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Author has written 29 stories for Pokémon, Elfen Lied, Powerpuff Girls, Legend of Zelda, Tales of Vesperia, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, K-ON!/けいおん!, Land Before Time, Victorious, My Little Pony, RWBY, and Undertale.

My name is Thom, but on here KatonRyu will do. My last name is nobody's business but my own, however I can assure you no one will ever pronounce it right because we are actually the ones mispronouncing it, what with our being Dutch and the name Swiss. (And no, I'm not even remotely related to any Swiss people. It was Swiss in the fourteenhundreds, and it's been in the Netherlands for at least five generations. That concludes the history lesson on my last name, which I didn't even tell you.)

Age: 27

About myself: Since it's been untold ages since I last updated this profile I figured it was about time for a major overhaul. I don't think it's necessary to post my every single preference here and as such I've removed anything that has nothing to do with writing. In this section only I will talk more about myself, but even here it'll be very brief and mostly focused on writing. So, without further ado, let's get to it.

I'm really just some guy who enjoys writing. Lately, however, my quality standards have exceeded my capabilities by far and as such I hardly ever write anymore. That's a waste, I think, and so I have plans to take it up again. I'd like to stress, however, that I'll be writing for fun again. I'm done with fussing over every single detail...or so I say. I know I should just write what I want to and the way I want to, but I'm having a way harder time with that than I should.

In daily life, I'm a programmer in a small company, working on time registration software for municipalities and the like. It's about as riveting as it sounds.

Aside from that, I like to fence. As with pretty much everything else in my life, I'm decent at it but nothing more than that. I really enjoy it, however, and I guess that's what counts. (But I'm quite competitive and I want to be the best...sadly I lack discipline in pretty much everything I do)

What follows below is shameless promotion of my group of friends. I'll add some comments in italics where the info is outdated. Clusterfuck away!

I'm a proud member of Team Retard!

What is Team Retard? We're a bunch of fanfic writers from the Zuid-Holland area, taking our name from the web series Zero Punctuation. In this series, Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw reviews popular games. After getting a lot of crap for giving SSBB a bad review he devoted an episode to responding to hate mail, opening with the phrase "...rather than just dispense bile all the time I thought it would be nice to sample some for a change and respond to some of the slightly more valid arguments, so without further ado: go Team Retard!"

We met up through a site called FanBBS, and since then we've been meeting pretty much every month. For those who want see the site: fanbbs dot net. (The site has since been overrun by spammers. From what I can tell, no posts have been made since 2011. TR now communicates via Skype and Whatsapp for the most part)

Pairings I support: (not in any particular order)

Ash/Misty (Pokemon)

Ash/May (Pokemon)

Ash/Dawn (Pokemon) (This one warrants an explanation. I am not a Pearlshipper, nor have I ever been, nor will I be. I haven't ever written anything for the pairing and I won't. I still list it here, though, as Pokeshipping is also still in the list of supported pairings even though I'm not a Pokeshipper anymore. It's just here to state that I have nothing against Pearlshipping, even though it's not my preferred Ship)

Ryu/Kasumi (DOA)

Kouta/Lucy (and Nyu) (Elfen Lied)

Inuyasha/Kagome (Inuyasha)

Naruto/Sakura (Naruto)

Ichigo/Rukia (Bleach)

Harima/Sawachika (School Rumble)

Ed/Winry (Full Metal Alchemist)

Nana/Mayu (Elfen Lied)

Link/Malon (Legend of Zelda)

Littlefoot/Cera (Land Before Time)

Petrie/Ducky (Land Before Time)

(H)Allelujah/Marie(Soma) (Gundam 00)

Lelouch/CC (Code Geass)

Lelouch/Kallen (Code Geass)

Ippo/Kumi (Hajime no Ippo)

Setsuna/Feldt (Gundam 00)

Yuri/Estelle (ToV)

Yuri/Rita (ToV)

Karol/Nan (ToV)

Raven/Judith (ToV)

Flynn/Sodia (ToV)

Atem/Mana (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Joey/Mai (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Seto/Kisara (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Siegfried/Amy (SoulCalibur)

Tai/Sora (Digimon Adventure)

TK/Kari (Digimon Adventure)

Takato/Rika (Digimon Tamers)

Ritsu/Mio (K-ON!)

