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Name: umm... my alias is gonna be... Zorro. Even though that's a boy name.

Gender: ...female. durh

Age: heh... wouldn't you like to know. No really though, I'm not some creepy 50 year old man. I promise.

Nationality: american. woo.

Favorite Fandoms: I like to read/write Harry Potter and Phantom of the Opera (thought I haven't written anything in that fandom yet)... I also like to read Naturo and Fullmetal Alchemist fanfics, but I don't write for those fandoms.

Favorite Pairings:

HP: Harry/Draco, Harry/Voldemort, Harry/Snape... basically Harry/any male. I heart yaoi.

Phantom: Call me gross, but I really like Erik/Raoul. Twisted, I know.

Naruto: Kinda like Harry, I like basically any male/Naruto. I also like the occasional Uchihacest, but only if it's well written.

FMA: Roy/Ed. Those two are so made for each other. I also like the occasional Ed/Al fic.

Least Favorite Pairings:

HP: Harry/Ginny and Hermione/Draco. Also Ginny/Draco, for that matter. I think Ginny is annoying whenever she has a boyfriend.

Naruto: hmmm... actually, there aren't that many Naturo pairings that freak me out. I get mildly grossed out when people write graphic Tsundae/Jiraiya... and I don't really like seeing Sasuke with anyone but Naruto... especially if that 'someone' is sakura. (shivers) eww..

FMA: ehh... nothing really grosses me out. But then again, I don't really read anything that isnt Roy/Ed.

Random Musings:

on Dumbledore: I don't dislike Dumbledore and I don't really understand those who do. Yeah, I think he makes mistakes- but who doesn't? Though I may write evil!Dumbledore for plot purposes, I generally think he's a good person with good intetions and I was pretty upset when he died.

on Ron: I'm actually rather split on my opinion of Ron. Most of the time, I just feel sorry for him. I think he's insecure and hot-headed, but I think he actually likes Harry, and not just because of Harry's fame. Like Dumbledore, I may abuse and/or bash Ron in my fics for plot purposes, but I do like him.

on Hermione: I hate canon!Hermione and most fanfic!Hermione, plain and simple. I don't think she's evil, just annoying.

on Harry: I think canon!Harry is an idiot, and I'll be really surprised if he doesn't die in the 7th book. On a different note, I really love fanfic!Harry, simple because he's usually adorably oblivious- a far cry from canon!Harry, who is about one bad head injury away from being mildly retarded. Canon!Harry lacks charisma and intelligence, and has about as much grace as a stampeding horde of elephants.

on Ginny: Ah, finally, onto my least favorite canon character. She's just annoying! While reading the second book, I was all "YEAH, J.K.'S GONNA KILL OFF GINN- aw fuck, she let her live. (frowny face)" I still think she should have made the basilisk eat Ginny... Alas, I still hold hope that Ginny's demise will come in the 7th book. horrah!

Lastly, I'm not sure if I'm going to cut out the naughtier parts of my fics, so incase I decide to, here's my foreverfandom account:

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