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I think I've embraced this whole "FanFiction" concept.

My name is Gabrielle, and I love to talk. Hence the pen-name "BlabbyGabby" was created by my friend. Yes, the same one that forced me onto the site. But I like it, after all.

I have one story.

A Summer At Hogwarts.

If you want to know what it's about, read it. Savvy?

Please and thank-you.


Gabrielle. Tall. Dark. Brown hair, brown eyes, practically twins with one certain Taylor. A little shorter than said Taylor. Fidgety. Spazztic (spelled just like that and no other spelling). Talkative. Tennis. Green. Red. Yellow. Pastels. Glo jeans. Shopping at AE, Aeropostale, sometimes Hollister. Born and raised Louisianian. That means crawfish.

-Harry Potter series
-limewire (a.k.a. musika)

-two-faced people
-gnarls barkley
-lesbians (I'm OK with gay people because that means they're guys and won't make a move on me. The gay people are actually easy to get along with. It's just that...a girl has hit on me before and I am now scarred for life. I'm not trying to be prejudice or judge you if you are lesbian. I mean, you might not find me attractive and if you don't, I'm cool with you. Just, PLEASE don't make a move on me if you DO find me attractive. I've already been scarred for life.)
-writer's block (which I don't have ATM!!!)

I am attempting to update my story, A Summer At Hogwarts, everyday, if not that then every other day. Please be patient with me.


"I holded it out!" - Laura and me.

"I know what do!" - my dad.

"1-2-3 you're gorgeous!" - me and Laura.

Taylor's friend Gowri: "Made in China? Everything's made in China! I think I'm made in China!"
Taylor: "You're made in Japan. Mechanical pencils are made in Japan, too."
G: "So? Two things. Wheee!"
T: "Well, China is also home of child labor. Aren't you glad you weren't made there, now?"
G: "Hell yes."

"The biggest part of believing is the lie." - random layout site on MySpace.

"NEWSFLASH: When a girl says, "I'm cold," you're not supposed to say, "Me too."" - random layout site on MySpace.

"God made us friends because He knew no one could handle us as sisters." - random layout site on MySpace.

"The best way to behave is not to." - random layout site on MySpace.


(July 5, 2007): I have just realized that yesterday was the one year anniversay for's FanFic Reality Hurts! And that today is the one year anniversary for An Interesting Seven Years! I dunno why I noticed that while I was going through her page, but I did. :)




Matter is the term used to describe anything that has mass and takes up space.


Matter can be classified into two categories: mixtures and substances.


Contain more than one kind of matter.
2 kinds of mixtures: homogeneous (same throughout), and heterogeneous (different samples are not necessarily made up of exactly the same portions of matter).


A common property of ALL mixtures is that they can be separated into different types of matter by physical means such as sorting, filtering, heating and cooling.
The separation does not change the characteristics of each component.


CANNOT be separated by physical means.
Some contain only one type of matter and are called elements.
Other substances contain more than one type of matter, but the different kinds can't be separated without changing the substance.
Substances that are made up of two or more elements that cannot be separated by physical means are called compounds.
ALL substances are either elements or compounds.


To measure the volume of a liquid, you simply pour it into a marked container such as a measuring cup or a graduated cylindar.
To get an accurate reading you must measure at eye-level from the meniscus.
You can measure the volume of a solid by using special formulas like (l)(w)(h) for a rectangular solid or cube.
To find the volume of an irregular solid, you use a technique called displacement, which means "take the place of" or "push aside." You can find the volume of an irregularly shaped solid by submerging it in water and measuring how much water the object displaces or pushes aside.
Remember, volume is the space something takes up.
Mass is the amount of matter in an object.


Scale - measures gravitaional force between an object and Earth. The scale actually measures weight and calculates mass from this weight.
Balance - measures the mass of an object by comparing it with objects whose masses are known. It is not affected by changes in gravity.


Scientists call the smallest possible particle of a compound that retains the properties of the compound a molecule.
The smallest possible particle of an element is an atom.
Molecules are always in motion. At higher temperatures, they move faster and bump into one another with more force. At low temperatures, they move with less energy. This is called the kinetic theory of matter.


Temperature influences change in state.
Temperature measures the average energy of a certain amount of molecules and is related to the average velocity of the molecules (how fast they move).In general, the higher the temperature, the faster the molecules move.

All substances can exist as a solid, liwuid, or gas. Each substance can exist in each of the three states and each has a characteristic temperature and pressure at which it will undergo a change of state.
Even though a change of state may occur, the mass ALWAYS remains unchanged; this is the Law of Conservation of Mass.


Plasma is the most common form of matter, but is rarely found on Earth.
Matter enters the plasma state when it is heated to such a high temperature that some atoms begin to break apart and lose their outer layer of electrons. These temperatures are over 10000 degress Celcius.


Matter has four states that we experience.
In order of increasing energy they are: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma.
Since temperature is a measure of energy, matter changes from one phase to another as temperature is increased.


(September 5, 2007): So, school's started and been in for almost a month now. I love it. But I have ZERO time to update my fic. Be patient. It may go on HiATUS soon but don't die. lol. Like anyone would. It's not that great anyways. But anywho, tomorrow is FRESHMEN-SENiOR day where the freshmen and the seniors hang out during fifth and sixth hour and play games. But I dunno if it's fun games for everyone or just fun games for the seniors. I guess we'll find out.


G'day luvs.

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