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Since several people still seem overwhelmed by the multiple series that I have introduced in my story, I have decided to create this timeline of important events, as well as noteworthy pieces of additional information. I hope this clears things up.

I honestly think I've managed to mesh everything together rather smoothly, but some readers apparently need some help.

1. Ichigo Kurosaki moves to London

-He meets Integra, Walter, and Alucard.

-Alucard also rescues Seras from being raped and murdered.

2. Ichigo, Seras and Alucard encounter Anderson

-Ichigo is given Manus.

-Anderson incapacitates Seras, and overpowers Ichigo.

-Integra arrives to hold him off until Alucard regenerates.

3. The Valentine Brothers invade Hellsing Manor

-Seras and Ichigo begin to bond.

-Alucard and Seras receive their signature weapons.

-Ichigo partly Hollowfies to defeat Jan Valentine.

-Alucard defeats Luke Valentine.

4. Ichigo recovers

-Heinkel Wolfe is introduced.

-It is revealed that she considers Ichigo a younger brother.

-It is also revealed that Masaki Kurosaki grew up at Anderson's orphanage for a time.

-Yoruichi Shihouin is also introduced.

-It is implied that she has small feelings for Ichigo.

5. The Wild Geese are hired by Integra

-Ichigo and Seras meet Pip Bernadotte.

-Integra meets with Enrico Maxwell.

-It is revealed that the Catholic Church assisted Millennium during WW2.

-The Major and Doktor made their debut.

-Ichigo and Pip are sent to Tobioka City to investigate a vigilante group.

-It is suspected that these vigilantes are superhuman.

-Alucard and Seras are deployed to Brazil to deal with Millennium.

6. Ichigo and Pip arrive in Tobioka

-They meet with local detective, Konomi Suzue.

-Black Label is introduced.

-Kugo Ginjo cameos, along with the Fullbringers.

7. Hellsing vs Black Label

-Black Label attempts to stop a drug trade.

-Ichigo and Pip intercept them, assisted by the police force.

-Ichigo battles Yuuko Sagiri

-Pip battles Mikoto Kiba and Arashi Mikami

-Arashi is sent into a coma.

-Yuuko rescues Arashi and Mikoto, injuring Pip.

-Ichigo fights Say Hitsugi, and is seriously injured.

-Ichigo is taken to Mochizuki General Hospital

8. Sayo's Memories

-It is revealed that Sayo and Ichigo are childhood friends.

-Ten years ago, she lived with the Kurosaki family for a month.

-It is revealed that Sayo and Ichigo bonded during this time.

-Ichigo remains unconscious.

-Kyoji Tobishiro and Goryu are introduced.

9. Bambietta's Ambush

-Bambietta Basterbine is introduced.

-She makes a deal with Goryu, promising vampiric soldiers in exchange for access to Sayo Hitsugi.

-Yuuko and Sayo investigate another supposed drug trade, but are ambushed.

-Senji Kiyomasa fights Yuuko.

-Minatsuki Takami fights Sayo.

-Sayo is rescued by Jackie Tristan and Kugo Ginjo.

-Bambietta escapes with a sample of Sayo's blood.

10. Ichigo Awakens

-Ichigo recovers.

-Sayo is placed in intensive care.

-Her origins and strength are explained.

-As she heals, the D99 in her bloodstream works overtime.

-This causes her to loose control upon awaking, and she goes on a rampage.

11. Ichigo calms Sayo

-Ichigo and Yuuko search Mochizuki General for Sayo.

-They encounter her, and Ichigo pursues her alone.

-He corners her in an underground garden.

-He helps her calm down, and she professes her love to him.

-Ichigo and Sayo officially enter a relationship.

-Even so, she encourages him to confront Seras.

12. The Pulya Organization

-Upon returning to his hotel, Ichigo learns Konomi has been kidnapped.

-He contacts Kugo for help, but is denied.

-In turn, Kugo contacts Balalaika.

-Amaterasu approaches Ichigo in his dreams.

-The Pulya Organization arrives in Tobioka City.

-Ichigo, Pip, Black Label, and the Pulya Group launch a rescue mission.

13. Bambietta betrays Tobishiro

-Bambietta commands Senji and Minatsuki to bite Tobishiro's men.

-The gangsters are transformed into Ghouls.

-The rescue group invades Tobishiro's compound, but are separated.

-Pip, Eda, and Roberta work together.

-Sayo and Revy work together.

-Miki, Mikoto, and Oriha work together.

