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Hey! Been along time since I've been on. And let me tell you alot of things have changed!

A. My likes are definitly changed. I don't like Shadow the hedgehog anymore. I guess I was so obssesed I wore myself out of liking him. I'm now obsessed with Star Wars! Yep thats right! I am a huge Anakin/Padme and Obi-Wan/Padme fan (I only like that couple in the Phantom Menace, cause their both young and Obi-Wan doesn't have a hideous haircut like he does in Ep II). I do like it when Obi-Wan is placed with some fanfiction characters. As long as they make him in character. I won't ever stop loving Hayden thats for sure (Hayden is Anakin in Star Wars II & III)

B. Dislikes: I despise people who are like 'What happen to all your stories!?'...I cleaned up this account and all of my past writings. I put up new ones. Two don't flame me, thats just mean. On your reviews please leave some suggestions for future chapters. Not just suggestions for spelling and grammer but suggestions for plot ideas. I would appreciate it.

Well my first Obi-Wan/Padme story is posted.

I’ve been reading many theories for Anakin’s turn to the darkside of the force. Most have come to the conclusion that it is Obi-Wan’s fault. I can’t help but feel that I have to clear his name, even if he is not real. We must think reasonably and retrace Anakin’s life. Obi-Wan agreed with the Council when they deemed Anakin dangerous. It was only in Qui-Gon’s dying breaths that Obi-Wan agreed to train him. So the blame now rests on Qui-Gon’s shoulders.

Though I don’t like Qui-Gon’s character, I find that I must clear his name as well. I think we all agree that Qui-Gon was a little inconsiderate of Obi-Wan’s feelings in Episode 1. He didn’t seem to even consider what Obi-Wan might be feeling when he spoke to the Council about Anakin’s training and Obi-Wan facing trials. I felt as if Qui-Gon’s last words to Obi-Wan were a little cold. He said nothing like ‘I’m proud of you’ or a simple mutter of love. Poor Obi-Wan probably thinks that the twelve years they spent together has been thrown right out the window for this nine-year-old boy. But that’s just my opinion. Qui-Gon had the right idea, Anakin was the Chosen One, he just didn't know how the story would play out. No one did. Even with Qui-Gon training him, he still would of turned in order to save Padme. It had nothing to do with his training.

So the blame is off both Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. It is clear that the one truly at fault is Palpatine. He was the one that twisted Anakin’s mind into believing such lies. However, we must remember while Anakin sought Palpatine’s help in the first place. He wanted to save his wife from certain death, when in the end, he caused her death. So we arrive at Padme.

I find Padme’s character weak in the third movie. In the second movie, she was a strong politician where as now she is weak and overly dramatic. The only descent line she has in the entire movie is ‘So this is how liberty ends, with thunderous applause.’ I think the actress Natalie Portman did a brilliant job; however, George seemed to restrain her from developing a stronger character. Once again this is just my opinions.

So it all starts with the dreams…right? Wrong. It starts with the Battle of Genosis, when they were in the tunnel ready to face her fate. It was Padme that did this to him. When she looked up into his eyes and mumbled the words ‘I love you’ it cursed him. This was the turning point in Anakin’s life…the point of no return. He became worried for his new wife, blowing the whole dream out of proportion. Its funny how something you believe you can prevent happens because of you trying to prevent it. Get it? Padme would have probably survived if Anakin had been there.

So we draw this to a conclusion. It is not Obi-Wan’s fault but Padme, Palpatine and Anakin’s fault. I just found myself writing this because it upset me how Obi-Wan is blamed just because he trained Anakin.

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