoon. Manga series I'm currently reading are Shokugeki no Soma, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, and Nanatsu no Taizai. I love to read books and watch movies, especially animated ones. I've watched all Disney movies released since Beauty and the Beast, and am still enjoying them. I write action-adventure, and almost all of my stories are harem stories.


OC Guide: Here are some key points about the characters that I created for this fiction.


Akabari Midori (17)-she is the Crown Queen to the throne of Kogiwara which had been unlawfully taken from her father, Akabari Musashi. She is a lancer and has elevated her level into a Master Lancer after she trained inside the tomb of Luka, a legendary female warrior of the Shibari Clan. Luka has reincarnated into a white fox that always accompanies her wherever she goes.

Akabari Hiromi (8)-she is Midori’s little sister. She likes to sing and is very adept in melodies, harmonies, and rhythms that she could compose a song off the bat. She possesses high intelligence and can reason better than Midori in certain situations, making her Midori’s regulator at times.

Shibari Tsuneo (56, deceased)-he was a ninja from Ishigakure hired by the former king of Kogiwara Akabari Musashi and his queen Sayuri Matsumoto to protect the heiresses of the throne against Kagitora, the usurper king of Kogiwara. He was the son of Shitto the Jester of the Left Wing of Madara’s Swallow.

Matsuda Saki (36, deceased)-she was a kunoichi from Ishigakure, apprentice to Shibari Tsuneo. She was a dedicated mother to Midori and Hiromi and would lay her life on the line to protect them. She was harboring a deep feeling of infatuation towards Naruto which had started at the time when he helped her defeat the summoning wolf, Cujo. She was killed by Zuko the Monk while protecting Midori.

Suigin Setsuko (18)-a girl saved by Kinjo, Naruto’s summoning wolf. She is a survivor of a tragedy known as the Suigin Massacre. Kinjo took her to Tsuneo when she was a baby, and for a few years, Tsuneo and Saki had raised her as their daughter alongside Midori and Hiromi until she ran away to be with Kinjo. She has the Iron Kekkai Genkai and has become a Wolf Sage through Kinjo’s tutelage.

Shibari Hibarashi (122)-a powerful landlord in Tanimori. He has his army, and some of the veterans of the Great War are working for him. His name is even honored by the Queen of Nue herself. He’s one of the oldest people in the world, having his current age at a hundred and twenty-two. He is blind, but he can see well using his chakra.

Mason (36)-he’s Hibarashi’s head of security. He’s a huge man and very skilled in swords and spears.

Atsuko (28)-Hibarashi’s secretary.

Akabari Musashi (42)-the legitimate ruler of Kogiwara and Midori and Hiromi’s birth father. He created the Alliance with the plan of retrieving the crown for Midori.

Matsumoto Sayuri (38)-she’s Musashi’s wife and Midori and Hiromi’s birth mother.


Zuko (32, deceased)-he was a monk and a Sennin. He was the one Hashirama had sent to test Naruto. He became Naruto’s teacher although they did not finish the course because of an event that necessitated Naruto to be in the Village of Dogs. He was the creator of the Force Fabric science and techniques that got him the title Sennin. In his attempt to assassinate Midori and her family, he fought and defeated Tsuneo, Saki, Sensui, and ShakiriHe died of poison from Saki’s ninjato.

Hitatsu Reiko (26)-she’s tall, blonde, and beautiful, but with a countenance of stone. She usually hides her emotions except from Hashirama and, strangely, from Naruto. She is Hashirama’s best medical-nin—regarded by him as the best chakra weaver in the world. She has the Red Eyes of the Demon that can see through anything, enabling her to conduct very complex operations, such us reconnecting severed nerves of an amputated arm to its stump.

Uchiha Chiasa (16)-she is from the Ancient Uchiha Clan, a clan which possesses the four-pupiled Sharingan. She’s very skilled in Mythical Beasts Summoning and knows techniques for instant death. Considered as boy magnet in Morigakure, Chiasa had her share of ogles and indecent proposals from men, which made her a man-hater. She and Naruto took each other’s virginity. She became a spy for the Left Wing, when Kalua, Left Wing’s Absolute Illusion, cast a Genjutsu on her, making her believe that she had a sister that the Left Wing held hostage.

Kamakiri Akito (16)-an stunning girl with blue-tinged, white hair. She is from the Kamakiri Clan which has the Blizzard Kekkai Genkai. She’s considered one of the strongest among Hashirama’s shinobi and is much trusted by the Arashikage that he elected her Deputy Commander.

Hamanabi Enka (14)-she is a cheerful young girl with short green hair. She is Hashirama’s Second Medical Division Commander. She specializes in herbs and flora-oriented techniques. She has a giant pet gorilla named Ikki.

