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Name, Matt

Age, 18

Gender, Male

Relationships, Single

Height, 6'3

AIM, Cubbiesrock48


Hit, Ramen, Final Fantasy, Indiana Jones, Pizza, Hamburgers, Root Beer, Manga, U2, THE CUBS

Miss, swimming, Cats, Greenday, my Crappy computor, shopping

Favorite TV shows, Scrubs, That 70's show, The Colbert report, Greys Anatomy, Big brother, The Daily show

Favotie Mangas, Love Hina, FullMetal Alchemist, One piece, Death note

I just recently became addicted to Red vs Blue, and in honor of that, some quotes from it


"Bow Chicka Bow wow" Tucker

"Does Talking count as moving?" Caboose

"I know where O'mally is, he lived inside my head for a while, maybe he left an adress where we can send his mail"-Caboose
"Sounds like he took some of the furniture"-Sarge

"I'm going to beat you do death with your own skull"
"This doesnt seem physically possible!"

"Its not Pink, It's lightish red" Donut

"...and thats how I saved Christmas!"-Donut
"Wow! I had no idea the North poll was in San Fransico! This changes everything!" Caboose

"Caboose! Give me a boost"!-Sarge
"Okay, Sarge, you are a good person, and people, say nice things about you"-Caboose

"Grif! The tank is malfunctioning!"-Simmons
"Only one part of that tank needs to function to turn me into Orange mist"-Grif

"If I wasn't your commanding officer, I'd pick you both up, give you a great big bear hug, and make you call me daddy"-captain butch flowers
"uhhhh, thank god for the chain of command"-Church

"I just think that it looks like a puma"-Grif
"what in sam hill is a puma?"-Sarge

"don't worry baby, I'll protect you"-Tucker
"Sure, thats what the last guy said, and now I can't stop scratchin"-sister

"if your talking about skills, I've got this really cool ping pong ball trick"-sister
"yeah...wait, what?"-church

"I could Live to be 800, I'm on this awesome new diet!" Donut
"are you still on that High fat, low fiber diet where you drink nothing but bacon grease?" Sarge

"Bow Chicka Honk Honk" Junior
"wow, you have taught him alot" Doc
"Naw, its genetic" Tucker

Favorite Characters

Rock Lee
Zelos Wilder

I'm writing the final chapter, i'm sorry that its taking so long, i've just been having some personal problems recently (me and my girlfriend broke up...). Anyway, I should be able to write again when i get some time.

Check out this forum for some Naruto chatting. My name thingie on it is TobiIsAGoodBoy

By the way, Tobi IS a good boy.

Free Serbia! or something like that

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