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Update July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth, all!

We want to give all the credit we can to the amazing cast of Fwd: Fwd: FaeMail, so I took some time this lovely holiday to link you to all their fanfic homepages at the bottom of the profile. I hope that you'll take some time to go read their -actual- work!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled profile

Testing... testing... is this thing on?

Hi! This is Danika, the far more talented and pretty half of Marti & Danika. This account is our space for posting collaborations. Expect insanity, lots of Labyrinth and Jareth in... compromising positions. We've only just started this "teamwork" thing, so forgive us if it takes time to work out the kinks. Once Marti learns to just do everything I say, we'll be fine.

Let's see... we're both twenty-something, Bowie-obsessed crazies with our heads in the clouds. If you want more, visit either of our LiveJournals (http:/// or http:///).

Umm... I quit. I never was good at this profile thing, so I'll turn this over to Marti. Remember, kids, everything she says is lies. ...Unless it's complimentary towards me, in which case it is definitely true.


Hello everyone! This is Marti, the other half of this crazy duo. Danika is a friggin' liar... but she's way fun to work with. The avatar-and-livejournal genius, she has her uses... me? I'm good at story ideas and shooting out utter nonsense that makes for a good story. This is all very new, our collab thingy we've got here (she wasn't lying about that), but once she figures out that I am an evil genius who can manipulate her with anything David Bowie, things will run very smoothly, indeed.

And she was very correct in stating our Bowie-obsession. Hey! Do you think that's diagnosable? Bowie-brained? Do you think if we were clinically addcited to Bowie, we could give Oprah a good sob story so she'd put us on one of those 'I'm-your-biggest-fan' episodes, and we'd get to meet him? Hmm... worth looking into...

Oh, be sure to check out our other profiles on here, with our individual stories. They are, I humbly confess, sheer works of brilliance. Hee. They vary on subject, but our most recent stuff is all Laby-fun, so do go have a read there, under MartiOwlsten and DanikaLareyna.

Danika is as much as a liar as I am, just for the record. We're almost like those doors on Labyrinth... one of us tells the truth, the other lies... only... it varies between who is telling which. But, together, you can ususally figure out the truth, just like Sarah did.

I think I'm more of a Bio-person than Danika is, so I'll probably post in some odd things here and there, when I feel like it. In the mean time, have fun!


In order of appearance

Jareth - DanikaLareyna

Sarah - MartiOwlsten

Troink - Sylistra the scholar

Sir Didymus - FairiesMidwife

Toby - Kore-of-Myth

Karen - OceanFae

Amara - La-Petit-Aviateur

Rel - CoffeeKris

Rob - Yodeladyhoo

James - BananaPlant

Hoggle - Anij

Coming Soon!

Surprise! - AmericanWoman

Want to join the fun? Please send an email to FairiesByte@!

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