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First, I would like to apologize for all those Grammar-Nazis (E...) for my bad grammar. And spelling. And Spanish. I always forget to do spell check and I'm much too lazy to fix my stories.

Now I want my biscuit, E!

(for ch. 5 of the dye, it's el, not la, for "en el centrol comercial" and hungry, not ungry.)

E-mail: devil666571@yahoo.com

AIM S/N: willbobshaloem, Comrade Ravus

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The Dye:

For my story, "The Dye", Bella's hair looks like that.

I'm really stuck on it, so sorry for not updating.

I'm writing a new story for The Crimson Petal and the White, but not sure exactly what's going to happen, or what it'll be called. It'll mostly be from third person, mostly following Sugar. Not sure if it'll be before William, or if she had never met him.
Name: Mary Elizabeth D.

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Books: Twilight, anything by James Patterson, the Bloody Jack series, The Crimson Petal and The White.

Movies: Pirates of the Carribean (I think we scared people at the theater), NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS! (Best movie ever), Anaconds, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Strret, tThe Jasons (Minus Jason X. That was just stupid), the Omen, basically any horror movie.

Band: Well, there's a few of 'em. Brand New, JamisonParker, Fall Out Boy, Minus the Bear, Nightmare of You, ect.

Song: "Failure By Design" -Brand New, "IN the Bathroom Is Where I want you" - Nightmare of You, "Dear Scene, I wsih I was Deaf" - NOF. "Austin, we have a problem" - Fall Out Boy, ect.

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Actors/Actresses: Anyone in the above shows , Johnny Depp (because he'ssooo dreamy! lol, inside joke), Anyone in the above movies , uh.. someother ones.

Subject: Science. Maybe Social Studies.


The favorite:

Pee-Wee Herman isn't gay, or straight. He's a sexless freak who touches children and giggles - Cary

((after watching IT))Anjie: Mary you loser! This is why it made no sense!
Me: what?
Anjie: pulls out tape. You put tape 2 in first!
Me: That's why nothing made sense! but, it was in the first section

"wait, Rumplestilskin was a detective?" - Julie

Molly: (while talking about some stupid ELA project) Im casting matt damon as Buck!
Hannah: what about matt damon's butt?

"and he knows he cant get me cause im a lesbin and my drag name would be sharline" - Derek talking about my bros drag name.

"Hey, guys, if you give me money, I'll chug this can of gravy." - Jason
"WHO PUT GARLIC CLOVES IN THE GRAVY? I almost choked on it!" - Jason after chugging the gravy.

"Stop being so teryostypical." - Rich (drunk)

"I sold my soul for as little plant! plant dies I love my little plant!" - Hannah and the rest of us at recess in either late 7th or early 8th grade. ((awsome years! Well, ok, not so much 7th, but 8th ruled!))

Me: I wanna handcuff someone with my mini necklace handcuffs
Anjie: Handcuff a fetus.

Me: but you also don't know which house is mine.
Tom: i will soon as u leave it i got the whole street on satilite veiw.
Me: but i never leave my house. i hate the sun.
Tom:... youll have to go to the bathroom some time.

(I dont know who said the next one)
UH: go on but youll have to breath sometime...
Dunno: wait what does closing my eyes have to do with breathing?

me a.k.a. Devon: There is no dead spary, Ro!HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT!

E: where are your foons and sporks?
Me: my spoons and forks?
E: yeah those...

(same time, a little while later, keep in mind she's been messing up all day)

E: like that time Runk got drich..
Me: what?
E: I meant when Rich got drunk...
me: you can't talk today can you?
E: no.

me: "Oh where'd you hang out last week?" "The Mall." "Psh, we hung out at AC Moore/Michaels"

me: let's make St. Bob's Cathedral in Pompeii/Bombay!

Rachel (VERY loudly): Hey, look! There's Derek!

Me at lunch while ranting: "...AND HE'S SUCH A...HEY THERES DEREK!" as Derek walked in

Brendan Barlow... We love and miss you.

I'll never understand why they were all so cruel to you. The poor kid...

He was always such a nice boy
The quiet one
With good intentions
He was down for his brother
Respectful to his mother
A good boy
But good don't get attention
One kid with a promise
The brightest kid in school
He's not a fool
Reading books about science and smart stuff
It's not enough, no
'Cause smart don't make you cool
He's not invisible anymore

Rest In Peace Forever.

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