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I'm terribly sorry I've been gone. I've been wanting to finish several things and I will get to it ASAP. I also have lots of new things in store for my page.

I do have to go for now but i'll add more to this update soon. Sorry for the year long hiatus x3.

5/29/07-8:21 p.m. Texas

Well hiya everyone! Seriously why do I keep updating my profile like this?

Its not like people just check my profile every day to see if anything new is up...if you do...ok good...I can keep doing this...

Anyways...oh right what's up with me? hmm...good and bad news...

Bad news! Oh shit bad stuff first: Unfortunately I have summer school and it begins almost immediately after regular school.

I'll be in that class for a whole month! Fuck...what do you expect? I'm good at everything but math so yeah I'm screwed sort of...

GOOD NEWS! That caught your attention didn't it? I bet you skipped the short paragraph before this right? Go back and read it please...thank you...

Ok the good news is that of course summer is here regardless of being in sum. school so when I get out I can finally finish just about everything I've worked on.

Other good news is that the story "Lithium" will be up soon. I just need to finish editing the first chapter and it'll be here.

Those of you who are fans of my stories I'd like to thank you for sticking with my stuff for so long.

I may not even be working as hard as I am now on this story if it wasn't for you guys.

So thanks...to all of you:

OrneryTexan (You've been a big help with many things and ideas. I don't meet many people like you so I just wanted to say...thanks.)





NwCobalt (Coyotes kick ass my friend!)

Lil' Miss.Rebel


Pampers Baby Dry

Flatliner345 ("Lithium" will be up soon,I know you're dying from the anticipation )

Jon Leto

It feels great to have people who like what I write it helps me carry on with it and inspires me to continue.

Right I'm getting a bit emotional but hey there isn't anything wrong with that.

Oh right more news...what's new...oh I recently went on a fun trip and I forgot to pack clean socks and wore the same pair for 4 days.

That's enough for now I think...


My story about Timon called "Beyond what I see" has been canceled and removed.

I really messed up the plot and It probably won't be up again.

The good news is that I'll be writing a new story:

Title: "Lithium"

Movie: Balto

Characters involved: Steele and Balto (main)

story genre: Angst/Romance

rating: Teen for now. A few chapters may be more graphic due to possible blood/extreme angst

Story scenario: Steele is faced with feelings that he knows will never be returned to him and loses the will to do anything.

When he begins to take it out on himself in a self-destructive way, will anyone want to help him?

News: 5/8/07

Another Idea:

Story title: "Where I Belong"

Movie: The Lion King

Char. involved: Timon (Main), Simba, Nala, Pumba, Kovu and Kiara

A idea I came up with today while listening to the song "Cloud Nine" by Evanescence, its becoming my fav. song by them.

I've gone through this idea all day trying to see if I can make it work and...it works.

Vastly different from what some of you will be use to reading but thats me.

Story Scenario: Timon feels like something is still missing in his life and ventures from the pride lands to figure out what it is.

Pretty soon he realizes that what he's needed someone else has needed even more.

Name: Casey Lee Curtis

Age: 16

gender: Male

Height: about 6'0

status: single (unfortunately)

sexual preference and relationships:

Preference: Gay (Not the stereotype kind)

Relationships: None. That's right I've never dated anybody or even kissed anyone. WHY? You may ask? Well it's all because I'm picky of who I am with but then again I just haven't felt much of anything from alot of people around me. No I'm not a loser I'm just solitary when it comes to that sort of thing. Despite all that, I really do wish I had someone to love...but then again love has been a party that I wasn't invited to. At least that's what it feels like. When I think about my need for someone i'm always reminded of the evanescence song "Lithium" especially the part that goes "I can't hold onto me, wonder what's wrong with me?"

Song lyrics for my current mood. 9:45 P.M. March 7, 2007

"Your Star" by Evanescence. My favorite song from The Open Door.

My favorite quotes (the ones I remember now ): "When the world turns it's back on you, you turn your back on the world!"-Timon from TLK

current location: Lubbock, TX

quick summary: I may be one of the weirdest people you will ever meet but I am also one of the nicest and funniest! I love entertaining others and hate being bored myself. Most people think I'm a freak which isn't anything new to me but damn does it get annoying. In short, just cause I seem like a freak doesn't mean I can't have a normal life. In my view I'm normal. What I consider normal for me is totally freaky and weird to others but I get over it since I don't care much about other people's oppinion of me.