-Balalaika, Yuuko, and Ichigo are each on their own.

14. The Battle Continues

-Sayo and Revy fight Minatsuki.

-Sayo briefly looses control again, and nearly kills Minatsuki.

-Revy's arm is broken.

-Roberta fights Senji and defeats him.

-Tobishiro arrives, but Balalaika kills him.

-Yuuko finds Konomi, but is confronted by Goryu.

-They fight, but are interrupted by Balalaika.

-After learning of Tobishiro's death, Goryu joins the Pulya Organization.

-Ichigo battles Bambietta.

15. The Battle Ends

-Bambietta escapes with Senji and Minatsuki

-Konomi is taken to the hospital.

-Ichigo and Yuuko discuss the supernatural.

-Pip and Eda hook up, prompting Ichigo to leave his hotel.

-Ichigo encounters a drunken Revy, and comforts her.

-Ichigo and Pip leave for London the next day.

16. Alucard and Seras arrive in Brazil

-Alucard and Seras are given a penthouse suite.

-After sundown, Seras goes into the city and meets Kuroka.

-They discuss their love lives.

-Seras returns to her hotel.

-Isshin Kurosaki meets with Azazel.

-Seras and Alucard are attacked by the police.

-Alucard slaughters them, and encounters Tubalcain Alhambra.

-Alhambra is revealed to be a Quincy/Vampire hybrid.

-Alucard defeats and absorbs Alhambra.

-He learns of an individual called 'His Majesty.'

-Alucard and Seras return to London.

17. Hellsing Reunites

-A meeting with the Queen is held.

-Schrödinger interrupts, and brings in a communicator.

-It is revealed that the Quincies and Millennium are working together.

-It is also revealed that the Major answers only to His Majesty.

-Alucard blows Schrödinger's head off.

-Yoruichi arrives in London, on request form Isshin.

18. Sirzechs Lucifer arrives at Hellsing Manor

-It is revealed that he is Ichigo's godfather.

-It is also revealed that Amaterasu kept him from visiting Karakura Town.

-Sirzechs requests that Ichigo come to the Underworld, which he accepts.

-In the Underworld, Ichigo meets Grayfia Lucifuge.

-He also meets the rest of Sirzechs' direct family.

-Candice Catnipp is introduced.

-It is revealed that she and Bambietta are reluctant to help Millennium.

-Rip van Winkle captures the Eagle.

19. Alucard attacks the Eagle

-Alucard battles and defeats Rip van Winkle.

-Alexander Anderson invades Karakura Town.

-Isshin, Azazel, and Ingrid Helknight deter him.

20. Ichigo takes lessons with Grayfia

-Grayfia tutors Ichigo about the supernatural world.

-Sirzechs meets with Michael, Zeus and Amaterasu.

-Zeus reveals a prophecy foretold by the Oracle of Delphi.

-Amaterasu confronts Sirzechs.

-It is revealed that she already lost one grandson.

-This is partly why she is so possessive/protective of Ichigo.

21. The Battle of London begins

-Alucard is trapped on the Eagle.

-Bambietta and Candice feel tremendous guilt.

-Sir Penwood sacrifices himself.

-Walter confronts the Captain.

-Integra is intercepted by Nazi vampires.

-However, she is saved by Iscariot soldiers.

-Maxwell is promoted to the rank of Bishop, and then Archbishop.

-He is given command over the Knights of the Ninth Crusade.

-Zorin Blitz attacks the Hellsing Estate.

Organizations and Members:

The Hellsing Organization:

-Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing (Commander)

-Walter C. Dornez

-Seras Victoria

-Ichigo Kurosaki

-Pip Bernadotte and the Wild Geese


The Pulya Organization:

-Balalaika (Commander)





Black Label:

-Masamune Mochizuki (Commander)

-Yuuko Sagiri (Field Commander)

-Sayo Hitsugi

-Mikoto Kiba

-Arashi Mikami

-Oriha Nashida

-Miki Tsurugi

-Fiona Ran Winchester

The Iscariot Organization:

-Enrico Maxwell (Commander)

-Alexander Anderson

-Heinkel Wolfe

-Yumiko Takagi

-Various Soldiers and Knights


-The Major (Commander)

-The Doktor

-Tubalcain Alhambra (Absorbed)

-Rip van Winkle (Absorbed)

-Luke Valentine (Absorbed)

-Jan Valentine (Deceased)


-Zorin Blitz

-The Captain

-Various Soldiers

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