Hoshikagi Shakiri (26, deceased)-a tall, shark-woman who specialized in water techniques. She was Hashirama’s Siege Division Commander. She died protecting Midori when Zuko the Monk attempted to assassinate the royal family.

Gamara (31)-a tall, muscular warrior with a sizeable horse-cutter sword as a weapon. He is loud and optimistic. He’s Hashirama’s Frontal Assault Team Leader.

Honsho Sensui (30, deceased)-a lean, handsome man with the Hands of Destruction—anything he touched would disintegrate. He had a naturally emotionless face, but unlike Reiko, even Hashirama hadn't seen him relax before. He was Hashirama’s Reconnaissance Team Leader. He was killed by Zuko the Monk while protecting Tsuneo.

Brass (age unknown)-is an unnatural being that lives beneath the soil. He has wiry hair, two pairs of smaller limbs protruding from his chest and abdomen, and a mole like eyes. He is a monster, but he’s very loyal to Hashirama. He only shows himself when Hashirama calls or is in danger.


Jocho Shizumaru (17)-he’s a Sennin and the last of the line of the Divine Sculptors, the Jocho Clan. He is the one behind the creation of the fake Naruto which no one, even Hyuuga Aika, and Kiba’s dog Akamaru, was able to detect. He has the Kekkai Genkai Kuogan, the ultimate eyes for details. He’s Left Wing’s Absolute Art.

Shitto (73)-a.k.a. The Jester. He is a Sennin whose expertise is the manipulation of the dead, but he can also control living people like what he did to Kaguya and Reiko. He’s powerful enough to control more than a thousand corpses at a time and confident enough of his strength that he seemed to play with Naruto the first time he fought the boy. He fared well against Naruto’s Shihai version of Demon Fox Mode even though he was only using his clone that had seventy percent of his chakra. He and Tsuneo are father and son, and every time they see each other, Shitto says things that are mysterious to outsiders but completely comprehensible between them. He has a double personality and can be insanely evil if he chooses to. He’s Left Wing’s Absolute Army.

Aruga (44)-a.k.a. The Ship Destroyer. He’s a Sennin and specializes in manipulating gravity. A large muscular man with cold eyes, he brought fear to his first victims when he singlehandedly destroyed a fleet of thirty-six floating ships, killing with it more or less four thousand men. He’s Left Wing’s Absolute Internal Disturbance.

Kalua (15)-she was a member of the Left Wing until Naruto saved her and convinced her to leave the group. She has Sennin-level Genjutsu, but she’s not a Sennin yet. She is unique in appearance. Despite the perfect lines and curves of her physicality, she has dragon skin and eyes. But she’s considered a stunning woman. She was the one who cast Chiasa the Genjutsu that made the latter think that she had a sister and the Left Wing was holding her hostage.

Amari (22)-a.k.a the White Knight, is always seen garbed in her black and white battle regalia. She has blonde hair and a pretty face, but her hands are fast to slice someone’s head off if she felt displeased.


Sagai Yori (17)-she is the heiress to the throne of the Kingdom of Taka. Initially, she has the appearance of a bishonen, a pretty boy, but after she found her destined one, she unsealed her pod and took on her actual appearance, that of a woman. She married Naruto so that she would not be bound to the throne and be capable of leaving the kingdom to serve as Hashirama’s swordswoman. She fights with two swords and has a red and white amplifier she calls Auria.

Sagai Haruo (58)-is the current King of Taka. He was a former student of Hashirama. He is so loyal to the Shodai Hokage that he obliged his daughter to marry Naruto so that he could answer Hashirama’s request for a swordsman.

Tamiko (8) and Mika (8 months)-they are the younger daughters of King Haruo whom Naruto had saved from the Queen of Serpents. Mika is the baby princess that hates men, except Naruto and her father. Tamiko has pointed this out to Naruto.

Jin (28)-Taka’s strongest swordsman who is currently in Ine, strengthening the defenses of the neutral country.

Tsubasakage (58)-the leader of Hanegakure, Hidden Village of Feathers, which is situated in Taka.

Takeshi (28)-the Tsubasakage’s stupid son who woke the Queen of Serpents from her deep slumber.

Yukio Kanade (34)-the Chuunin who led the team that the Tsubasakage sent to Konoha to hire medical ninjas. He took Shikamaru’s team to Sanmyaku via a wormhole.

Sumiragi Kaguya (15)-the 67th heiress of the Sumiragi Clan, the clan of Master Archers. Shitto had made her a puppet when she dumbly tried to kill him. Naruto saved her from Shitto. She promised Naruto that she would serve him her entire life.

Sumiragi Kushiro (39, deceased)-was the former Lord of the Sumiragi Clan and was Kaguya’s father. Shitto killed him when he refused to sell Akabari Musashi’s Alliance.

