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Is This Microphone on?

Summary: Naruto is a down on his luck comedian who may have just stumbled across his big break, but when he accidentally goes to a brothel instead of the comedy club, he may find himself in quite a pinch! Especially when a yakuza leader just bought him for 2 million yen! How's he going to explain this? And how is he going to pay the yakuza back!?

Genre: Humor/Romance (Or maybe...nah..Romance)

Covered in Thorns

Summary: Dark thoughts linger in every corner of Sasuke's mind. The emptiness of his heart lurking right behind his indifferent eyes. He learned not to think about it, not to speak about it. He wouldn't have dragged him down if he hadn't have been so kind to rescue him from himself on that snowy night.

Genre: Tragedy/ Angst (Plus romance, but oh yes, I feel like making you cry with this story that I've plotted inside of my head)

Plus, I've decided to take down Can't You Hear My Silent Screams?' and go over it and fix the very frequent mistakes and then re-post it. At the moment it'll be left alone until I get all the chapters back onto my laptop.



Hey! Disclaimer!- It’s been brought to my attention that some of the comebacks in my story are from the sitcom Scrubs. I’ve been told this by (NorthsideAngel) and I usually get most of the lines in this story from my friend’s little book filled with comebacks. So I apologize to those who think I ripped Scrubs off. The only thing that really stuck to me from that show was Guy’s love. That was fucking awesome! Anyways! Enjoy!


Oh yeah and don't feel bad Kyuuka! I read your story! And it's really good!

So, people! When you get done reading my story! You should totally read Kyuuka's story!

Called. "Shh, don't tell anyone!" Keep up with the good work!

And another really good story to read is by DemonicNightMaresOfAngel

Her story is called, "The Deal." Make them feel special by reviewing! :D

Thank you, thank you!

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About ShonenYaoi:

Hmm, let's see, I'm a strict and complete yaoi fan.

Not a big fan of anything else. Hm, I like to make people laugh

But not as much as I like to make them cry. I'm a huge SasuNaru

fan, but I also just LOVE NejiNaru and ItaNaru. I basically love anything that's yaoi.

Well, besides shota to a certain extent, like Boku No Pico. Oh god...that was disgusting.

Ah yes, and I can be pshyco to a certain extent that makes me shudder at the

very image of a straight jacket, because I can picture me being taken away with

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I'll add this paragraph on meh aswell. O:

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Ten things I like:

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8.People who act like themselves because they actually like themselves.

9.People who aren't afraid to laugh at themselves.

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Welp! That's all I have to say about me, for now. O.O Bwanananah


Quote for teh day! -or atleast until I update.-: Funniest thing that ever came out of you was, haha, me.


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