Yui/Azusa (K-ON!) (Okay, so I don't usually like same-sex pairings...but dammit, in K-ON it's just cute, so there.) (Hahahahaha. No, really, these days all I write is yuri, pretty much)

Tommy/Kimberly (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Rainbow Dash/Applejack (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)

Rainbow Dash/Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)

Sunset Shimmer/Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Lyra (Heartstrings)/Bon Bon (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)

Ruby/Weiss (RWBY)

Yang/Blake (RWBY)

Pairings I hate:

Drew/May (Pokemon)

Kouta/Yuka (Elfen Lied)

Littlefoot/Ali (Yeah, weird one to hate huh?) (Land Before Time)

Matt/Sora (Digimon Adventure) (Okay, so it's canon. I don't care. I don't like it and I never will. Sue me.)

About my pairing preferences: This section is really just legacy stuff. I used to dislike yaoi with a passion but these days I don't mind it. I'm not seeking it out like I am with other pairings but that's merely because I'm only interested in girls, which is also why I almost exclusively write yuri nowadays. I like the softer, cuter side of romance and while I readily acknowledge yaoi can have that, it's abused for lemon far too much for my liking. I don't like lemons because for the most part they're so poorly written it makes my eyes bleed. Even in popular published fiction like that horror story Fifty Shades of Gay the sex scenes are just horrible. As for my use of the word gay, I refer you to the following South Park transcript:

Judge 1:We are really trying to understand this. How is it that you boys think referring to gay people as fags in today's world is acceptable?

Kyle:[exasperated] Because we're not referring to gay people! You can be gay and not be a fag/

Stan:Yeah, a lot of fags aren't gay.

Judge 2:I happen to be gay, boys. Do you think I'm a fag?

Stan:Do you ride a big loud Harley and go up and down the streets, ruining everyone's nice time?

Judge 2:No.

Stan:Then you're not a fag.

Judge 1:So what if a guy is gay and rides a Harley?

Cartman:Then he's a gay fag. I mean, is this really this hard?

Stan:I don't know.

Kenny:(This is fucking ridiculous.)

Stan:All right, look, you're driving in yoru car, okay?, and you're waiting to make a left at a traffic signal. The light turns yellow, should be your turn to go, but the traffic coming at you just keeps coming. And even when the light turns red, a guy in a BMW runs the red light so you can't make your left turn. What goes through your mind?

Judge 3:"Fag."

Stan:Right. But you're not thinkin' "Oh, he's a homosexual," you're thinkin' "Oh, he's an inconsiderate douchebag like a Harley rider."

Judge 1:This, this is, making insanely good sense to me.

Judge 4:Alright, how about this: What would you call a straight man who doesn't own a Harley, but likes them and might buy one someday?

Cartman:You call them "bike-curious"

Judge 1:"bike-cu-"

Stan:"Bike-curious!" Don't you people keep up with today's lingo at all?!

Kenny:[puts his head in his hands out of frustration] (Jesus fucking Christ!)

Source: spscriptorium (DOT) com(SLASH)Season13(SLASH)E1312script(DOT)htm (FF does weird things to URLs sometimes, so excuse the horrible format)

It's not exactly the same thing, but in the Netherlands 'gay' is often used like 'fag' in the US, and I really do mean it in a similar way. To illustrate:

If I say "I am gay" that would mean I'm gay. If, however, I say "Dude, that's gay" I would actually mean "Dude, that's lame/that sucks/etc." Context is very important, people. The same word can mean very different thigns in a different context. Just look at the versatility of the word fuck, if you don't believe me. I actually think Adam Sandler once listed all the uses of that word. The point I'm trying to make on this very long tangent is that when I use the word gay in a negative sense, I'm not referring to actual homosexuals. The same thing goes for the word retard. I'm not a politically correct person in the least, but I just want to clarify I don't bash entire groups of people by simply using the words I do. If my words are taken as that, I don't give a fuck. No, really, I don't. People just need to learn to not take everything personally. Believe me, when I intend it to be taken personally there won't be any ambiguity.

Now that I have that bit of unpleasantness settled I can rant on about my distaste for poorly written smut. See, I think a sex scene should not only be integral to the story, it should also be treated with more respect than it generally is. I mean, a line like "He pulls down his pants and his erection springs into view" just makes me cringe. It could be just me, though. Anyway, I've only ever written one lemon and I don't think I'll do it again anytime soon. The entire point of this section used to be to explain why I didn't like yaoi, and since that hate faded I'll simply leave it like this for the time being.

Current projects (Updated at long last 14-6-2017):

RWBY Origin of Darkness: Chapter 15 is in the works. As usual, I'm completely stumped as to how to begin it, but I do roughly know which events are going to take place in it.

MLP Meaning of Harmony has a second chapter in the works, at last. It's much longer than what it should be and nowhere near done, so I might decide to split it into two parts. I'll have to see.

Undertale Something to Live for: Haven't started on a second chapter yet, but I have some ideas. It'll have to wait for Origin and Meaning, though.

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