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Author has written 6 stories for Dragon Ball Z, and Batman Beyond.

December 4, 2016: Sorry, I swear I'm coming back. It's hard out here when you want to just write anime all day but you have an adult life to deal with...someone gotta pay these bills.

As you noticed, there is a poll posted here. Please take the time to answer accordingly to who you think should have Terry's heart in the end. THANK YOU!!

Hi, my name is Leximus Prime. Once upon a time, I was JarellsNumba1 but that was my 14 year old self, now at 26, this is my grown up self lol. I am 26 years old, female and my daytime career is an emergency room RN, living in Illinois. Want

ALSO I AM A BETA READER!!!! If you would like me to be your Beta Reader, I am taking on people to...beta...read...or criticize whatever you wanna say!

DISCLAIMER! MY AVATAR IS NOT MY FAN ART! I FOUND THE IMAGE ONLINE! I can't draw that well. So no suing thank you.



I love Dragon Ball Z. Among my other favorites are American Dad, Batman Beyond, Archer, Sleepy Hollow, Cowboy Bebob, Golden Girls, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Attack on Titan ;-) My new fandom is now Ouran High School Host Club. I checked it out and I loved it so! It was a cute little anime.

There are a ton more of animes that I like or are interested in, but I don't have time for all that. Nor do you.


Vegeta has been my favorite character since he walked on Earth. It was the evil prince thing. Lol I love the way his personality shifts as he matures through the show. He is a very strong character, and I don't mean just physically strong. He is able to accept and understand that he, the prince, comes second to Goku. But at the same time, he is a force to be reckoned with and doesn't take bs from anyone. I love it. *Side note, Vegeta looks his hottest on Namek and in the Buu saga. He looks so damn sexy during those sagas. He looks hot all the time, but his best are those.*

Mirai Trunks is amazing. He is right behind Vegeta as my favorite anime character. He has all this strength and potential, yet he remains humbled and kind. All he wants is peace and will fight to the end to get it. He respects everyone around him and he softened Vegeta's heart a bit so that he could love his own time son. He's completely bad ass and I wish he would have returned in the series again.

Bulma, what can I say? I hated her when the show started. I really hated her in Dragon Ball. She was a brat and annoying as hell. It wasn't until after they returned from Namek that I began to like Bulma again. She became mature and stopped being a complete brat, even though she still has her ways from time to time. But hey! Can you blame her? She's rich, pretty, and smart. I like her because she is a genius. Under all that brattiness, lies a great aspect to the Z warriors when it came down to technology and inventions. The spaceship to Namek, the radar, the remote for Android 18, the Blutz Waves thing; she's awesome.

Gohan isn't on my top list of characters but he holds a special place in my heart. Gohan is an amazing character that I wish transformed more. He showed just how much power demi-Saiyans have. I love watching him grow up through Dragonball Z. He went from a wimpy little brat that I wanted to kick during the Radditz fight to this incredible young fighter who you NEVER want to piss off. My favorite Gohan is during the Cell Games. He was so strong but he still held the innocence of a child. Ohh Gohan, why did you have to grow up and marry that woman and have that awful child? Pan is just awful, I'm sorry.

Inuyasha. Damn, he is sexy. I love his back story and the way him and Kagome have evolved through the years they worked to get the Shican jewel (think I spelled that wrong). I like the fact that he is half human and like Vegeta, he grows to be less selfish and cares to work to save the ones he cares for the most.

Terry McGinnis, mmm...the new Batman. He's fine as hell. And he's Batman. I loved Batman growing up so why not love Terry? He's awesome. Everything about him is awesome, but his girlfriend Dana. I don't like her...

Hiei reminds me of Vegeta, sooooo...lol I gues I like him for all the same reasons. He's cute and he cares so much for his sister, I love it.

Kurama is beautiful. Like really beautiful. His personality gets me. He's always thinking 2 steps ahead of everyone and he sees everything. His brain just gets to me. I love his character. This sweet, ex-bandit whose weakness is his mother. And when he turns into Yoko, man! It's just amazing.

What I Don't Like:

I don't do incest stories, rape, or 40 man with a teenager story. (e.i. Goku and Bra/Marron, Vegeta and Pan/Marron) Not my cup of tea.

I don't really like alternate universe stories either. I mean stories that are like "what if Goku never hit his head" or "Bulma never left Yamcha" that last one, hell no. Team V&B!

I find humor in Goku/Vegeta gay stories SOMETIMES but I don't make it a habit to read about it. It's not something a person really wants to picture...

GT sucks mostly.

Nor do I want to read about Piccolo raping Gohan...what the fuck people?

Fave Pairings:

Vegeta/Bulma. Would you think I would like anything else more?

Trunks/Pan. Well it's not a favorite, I actually despise it, but some stories I read with those two were very well written and REALISTIC! *Hint* The Truth- hippiechic...read it.

Trunks/Marron. Much more realistic. Plus, her lavish lifestyle fits with Trunks' riches. Not saying she's a gold digger...but...

