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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, and Dragon Ball Z.

Hello! I'm just your friendly neighborhood slash fanfiction writer, going to some backwater college in the boonies of Kentucky, who thinks I'm far cleverer than I actually am.

You know those screaming slash/yaoi fangirls who get on people's nerves? Well I both am and am not one of them. I certainly squeal and twitter all over the place when I feel the urge, and I have absolutely no shame in slashing anyone or anything. No fandom, barring Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Tenchi Muyo, is safe from my awesome slashy powers, rawr. However, I don't try to force my preference on others, I don't talk about it around people who are uncomfortable with it, and I'll never go to any kind of community or place just so I can poo all over het fans. So I would kindly ask you [het fans/anti-yaoi-ers to not come here and poo all over me, okay? It's very simple to just not read it, okay? I do it every day, and I'm sure you have other things you can be doing with your precious time, ne?

But, like I said, I am a slash/yaoi/all-things-ghey fangirl and extremely proud of it. I've immersed myself in almost a hundred fandoms in almost every type of media over the course of about six years, gone through many pen names, and have eventually arrived here, as Aisling Aine, though that is not, of course, my real name.

At the moment I am deeply in love with Kingdom Hearts II and the works of Minekura Kazuya. Whether you can expect anything from me on those fronts has yet to be decided, though I'm tempted to write for Bus Gamer on principle. For having such a large underground almost-cult following, it sure is lacking in the fanworks department.

As of now this is the status of my current works.

First Snow--stand-alone vignette; no pairings; complete

Better than Me--one shot; Draco/Harry; complete

Aegis--multichapter; eventual TruTen; actively in progress

I also have another story over on AFF under the same penname. Yuudai no Keikoku, which will eventually be Sess/Inu. It's on hiatus right now partially due to my having a block where it's concerned, but that problem is exacerbated because I purged my computer before I came back to school and forgot to preserve the Word documents of the chapters, therefore I can't go back and read over what I read, so I won't know if I'm contradicting myself, or thinking I'm somewhere in the story where I'm not...oh, and I can't go to AFF to find out, or even to post because my school's firewall blocks it for porn. Go freakin' figure. .

In any case, hopefully you'll be hearing from me soon. I'm pretty erratic (read flighty) in my fandoms--I flit from one to another to something completely new pretty regularly. But I can only concentrate on one at a time, which I know is frustrating for whatever readers I have, but I just can't help it. I get bored easily.

Au revoir!

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Aegis reviews
What do you do when your world comes crashing down around you? When everything you thought you knew was really just a pretty facade? What do you say when your best friend is hurting and hurting and has been forever and you--you never knew? Chapter Two Up.
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Glimpses of Harry and Draco's past, more recent past, and present. Set around Hinder's Better Than Me From Draco's point of view.
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Sometimes hope can be found in the smallest things. Inspired by the first snow of the year. Thank you mother nature.
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