What do I look like: I have short dark brown hair, hazel/darkish brown eyes, clear contacts (does that count?), i'm kinda scrawny but I make up for with speed

what do I hate: I hate people who pick on other people (its stupid and pointless), I hate it when people don't think for themself and instead just do what other people tell them to, I hate hunting unless you need food but if you do it for sport than I think its a waste. Above all else though...I hate my father. I never knew him but I know that he abandoned me before I was born. I grew up with my stepdad who I thought was my real dad but turns out he wasn't. My real father ended up in prison after abusing his girlfriend (after my mother first). He's out of prison now I'm pretty sure of that and he better be taking care of my half-sister who lives with him. I just want to die every time I realize his blood is in me and flowing through my veins. He doesn't deserve love if you ask me. You must wonder why my mother even dated him right? He pretended to be someone else simple as that.

fears: losing family and friends, Fear itself, Heights, Ticks (They freak the hell outta me! I can't stand the thought of something drinking my blood.), horses (I don't know why but I'm afraid of them.), Losing my creative ability (I would rather lose my life instead of my imagination.)

Favorite food: Chicken, steak, junk food (yum)

Favorite music: Rock, Metal, some country, anything good really but my favorites are:

Evanescence, Disturbed, Korn, My Chemical Romance, Nickelback, Godsmack, Metallica, Cradle of Filth, and Nightwish. I also like listening to peaceful stuff like violins and piano too.

Favorite songs: "Haunted" and especially "Weight of the World" by Evanescence, "Disenchanted" by MCR, "Numb" by Linkin Park, "Rockstar" by Nickelback, "Darkness" by Disturbed, "Thoughtless" by Korn. "Romanticide" by Nightwish, "Amor E Morte" by Cradle of Filth,

My song for the moment: Thursday 3/1/2007 9:54 P.M.

"Darkness" by Disturbed. This describes me almost perfectly right now.

Favorite movies: The Lion King 1, 1/2, and 2, Over the Hedge, Pirates of the Carribean, Cursed, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Kill Bill (I like vol. 2 more),Dragonheart, Shaun of the Dead, Favorite tv shows: Animal Planet (yes I do watch meerkat manor.) Father of the Pride, Robot Chicken, Drawn together, Loonatics Unleashed (tech is my favorite), Family Guy, Harvey birdman,other cartoons.

Favorite cartoon characters: Timon (my main fav. I can relate to his character better than any other),

Scar, Kovu, and Nuka (The Lion King)

RJ, Hammy (over the hedge)

Tech E. Coyote (Loonatics Unleashed)

Terra (teen titans)

Kouga (Inuyasha)

Haruko (fooly cooly)

Gaara (Naruto)

Daxter (From Jak and Daxter)

Red XIII(Final Fantasy VII)

Well I guess I could also say why I like them.

Timon: I swear if I was a cartoon character I would be Timon.

Me and him are almost exactly the same the only difference is that I'm not a meerkat and I have a crapload of responsibilities like school, chores, etc.

I'm not sure how to describe it really I mean Timon has always been my fav. cartoon since I was a kid but I didn't really know why.

Atleast not until I saw The Lion King 1/2 and saw how much I was really like him.

I'm also like a lot of other characters just not in the same exact way.

Scar(The Lion King: I guess you could say he's my darker jealous side. He actually reminds me of my father even though I've never met my real father.

Nuka(The Lion King): Same here but more immature. In fact I even have a younger half-brother and sister.

RJ(OTH): I can relate to his need to have friends after being alone for so long.

Hammy(OTH): Hyperactive and just wanting to have fun. I'm not usually hyper but when I am Its hard to stop me.

Terra(Teen Titans): Represents my closeness to my friends and how I feel forced to choose between them and my own life.

Tech E. Coyote(Loonatics Unleashed): Other than being good with electronics I guess I just come off as the smart person to other people (even those I don't know).

I'll be sitting in class and some random dude will come up to me saying "You look smart what's the answer to this?" This has happened countless times to me.

Other times people in my family ask me if I can help them fix their computer, tv, etc. I just sigh and say "Yeah ok".

Daxter(Jak and Daxter games): The part of me that feels looked down on. I know I can do good things if someone will give me the chance. I'm often seen as annoying and useless rather than fun and helpful. I'm almost exactly like Daxter too but I'm still more like Timon.

Red XIII(Final Fantasy VII): My favorite final fantasy character. I relate to his longing to meet his real father and how he grew up hating his father because he and his mother was abandoned by him. I related to this greatly when I played the game but the freaky thing is that I related to his character that way before I even new about my "real" father and that he abandoned me. I love that theme from that part of the game too its...soothing.

Haruko(Fooly Cooly): My crazy psychotic yet friendly side. Pure randomness and craziness. Although I tend to freak some people out they still think I'm cool for it.

Gaara(Naruto): The darkest part of me more like my past self. Feeling left out since childhood and becoming cruel because of it. I'm not like this now though...

