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Author has written 16 stories for X-Men: The Movie, Dragon Ball Z, X-Men: Evolution, and Twilight.

- Alright, so a few weeks ago my computer had a total meltdown, meaning it's totally just stopped turning on. I'm really pissed because the night before the meltdown I had a huge muse and I wrote some chapters, I posted a few, but not all, and now of course I've possibly lost them. I'm really mad about this because I hate rewriting chapters because it never feels right the second time around. Anyways, we're still waiting to see if the computer is going to be fixed, but if I lost them I might stop writing for a few weeks. I promise to finish my stories because I refuse to be a hypocrite because I hate it when stories are discontinued. Anyways, I might sulk for a while, but I'll return eventually. Thanks for understanding, and if not... well I'm sorry you don't. -

HELLU! My name's Carina and my friends Paige and Centrinity are the ones that told me to post these stories so I hope you like them.

I live in Canada. Where in Canada you might wonder. Take a wild guess.

Random: These are some of my favourite quotes:

"I dreamt a dream last night." "And so did I." "Well what was yours?" "That dreamers often lie." (Romeo & Juliet)

"You sound like your mother!" "-Gasp- Nooo I dooon't!" "-Gasp- Yeees yooou doooo!" (Mamma Mia)

"I have twenty years of advice to cram into two minutes!" (Mamma Mia)

"Fine then, I'm just going to whisper from now on, so by the time the sound reverbarates off the walls, I won't be able to hear it." ... "YOU'RE AN IDIOT!" (The Grinch)

"I want a pony so I can ride it twice, get bored and sell it to make glue." (The Grinch)

"I'm going to die! I'm going to throw up, and then I'm going to die!" (The Grinch)

"He slunk to the fridge." "SLUNK!" (The Grinch)

"Look Ma! I'm roadkill! HA HA HA!" (The Mask)

"No! It wasn't me! It was the One-Armed Man!" (The Mask)

"You gotta ask yourself one question. 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya ...Punks?" (The Mask)

"Heh heh! He's weird!" (National Treasure 2)

"I find no point in living if I can't be beautiful." (Howl's Moving Castle)

"Great Goga Mooga!" (Evolution)

"Confirmed! Victim is unconscious!" "And hungry. Speed up the mission, I need my breakfast." (X-Men Evolution)

"Right now I need my numbers. Deal with it... Bitch." (Survivor: China)

"I saw a guy lying there with an ankle holster. So I took the gun. Thought it might come in handy. And guess what? I just shot a bear!" (Lost)

"I can take care of myself." "Yeah, real good care... Me Kate. Me throw rock!" (Lost)

"Dude... That was like a jedi moment." (Lost)

"Holy crap, a lamborghini!" (Corner Gas)

"With your knowledge of city stuff, and my knowledge of not city stuff, we know all stuff!" (Corner Gas)

"You can tell me that your dog ran away, Then tell me that it took three days, I've heard every joke, I've heard every word you say." (Corner Gas Theme Song)

"Don't wanna wait or leave it up to fate, Cause I just wanna watch you all night, Screaming: Andie you goonie!" (Lost Prophets: Can't Stop Gotta Date With Hate)

"And here's to you Mrs. Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know, God bless you please Mrs. Robinson, Heaven holds a place for those who pray." (Simon & Garfunkel: Mrs. Robinson)

"No day, No night, No moment, Can hold me back from trying, I'll flag, I'll fall, I'll falter, I'll find my day maybe Far and Away." (Enya: Far And Away)

"So how do you measure the worth of a man, In wealth or strength or size? In how much he gained or how much he gave? The answer will come, The answer will come to him who tries, To look at his life through heaven's eyes." (Prince of Egypt: Through Heaven's Eyes)

"Are you mad, you fool? Are you mad? Or just dumb, blind, God-rotting stupid?" (The Other Boleyn Girl: Novel)

"One thing the Boleyns have never lacked is absolute folly-driven courage. If you were horses, I'd have no other breed because you'd jump anything. But as women, you are insanely difficult to live with." (The Other Boleyn Girl: Novel)

"I wish we could stay here like this, for always." "Do you? I was thinking that this is the worst night of my life. I was wishing that it had never started and that I might wake up in a moment and it could all have been a dream." "That's because you don't fear tomorrow. If you feared tomorrow as much as we do, you would wish that the night would go on forever." (The Other Boleyn Girl: Novel)

"Okay then. I think I'll just run away now..." "I can run faster." "Shut up and let me run!" (In one of my stories)

"See this is the problem with clothes going on sale. It's going out of season, so all that remains are the leftovers." "See, what I don't get is why everything is going out of season, when we're still in season!" (My mom and me)

"What?! You mean for the first few minutes of my life, dad that I was a boy?! Wow! How many people can say they've been both a boy and a girl in their life." "You'd be surprised how many." "...Mom... Michael Jackson doesn't count." (Me and my mom)

"Je viens!" "Moi should hope so!" (My mom and me)