Trunks/Goten. Weirdly, I really like those two together. I know, they're not gay but the many different scenarios of them together as a couple or as friends is really interesting. Stories like ICU and High School Desires. You should read them.

Vegeta/18. There's something very sensual and lustful about those two in a relationship.

Terry/Melanie. I love the idea of those two together. It's exciting!

Mirai Trunks/18. You read one story like this, and you like it. I don't know what it is about them two. It's interesting.

Dragon Ball Z Favorites: This is my favorite show so of course it get its own favorites spot.

Movie: Fusion Reborn, History of Trunks, History of Bardock, Broly- The Legendary Super Saiyan.

Saga: Trunks/Android/Cell Games (Cell Games is #1!)

Villain: Cell

Supportive Characters: Piccolo, Krillin, 18. Krillin is hilarious. I just want to put that out there.

Friendship: Goku and Krillin, Piccolo and Gohan, Trunks and Goten.

Strong/Saddest Moments: Vegeta's death to end Buu, Mirai Trunks' death and Vegeta's retaliation, Turles' attack on Goku, Goku turning into a Saiyan after Krillin's death, Gohan defeating Cell, Mirai Trunks bitch slapping Vegeta, Goten watching Chichi's death, Goku delivers news about Vegeta and Gohan's death, Krillin's wish for Android 18, Goku and Vegeta's fights (Both fights), Vegeta's moment of respect for Goku, Android 18 breaking Vegeta's arm, the Z warriors being attacked by the androids, Piccolo's death in GT, Trunks and Goten's first successful fusion, Trunks and Goten's fight.

Favorite Movies:

Titanic, Dirty Dancing, American Pie, Save the Last Dance, Love and Basketball, and Best Man. Anything scary. I LOVE horror movies.


My profile seems silly but I guarantee you, my stories do not reflect my personality. I put a lot of effort and proofreading into my work.

I proof read at-least 5 times before I release a chapter. As I get older, I have become more of a perfectionist.

I love PURPLE!!!!! My room is completely purple! I just adore it!

I love Team Four Star! "Bitch, you just jealous of my super Saiyan swag!"-Vegeta

My new obsession is Yu Yu Haskusho =D I just can't get enough! I have a cross over I want to work on!

Attack on Titan has entered my fandom!

I'm a party girl!!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!! *Picks up shot*

I want to marry a professional football player. So if anyone wants to hook me up with one...that'll be greatttttttt.

I'm single! *Makes milkshake and waits for the boys to come to the yard*

Previous Stories Under My Last Account: It was created when I was 11 so I don't remember the password.

Bad Thang of The Universe: A songfic about Vegeta being the baddest thang of the universe. My first story. Based off Shake Ya Tail Feather by Nelly

LINK!: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2198491/1/Bad_Thang_Of_The_Universe

EMAIL MEEEEEE on here if you need me or have anything to say to me. I will respond to it. I promise!


Thank you all for the love and support I am receiving on all my stories! It feels great that people like my work. These stories have been my database for years now and with maturity I tried to transform them into great stories using ideas I had back in high school. Again, thank you all so much.

2/25/15 Welp...lol sorry guys. I was relishing on being officially a graduate of nursing school and partying for that and my birthday. Then I started studying for my boards, passed that now I'm trying to get my career started. Lol so I'm sorry if I had abandoned my projects and stories. I really just been enjoying not being in school anymore so I'm back to it now. Give me a week, things should be getting done then. Again, I'm sorry. Don't kill me!

3/18/15 Ok, so I have 2 updates to bring you guys with In Desperate Hopes. I keep editing it because well...my story was starting to sound like a bunch of horny teens, which we all know are horny. But I didn't want my characters to sound like that so I am almost done. I think I like where I am with it now. So maybe tomorrow I will post that two part chapter.

-Also, By Fate is in the works. I had some writer block but that's cleared up. Just have to get my thoughts on the page and it should be up in a week.

-ANNDDDDD! I would love if some people could start writing stories about a Vegeta and 18 love affair! Don't get me wrong, I'm so PRO B&V, but I always thought that 18 and Vegeta would be perfect eff buddies...so let's get on that, maybe? Lol...wishful thinking...

One last thing: Someone please start a forum on Attack on Titan! I want to talk about it with other people! Lol

Stories Coming Hopefully Soon:

I have another short story that was requested of me. It is of Bulma and Vegeta. I was almost done when I realize how much I didn't like it. So I'm redoing it to make it better, something I would like. Be on the look out.

The History of Iysis: The Wandering Saiyan: I have a character that I made up for a DBZ role play forum that I want to develop in a story. Before I do my YYH/DBZ crossover, I want to write a short story on Iysis. She will be in my crossover. But first things first, getting my request story started and finishing my other stories. *Psss, I kind of started the first chapter...I couldn't help myself...*

Tis all for now! Thank you for all the love and support!*

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