Favorite animals: Raccoon, Wolves, Coyote, Foxes, Bear, Lion, Weasel, Badger, shark, Bats, and of course Meerkats (I watch meerkat manor too, its addictive.)

Hobbies & other stuff: Hmm well, I love to write, I also like drawing (well sometimes), I'm into acting too, I want to learn how to play a guitar, I'm also currently writing some songs (and I've finished them!). I don't really know what to tell ya, guess I'm that boring but I don't care. I prefer to think for myself instead of listenting to what someone says I should do. I know alot about weird stuff: Ghosts, Vampires, you name it. I prefer my spare time to be spent away from others but I'm also really social too when I want to be. I think I'll add more when I can think of more.

Religion: Native American Shamanism

Short Detailed Bio:

I grew up in a small town in New Mexico called "Hobbs". I always hated it there because of 4 main reasons:

1.) I never had anything to do.

2.) people picked on me in school since kindergarten even though they didn't know a thing about me. They just got a weird feeling from me that I was a freak or something. (Which is why I usually just watched everybody else and made friends with animals most of the time instead. Yeah that sounds freaky right?)

3.) It was always hot outside. There were rarely times you could enjoy a day without complaining about the temperature. Even during the winter it's hot sometimes. So everybody spent most of their time inside.

4.) There was always this feeling I would get there. Like I was caged. I felt trapped there; my family didn't even realize how much I hated it there for 15 years! Trust me I can't describe the dark depressive wave the desert can put on you. It's not fun.

Now: Things are different since I've moved. Hell yeah! I'm in the damn city now! I'm ok just a little hyper. I love the city; I can actually do stuff now! Like go to a concert or something (before I moved I was unable to visit a single music concert or much else.) Not much else since I just moved last August but hey I love my new home!

New years resolution?: To become what I need to be. I'm finally letting go of who I used to be and all the pain with it. I'm going to do everything I possibly can to do what I want this year. I used to be an entirely different person who feared himself and was pushed around by so many people. Now I'm who I was meant to be...I don't take shit from ANYBODY I don't care who you are. Maybe it seems stupid but you have no idea what other people have put me through since childhood, in fact I still trust hardly anyone at all but its for my own good.

Go here to check out my videos:

http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=WeirdWolf101 (My new Account)

Current story: "Eternal"- My first fanfiction, its about RJ and Hammy and will be about 18 chapters as of now.

(Upcoming story)- "Bleed" Timon and my own character face their greatest fears...


News: 4/30/07 10:01 P.M.


I just had this awesome idea:

Its a short story/poem thats based on my own life but is also about my favorite Lion King character Timon.

I don't want to reveal anything right now but prepare to cry from the inside out because this will be one of my darkest fics.

song for now: "I Must be Dreaming" by Evanescence


song for now: "Weight of the World" by Evanescence

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT6w5tYf_80

Yeah I love Timon but hey what do you expect I'm exactly like him.

May sound dumb but its true, if you knew me in person you would see what I mean.

It actually surprised me how much me and him were exactly the same only difference is that I'm not a meerkat.

News: 4/29/07-Finally the rough draft of my story is finished and I've already begun the next chapter of my story. I'll have it up soon.

Things are actually going well in my personal life for now and I can't wait till it's finally summer.

Oh if anyone wants to see my videos go here: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=WeirdWolf101

I have a few new videos I've been working on mostly one of The Lion King and Over the Hedge. They should be up in the next few days.

3/26/07 "Eternal". Well I know some of you are waiting in great anticipation for the rest of my story well don't worry! Like I said before, I'm still finishing the rough draft on paper. You might wonder "Why doesn't he just type the rest of the rough draft and then the story?" the answer is simple. I started writing the rough draft back in July and have still been completing it since then. I've used up a few notebooks writing this thing. In fact, the handwritten copy isn't even identical to the events I've typed but the ideas and plots are similar. Right...let me get to the point...I'm almost done with the rough draft copy for sure now and I'll type a new chapter soon. The chapter missing will be combined into only 2 parts so they won't be so short. That's about it oh almost.

News: 3/21/07- "The Killer in Me"

Well lately I've done a lot of thinking about my father who I well...hate.

No I won't go into detail but this song is the way I feel about it.

I also made a music video with the song to further express how I feel about it.


"Disarm" by The Smashing Pumpkins 3/21/07 9:55 P.M.

Updated again (Told you I forget stuff.)

Fans of my story "Eternal" pay attention. I know I said the rough handwritten copy was finished but I was wrong. It's nearly finished I'm practically on the last few chapters and can finish the typed version sooner now. As for the chapter "Missing" It will be one of the longest chapters in the whole story and even more is on the way. I also plan on getting started on other projects with my writing soon too.

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