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Ok, I got sometime now, I'll be updating hehe

I have something to say, even if you scroll down the page, here it is for people that care... ok it's true that there is not a lot of good friendship here in the fanfiction community, some people only see the writing stuff to see who is better... all you guys know it, but we keep our mouth closed. There are others that take it too seriously and only make rants like if life smell like crap. Ok here is my opinion, I really don't care about flamers, I never type "NO FLAMERS" in my stories because I know they will post their nasty comments anyway, but I really don't care about what people think about my stories, I mean, I'm having fun writing them, killing time, getting better at my writing and my grammar has improve a lot (even if this text doesn't prove it lol). FanFiction is to be creative, and making different points of view in the stories is normal, creating a different world with the characters is responsibility of the writer and for the reader to like it; there is nothing wrong to give you're opinions (even if they are in a hate way). I want to say thanks to all guy that had posted comments on my stories and had fav me (w00t fot that!)

'ELLO! Hope you're enjoying my stories like me writing them. I'm a beginner but hope I can get better with the time.

SRMTHFG! It's my favorite show and I had lots of ideas for Fanfiction, I'll try to write them down.

About me...

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Occupation: Student

Country: Mexico

Hobbies: Writing, Tv, Computer programming, assemble and maintenance, Basketball and Swimming (sometimes Tennis, but I suak!) and Drawing (Practicing a lot).

Addicted to: SRMTHFG!, Doom I, II, Final and 3, Halo 1 and 2, Unreal Gold, Unreal Tournament 2007 and Championship, Half-Life Episode: 1 (Waiting for 2 BADLY!!! I have to say that its the best FPS ever created (sorry DOOM lol)) and Kisses (Hershey's lol you perverts!).

Like: Seafood, Monkeys and Turtles, Beer (YEaH DuDe!), Upgrades to my computer =D (Right now 2.6GHz, 1GB RAM and 120GB Hard Disk, and 256 Video Card (YAY!!! FINALLY!) and of course REVIEWS!!!

Dislike: Reading loooooooooong books with bad endings, getting telefragged in DeathMatch (Doom lol), people who take my stuff without asking, getting out of battery in my iPod and George Bush.

Neutral Stuff: Anime (no offense, but Anime was better in '80's and 90's, it start to be a cliché now... some of the cartoons I love in that time were, Ranma 1/2, Samurai Pizza Cats, Secret Garden, DragonBall, Knights of Zodiac (Hades saga still good) and Evangelion. With the creation of Pokemon and those cartoon, I start to feel some variations in Anime posteriors series), Eating Meat (I know it's bad to kill animals, but I think eating meat is part of the human instincts, I still giving respect to people who doesn't).

Favorite Shows:


Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends


Prison Break

Aeon Flux (blow mind)



Samurai Pizza Cats

Sonic Underground

I really don't watch Tv too much, but I have others I'm sure (lol)

Favorite Movies: Jackass , Resident Evil (Both), Gol, Welcome to the DollHouse, Fifth Element, Shrek (Want to see "Shrek the Third!"), Tomb Rider (both kick ass!), Look Who's Talking, Look Who's talking too and Look Who's talking now! Pirates of Caribbean (Waiting for third part too). (Note: DOOM Movie was soooo bad! It need a remake, too bad it's not possible.)

Favorite Music: Speed and Power Metal!

Sonata Arctica: I love this guys! - Fav Song: Wolf&Raven

DragonForce: Guitarist have metal fingers ... literally - Fav Song: Operation Ground and Pound

Helloween: Old Metal, but they still great in the present (yeah they still alive lol) - Fav Song: I want Out

Stratovarius: One of my favorites - Fav Song: Speed of Light (don't lose the stick Michael lol!)

Edguy: More slow, but still Metal - Fav Song: "Trinidad" or "Spooks in the Attic"

Dream Theater: ... o_O Hail DT!- Fav Song: All

Rhapsody: The kings of the low budget when we talk about videos... but still love the lyrics lol - Fav Son: Holy Thunderforce

Nightwish: Tarja Turunen have an awesome voice! - Fav Song: Planet Hell

I like other bands too: Green Day, The Offspring, SOAD (Some people said its Metal, other said it's hard rock... whatever it is), Papa Roach, Blink182, Super Furry Animals (I miss you Juanca), Sum41, Robbie Williams (who doesn't), Queen, Meat Loaf, Aqua (I'm a barbie girl! xD), Breaking Benjamin (No1 now them, but they are really good), Daft Punk (Nice music for stress), Duran Duran (HAHAHAH!!!), Evanescense, Foo Fighters (Best videos ever!), Fat Boy Slim (you can blow this, you can blow that), Gorillaz (too bad is over =s), Guns and roses, Journey, Gwen Stefani, Korn, La ley (a group from Chile), Linking Park, Molotov (100 Mexican), New Found glory (unappreciated), Nirvana (sigh), SoundGarden (double sigh), Santa Esmeralda, Simple Plan, Shakira, Good Charlotte, Cafe Tacuba (Mexican), The Beatles, The Cranberries, The Rasmus, The Strokes, The White Stripes, Uriah Heep, Saga, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radio Head (Karma Police...), Pet Shop Boys (Techno Duo Ownage), My Chemical Romance, Panda (other Mexican group), Letter Kills, Kashmir, Incubus, Him (Metal... but its darky, so I don't like it too much), Franz Ferdinand, Fall Out Boy, Depeche Mode, Crazy Town, Chicago, Cascada (lol yeh I like some songs, so?), Alien Ant Farm, Air Supply, Toto (make me feel sad in a good way) Avenged Sevenfold.

Music I DON'T LIKE: Reggaeton... R&B... Rap... Hip-hop... Maybe sometimes I like the songs, but generally make me feel sick.

Philosophy: Don't leave the beer for tomorrow that you can drink today n_n

Favorite Couples in SRMTHFG! (Original always the best):

- Sprx&Nova

- Chiro&JinMay

Current Art Works:

- Drawing (First Tries)

Current Works:

- Writing "Lady Futura"

- Writing "Broken"

- Writing "Holy Shuggazzom!"

- Writing "Blood Bath"

- Writing "Love for Dummies"

Note: Updating each story 1 day, then updating the other and I repeat the process. (MAX: 5 Stories, I don't want to have lots of incomplete stories.)

Next Works:

- Complete "Proyecto SuperNova"

- Sprx/Nova Oneshots

- Translate "Proyecto SuperNova/SuperNova Project"


Name: Futura

Sex: Female

Age: 4

Specie: Robot Monkey

Color: White fur and red eyes

About: She a hyper kid that likes to eat a lot and play video games, she wants to be a racer when she grow up. She loves to write, draw and making several funny phrases.

Name: None yet

Sex: Female

Age: Around 8 years old

About: A little girl with a white sun dress and a spring hat. Very long brown hair.

About Lady Futura

I know there somethings that don't fit in the story, I know! Futura have characteristics of some of the other monkeys, but remember that Futura is an hyperactive child, eating too much, being creative and things like that are normal stuff of this type of kids (I'm not saying all hyper kids are like this). Other thing, the white fur, I would be kinda obvious if from the start if it were orange (anyway there is Sprx/Nova at the summary of the story since chap. 3 lol), i wanted to make it a neutral color, to don't get involved with other monkey. About the eyes, it was an horrible mistake, I made the OC bio of Futura a day before the story, so I screw it up little (I know a lot!).


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