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Bunneh: Hello there person o.o how'd you get here?

Person: I pressed the button o.O

Bunneh: Where is this button. I want out of here. The Lorenzos' keep aruging about who gets to say Dude!

Lorenzos': DUDE!


Person: o.O

Diablo: Oh shoosh! The reader is here to find out about us not the Lorenzos' and there obsesion with saying Dude.

Bunneh: -sighes- Okay -then beats Lorenzos' with wet fish-

Lorenzos': zzzzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzz

Right then o.o about us. I am Bunneh the introduction bunny of doom ' I am genraly the stranger of the two of us. We write better when we are chatting and stuff and well we just kinda started writing togeter and strangly enough we have not actualy got anything published on our separe accounts o.o

Now I am going to say stuff about our wonderful account name ain't it prettyful? No? Stuff you then!

I was kinda the one responsible for it -.- I am bunney and Diablo is Yami I shot or as it was suposed to be Yami is hot I prefer the first one though -

-Diablo glares at Bunneh-

Yup and Diablo likes it even more than me as you can see!

-Diablo tackles Bunneh- Ha HA! Take that you Yami hair mauler!

Bunneh: Yes and I shall be happy to remove it in the fic!

Diablo: Noooooooooooooo! -hits Bunneh with old mushroom- Revenge is mine!

Bunneh: Meh now can I get on with my telling people about us? Or will I have to cut off Yami's hair? -Evil Grin-

Diablo: Fine then =(

Bunneh: Ah yes back to our name! We just kinda glued togeter our names far better than some of the outcomes let me tells ya! We could of even had Yami shot Korma but that just makes us sound anti-food. I love food! -eats roast pig- Yum!

Diablo: sighs

Bunneh: -Offers plate of mash and gravy-

Diablo: Yay foooooooooooooooooooood! -Eats mash and gravy-

Bunneh: Woot I am queen of bribes!

Diablo: Still can't bribe me to cut off THE do.

Bunneh: I am still working on it!

Diablo: Wow we are really waisting our dear readers time o.o

Bunneh: I know tis great

Reader: Oi!

Bunneh: grins You know you love it

Reader: -Grumbles-

Bunneh: Now off with you dear reader or I shall set a mob of feegles on you.

Reader: o.o -runs away-

Bunneh: Yay!

Feegles: Aww crivins! We could of shown 'em real good!

Bunneh: Tough =P

Feegles: Ach ya scunner.

Bunneh: I will set a lawer on you all. He knows your names

Feegles: O.O -all run away screaming-

Diablo: Well I am glad thats over and your cruel by the way.

Bunneh: I know

Lorenzos': DUDE!

-Bunneh and Diablo look at eachother then run away-

Lorenzo 1: Dude was it something we said?

Lorenzo 2: I think so Dude.

Lorenzo 1: Lets go bug the Christohpe DUDES!

Lorenzo 2: Dude that is an awsome idea!

-Lorenzos' run off to bug the Christophes-

-Lights turn off-

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