Lady Eriko (39, deceased)-Kaguya’s mother. Unable to bear the loss of her husband, she became sick from loneliness and died a few months later.

Lady Yoshie (62) and Lord Hiroshi (62)-the keepers of the Sumiragi Estate and the ones who welcomed Kaguya and Shikamaru’s team when they arrived from Tanimori.


Kinjo-he is a white wolf and is placed in high regard in the Village of Dogs. Naruto saved him from a twenty-six-year confinement in the world of men by making him his summoning beast. He got a wife named Haruki and seven puppies.

Bakuryu and Cujo-two summoning wolves that help Kinjo. As Kinjo, they were saved by Naruto by making them his summoning beasts.

Baba-the co-founder of the Village of Dogs. She was the one who helped Naruto when he was undergoing training in Hensen no Kuusho. She took him in the Holy Cave to protect his body from earthly elements while he was unconscious. She’s a spirit in a pod, like Kushina, and the wish that bound her to the realm of the living is to tell Kiri how she has loved him all this time.

Kiri-the founder of the Village of Dogs and is the guardian spirit of the world. He maintains peace and order between the Wolf District and the Capital Region.

Sabra-is Baba’s large husky.

Elder-is the leader of the Wolf District.

Paku-is Pakkun’s younger brother and is currently the main summon dog of Kakashi. Pakkun was given the task to research the archives of the Village of Dogs so he cannot appear when summoned. Paku’s wife is a bulldog named Ika.

Akira-a.k.a. The Samurai Frog. He is a red frog that is very good in katana. He’s a legend on his own in Myobukuzan. He’s Naruto’s summoning frog.

Uzume-the Queen of Serpents. A behemoth in power and destructiveness, she is considered a sign of tragedy in Sanmyaku, and whoever defeats her becomes a Savior. Naruto is the Second Savior of Sanmyaku after he conquered her with his will alone. Her scales can negate any attack made of chakra and are sturdy enough to resist unbelievable amount of temperature. She’s now Naruto’s strongest summoning beast.

Suseri-Katsuo's Sacred Beast Summon. Suseri is the Goddess of Wolf Warriors who was sealed by the Founder of Inuzuka Clan. She is a giant, and Katsuo can be compared to a beetle against her muzzle. When summoned only her head, which is bound by sealing tags and chains, emerges from the ground.


Kagitora (60, deceased)-was the usurper king of Kogiwara. He was Akabari Musashi’s uncle, a conservative, and the mastermind behind the coup d’état seventeen years ago. He didn’t approve of a woman holding the highest power in Kogiwara. He tried to kill the baby Midori but failed.

Zhang Li (55)-Kogiwara’s current Minister of War.

Dai (28)-the Chief of Internal Affairs in the Monarchy of Nue. He was the one who reported the oddly large number of immigrants from Kogiwara that entered Nue, which was the reason the Queen declared war against Kogiwara.

Tadaaki Mayuzumi (25)-the Fleet Admiral who went to respond to Ajit. He has taken Naruto and his companions aboard his ship to Nue.


Yumiko the Crimson Queen (24)-is the great being of the Nine-tails. She is a powerful queen that snatched the throne from a corrupt emperor. Witnessing her parents’ rape and the betrayal of her people, she harbored a hatred so deep that consumed her. She came to be known as the most brutal ruler of her era, and she was feared even by other powerful rulers. Being a Biju, she did not care about her container. She would try to take over her container’s mind if given a chance. But all of this stopped when Naruto showed him a new side of life. She fell in love with him and was so hurt when Naruto and Chiasa made love. She had the gift of a goddess beauty and was famous for it even in faraway lands. After Naruto chose the second form of Yuujo, she was freed from the Hakke Fuin seal and revived as she was when she died.

Amaya the Iron Forger (28)-is the great being of the Four-tails and was the legendary ironsmith who had created the Rashomon or the Hell Gate, which was now considered the strongest direct defense against Class-S techniques. She was reputed to have traveled all the beasts’ worlds and forged the king's monumental structures that were yet to be surpassed in strength and design. She had built Monkey King Enka’s fortress that Hiruzen had summoned to defend himself against Naruto’s kamikaze back in Hensen no Kuusho. Because of her creations, people called her the Iron Forger.

Toshiko the Stealth Death (25)-is the great being of the Five-tails and is an olive-skinned girl who had been the fiercest assassin the East had ever known. She helped to overthrow a long-running dynasty in the Middle East that enslaved millions of families by killing every single member of its clan. She wrote the book “The Art of Assassination” that black-ops and ANBUs used as their primary guide for covert operations and tactics. Despite Kirigakure’s claim that it had originated from them, Zabuza’s Kirigakure no Jutsu or the Hidden Mist Technique had been created by Toshiko. This technique, being a water element release, made a sensation in the Middle East which prompted shinobi art authorities to give her the moniker Stealth Death.

