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December 2, 2007

So many things going on that I've had little time to write fanfiction. Imagine my surprise when I come onto and find all of these favorites additions for my stories...and pieces I've written in communities as well! You have no idea how flattering it is for someone with as dangerously low self-esteem as myself. lol. In any event, mulling over some new ideas and hopefully I'll have one out by Christmas! Thanks to all that have read my work, it is much appreciated.


May 8, 2007

Someone has emailed me claiming that I've stolen ideas. Let's get one thing straight: I am not that pathetic that I need to steal someone else's ideas and I've never read this person's story in the entire time I've frequented this site. I will be emailing the higher-ups complaining. If this type of abuse continues then I will recommend that the author be reprimanded. I will not remove any parts of my story or any chapters regarding this matter. I am not guilty of plagiarism and will not succumb to some random person's pathetic attempt to draw more attention to his/her name.


April 21, 2007

Added a new chapter in...decided maybe to continue the story I started (Catastrophe) if only for a little while. I feel good writing it, and nothing can be that bad if you feel good about doing it...except for the obvious things, of course. Now that I'm unfortunately unemployed, I may be doing a little bit more writing but expect another break if a job presents itself. Hahaha, just realized my signature like like S&M. Hahahahahahaha.


January 22, 2007

A brand new year...hopefully some new fics soon. Been so swamped with new classes that I rarely have time even for an imagination. Hahahaha.


October 29, 2006

Took a brief hiatus, my grades were crappy. Anyways, having some troubles in the family so I posted a story about misery, figured it was appropriate. It may possibly have a sequel depending on time and happenstance...the theme was "alone" for this one. Anyways, I'm drunk and have to get some sleep. Happy Halloween everyone! Laters-


September 18, 2006

Just posted another Reno fic...I had fun but I realized that it's very...surprising. I probably should have put something in the text that a lot of time had passed since AC. Oh well. I hope I don't get flamed. I have another Cid/Tifa creation on the way. Outtie 5000-


September 1, 2006

Woo have I been busy. I'm working on a story but I need to come up with an alternate title since it's the name of a song I downloaded...I have another Reno story in the works, hopefully it'll be great. I have a great concept, just need a little inspiration and time. Classes are starting back up and I plan on starting tonight since I don't have to go to work. The one that needs the alternate title is going to be FF related but the characters might not show up right was a short story I wrote that I'm adapting. Anyways, laters-


August 21, 2006

I had surgery a few weeks ago and my writing has been lacking, lol. I do have another story in the works and hope to have it up within the next few days, but things are so crazy that I haven't felt very inspired. I deeply appreciate all the kind reviews to my stories; it really means something to me that someone reads these stories that I write. Well, I have to get back to dinner, but expect more works within the next week or so.


July 27, 2006

I just uploaded three of my stories.

Exhaustion is based on the topic "Tired", which would explain the title. Most of what the story entails is in the summary. More hemming and hawing about whether Cloud and Tifa should be together or not.

Reno's Take on Religion is based on the topic "Back Alley", which made me think of dirty, dirty hookers. It could have been super raunchy, but I mellowed it out for the children.

Crazy (or Crazy Bitch, like the song) is based on the topic "Sunrise", which doesn't have much to do with the story at all. I just really wanted to write something a bit off the wall for once. People might get pissy about the pairing, but it was a very spur of the moment idea. I'm still happy with it.

Any comments can be given, as long as it isn't flaming. Thanks so much everyone!


July 23, 2006

There isn't much to say about me, and I'm sure you aren't very interested in anything other than my work. I really appreciate anyone who reads it. Most of the stories I'll be writing are for a thing called the 100 Situations Challenge, a 100-topic fanfiction challenge. I chose Final Fantasy VII-Advent Children, so I expect you'll be seeing plenty of fanfictions from me in the next few months.

I live a hop,skip, and a jump away from the cold parts of Canada in a town where winter places a thick blanket of snow over us for nine months out of the year. As such, I'm used to a very laid back environment and very friendly, easy going people. I would be very appreciative to those who give comments to my stories, but I won't be very receptive to flaming. There will be plenty of stories with mature themes, and there will be plenty that are light-hearted and fun. It all depends on the theme I have to work with.

I'll probably put more up here later, but for now, I must get back to writing. Please feel free to comment!

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