"I got a frickin' transformer! It was like Optimus-chair!" (My cousin)

"Were you relying on brotherly love? Because his brother loves this chair!" (My cousin)

"Thanks a lot!" "You're welcome a lot!" (Me and my cousin)

"A cord phone? What the Hell is that?" "The opposite of a cordless phone! DUR!" (My uncle and my cousin)

"If I smile, people will know I'm up to mischief... but if I smile and I'm not being mischevious, does that mean I'm being mischevious because I'm not really into mischief?" (Me)

"You don't have time for jealousy!" (Me)

"Sooooo... How's Hell?" (Me)

"Rebecca is a name-word, Carina is a name-word, and Dawn is a name-word and a word-word." (Me)

"Take that you nudger!" (Me)

"I challenge you to a duel!" (My friend)

"We're going snowing!" (My friend)

"Can you imagine having a five minute conversation with a five minute person?" (My friend)

"Alright Homie, I'll see you on the flip side!" "Damn straight G-Dawg!" "Wow, we're cool." (Me and my friend)

"So? Who said I was talking to you? It could be your invisible friend Bob!" "It's not Bob you loser! It's Joe!" (Centri and me)

"They have to deliver the man cub to the man village." "Oh my God! It's a man girl!" (My friend and me)

"Is that your Wednesday laugh?" ..."It's Thursday you dumbass!" (My friend and me)

"Disgruntled means unhappy, so does gruntled mean happy? It doesn't sound very happy. 'I'm very gruntled today!' 'Oh what's wrong?' 'No, no, I'm happy today.'" (My friend's friend)

Yah, my favourite X-Men (moives and Evolution) pairings are Rogue/Remy, Rogue/Pyro, Pyro/Wanda, X-23/Pietro, Jean/Scott, Jubilee/Bobby, Kitty/Piotr, Jubilee/ Piotr, Storm/Logan, Yuriko/Logan, Warren/Betsy, Kitty/Lance, Rahne/Roberto. Pairings I don't like are Rogue/Magneto, Rogue/Scott, Jubilee/Logan, Jean/Logan, Kitty/Bobby. My favourite characters are Remy, Rogue, Logan, Pyro, Wanda, Pietro and X-23. I kind of like Kurt, Yuriko, Rahne and Cannonball too.

My favourtie Dragonball Z pairings are Bulma/Vegeta, Goku/Chi-Chi, Gohan/Videl, Trunks/Marron, Bra/Goten, Bra/Android 17. Pairings I don't like are Bra/Goku, Trunks/Pan, Frieza/anybody, and Cell/anybody (SO WRONG). My favourite characters are Vegeta, Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten. Goku, Bulma and Bra are pretty cool too. But nobody can compare to the sexiness of Piccolo. Tehehe.

My favourite pairings for Warriors are Firestar/Sandstorm, Crowfeather/Leafpool, Crowfeather/Feathertail, Stormfur/Brook, Leafpool/Crag, Brambleclaw/Squirrelflight, and Cloudtail/Brightheart. Pairings I hate are Tigerclaw/Spottedleaf (Shudders), Cloudtail/Daisy (With a passion), Squirrelflight/Stormfur, Squirrelflight/Ashfur, Crowfeather/Nightcloud. From the first series I like Firestar, Sandstorm, Ravenpaw and Graystripe. And for some reason I like Longtail. My favourite characters from the second are Feathertail, Leafpool and Crowfeather. From the new series I like Hollypaw, Breezepaw and sort of Jaypaw and still love Leafpool and Crowfeather.

My favourite pairing for the Twilight Series are Alice/Jasper. I like the other standard pairings for Twilight: Bella/Edward, Rosalie/Emmet and Esme/Carlisle, as well as Bella/Jacob. My favourite characters are Alice, Jasper, Edward, and Jacob. Other characters I like are Angela, Mike, Emmet, Carlisle, Sam, and Charlie. Bella's okay, but in all honesty, she's not my favourite for some reason. Characters I hate are Lauren, Jessica, and I used to hate Rosalie, but now she's not so bad.

92 percent American teens would die if Abecrombie and Fitch told them it uncool to breathe. Copy this into your profile if you would be in the 8 percent laughing their butts off at the others.

If you've ever asked a really stupid, obvious question, copy and paste this onto your profile.

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If you have ever nearly got run over by one of your teachers, copy this to your profile.

If you and your friends have a nickname, title, or anything else for each other, copy and paste this in your profile.

If you have ever had a mad laughing fit for absolutely no reason, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you've ever busted a move/ burst into song, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you have ever said something that has nothing to do with the current conversation, copy and paste this into your profile.

If there are times when you wanna annoy people just for the heck of it, copy this into your profile.

If you have ever tripped over air, copy this into your profile.

Yah, I'm in the process of writing a really huge series (probably like 8 stories), so I'd greatly appreciate it if you guys read and review. So far it seems people like it, so I'll continue to post it.

HI! im the random person she mentioned up there, Paige, and yeah u ppl should review and be nice so she'll post more

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