Akane the Healer (22)-is the great being of the Seven-tails and the only girl that could match Yumiko in feminine charm. Her name became known in the world when she healed the Emperor of Sanuchin who had an incurable disease. Without her, the Sage of Six Paths would not have been able to tear the Jubi into nine separate and weaker entities. Since the Jubi was immortal, the Sage of Six Paths needed to match it with immortality, and he did this by using Akane’s ability to induce cell regeneration at incredible speed with a single command. Nobody knew how she did this even the Sage of Six Paths, so historians alluded to her as being a goddess in human form.


Hyuuga Aika (13)-is a bubbly thirteen-year-old that came from the lines of Hyuuga Hybrids. She’s a prodigy that specializes in Byakugan techniques and the manipulation of Celestial Gates. A Jyuuken Grandmaster at a young age, she is very proud of her strength, but Naruto defeated her. Hinata told her about Naruto’s good points and because of this she fell in love with him. She is unabashed in showing this love even in public. She can kiss Naruto on the lips without reserve and has taken the most advantage of him compared to her rivals. She is very dedicated to him to the extent that she had written him down on Hyuuga’s Official Journal as her future husband. She can read the Chakra Signature of a person.

Inuzuka Momoko (18)-considered as one of the most beautiful women in the Fire country, this black beauty has everything that a man will drool for. She has smooth skin the color of chocolate, a beautiful body that doesn’t get fat and impeccably symmetrical features that artists covet. She’s also a genius Taijutsuist, gifted with endurance-strength pink muscles that go well with one’s chakra. Being raised mostly by men, she’s tomboyish and crude. A long time ago, she was a lazy one, being able to do everything easily. Naruto taught her about hard work by defeating her continuously. She became obsessed with him and eventually fell in love with him.

Inuzuka Katsuo (18)-the gentle giant. He is an Inuzuka Monk and is conspicuous in a crowd because of the tattoo of ancient Inuzuka writings on his bald head. He can use the Sacred Wolf Mode and Lion’s Roar. Children and small animals love him, and he can speak with wolves.

Zhao Xing Li (67)-this small man is Tenten’s grandfather and her master. He is respected in the East as one of the best Taijutsuist who has ever lived.


Yukikage (34)-her name is Shiroi and is a good friend of Tsunade and Naruto. She is clad in a white robe with the character for “Snow” on her hat painted in blue. She has a pretty pair of gray eyes, skin as white as the element she represented, and manners as soft as a feather.

Tetsukage (57)-the leader of the Hagakure, the Hidden Village of Blades, wears an expensive black robe sewn with intricate spade patterns around the hems, the character for “Iron” painted in white on his black hat. He is a man in his sixties possessing a frightening pair of black eyeballs with irises of metal gray, a forged steel mask covering his face in the typical assassin-type design.


Agila (64)-is the Chief of the Kalulan Tribe.

Talim (34)-is Agila’s son and the leader of the Kalulan Warriors. He fought with Naruto because of the Genjutsu that Kalua had cast on his tribe. He is a strong warrior that uses the Diamond Armor.

Maya (32)-is Talim’s wife.

Uzumaki Tamotsu (66, deceased)-was Mito’s grandfather and the expert medical researcher that brought Hashirama back to life.

Senju Che (37, deceased)-was Hashirama’s cousin and first love. Hashirama had given her the charka prism that had contained his chakra for safekeeping. In the end, she could not keep her promise and left the prism to Tamotsu.

Uzukage (65, deceased)-the leader of the Uzumaki Clan in Mito’s time.

Amaterasu (28, deceased)-was the first owner of the Saiga Sharingan. Considered as a myth, even by Uchiha Madara.


Yushin Taga (36)-a bald monk in his thirties, ripped and has a scowling face. He’s the creator of the Iron Fist. He is being used by Shitto, the Jester.

Yuugato Sana (24)-a white-robed beauty that hates men because of the era where she was from. She is elegant and graceful, but she talks candidly. She is the creator of the Gentle Fist.



Uzumaki Naruto

Uzumaki Kushina

Hyuuga Neji

Rock Lee





Nara Shikamaru

Aburame Shino

Haruno Sakura

Yamanaka Ino


Senju Hashirama

Tsunade the Hokage

Mei Terumi the Mizukage

A the Raikage

Onoki the Tsuchikage

Gaara the Kazekage

Senju Tobirama (deceased)

Sarutobi Hiruzen (deceased)

Namikaze Minato (deceased)

Sage of Six Paths (deceased)


Shikaku Nara

Hatake Kakashi




Akamichi Chouji

Inuzuka Kiba




Hyuuga Hiashi

Morino Ibiki

Uzumaki Mito (deceased)


Uchiha Madara

Uchiha Sasuke

The First Son (deceased)

Orochimaru (deceased)

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