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Helloooo, Hi! Welcome to my corner of, I'm your host, TV's Bifflechips, please please, sit down, relax, take off your pants, stick your hand in a bowl of warm water and fall fast asleep!... You too, ladies!

Kidding aside, I've been around here for quite some time, and have only managed to write first chapters to several projects, with one completed one-shot, all in the great Baldur's Gate section.

My first, and only completed story, Endgame details a semi-true, and quite possibly the most epic, final battle of Baldur's Gate that I had one time. And much of it is true, to the point that everyone died and that my main character, Bjorn(Bee-Yorn, That sounds like such a funny name to me and my American ears!) was on his last limb about to be chopped by the living chainsaw that was Sarevok, until he somehow managed to strike Sarevok at the last moment. But yeah, everyone died. I also added people to my party, like Tiax and Xan, as neither of them were in the original party, but I just wanted to include them. I've been quite tempted to go back and rewrite it when I find the time, as I would like to delete Faldorn as she just doesn't bring anything to the story except for the fact that she was actually there, and quite frankly, she's sooo boring. Besides, I have an infatuation with Skie and Eldoth, and I'd like to add them. But we'll see when the powers that be see fit to give me some time.

My second story, I believe, was "E! True Cormyrian Story: Behind the Iron Shortage" based on the television show of the same name. It was a good premise, and I still like the idea, but poorly written. I abandoned it pretty quickly as it just wasn't planned well enough. But I would certainly like to go back to it.

The third one was on a more sudden whim, and I have yet to even write anything beyond an introduction to it, that basically combines the idea of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon and BG, under the idea that the NPCs had become too powerful and the only way to keep them from accidentally destroying the world was to have them kill each other off. It would essentially be a chaotic tournament of sorts, and I did start a first chapter, but that muse sort of died when I thought about what direction I wanted to take it, as I'm sure everyone would be rooting for their favorites to reach the end... As above, it's a story though I would like to explore.

My fourth and most recent(if you can call almost a year ago as of this writing recent!) was a story called "It Never Ends" which was a continuation of sorts of Endgame, but with a new main character, basically deleting Jaheira, Minsc, and Imoen from the game completely and starting with a different party and trying to do many things differently. It ended after one chapter, and I was more or less disgusted with the writing itself.

And that, my naughty pigeons, is my history on here!

If you must know something else about me, I"m a sociology major at a university somewhere with a desire to learn Chinese and study abroad there sometime in the next few years. I've been thinking about writing an NPC mod for some time, and I've run over many ideas(which would include a logical crossover with the Heroes of Might and Magic series, which I think is a great idea, except for the part where I'm about as much as a noob as one gets). I've also got a fascination with bringing the schizophrenic Xzar(and possibly his bloodthirsty companion, Montaron ,as well) as a serious NPC into BG II, but I could never do the characters proper justice as some of the other writers on here could. But I can dream, can't I?

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