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Hey there! Snowbunnyears here :3 Not much to know about me though Lol

As from what I said in my first story (Bear Hug), I'm more of an artist that a writer. My friend Pointless Authority just writes stories, and I try to illustrate them for our other friends to see. Then one night, we were chatting, and she told me I should give writing a try. Normally, as an artist, I would've backed down. But she told me to consider it as a challenge. And so I did! I tried writting, and I wrote Bear Hug! It's not really that good for some readers, but for me, I felt happy that I wrote it! Even if it was so short. And I sent my neccessary thanks to Pointy for pushing me...

It's honestly been nearly over half a decade since I last wrote. So I'm willing to change that. Challenge Accepted! >:3

So yeah, here are some about me:

age: 14 as of 2006

year level: 1st year high school as of 2006


Cartoon: Xiaolin Showdown, Danny Phantom, KND, Teen Titans, X-men/evolution...

Video game/s: Tekken, Soul Calibur, Final Fantasy, Samurai Warriors, Counter Strike...


I wonder... will the world ever survive without pairings? Hmm... Maybe not.

RaiKim = duh! it's so obvious! Since the first season!

KimJack = well, this is just a little interesting... from the episode Chameloen, Jack's showing some feelings for Kim... even if it's creepy. I find it a good laugh seeing as even evil geniuses need someone special. Funny, but true.

JackAshley (Katnappe) = It's funny that Jack's the only one who calls Katnappe, Ashley.

RobStar = hello?! Robin always likes girls who needs him (as to what Pointy told me, and Pointy's right about that!)

RemyRogue = even in the comics, it's them...

DannySam = aren't they childhood friends?

KukiWally (numbuh 3 & 4) = it's pretty obvious... everyone sees it.

Published Fics:

Bear Hug - A very short one-shot, starring Ninja Fred! Very first...

Likes me, Likes me not - could this be considered as a shock fic? Possibly.

Minutes - Saying good-bye can be more difficult than I thought. Although it's funny how a letter can change the whole thing by the last minute.

Moonlight Sonata - Take a walk, clear your mind. You'll never know what you'll find...

Planned Fics:

Fireworks - it's almost new year and time is of the essence. All you gotta do is just say it! 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

What if...? - Answers are made for questions. Though some answers are not to be said just yet, cause some questions should just be left un-answered. Unless the timing is right...

Departure - The airport is one place where you can see different kinds of emotions, depending on your point of view. How do you see it when you look at it from here?

Anyways, as for my other stories, I promise to make some interesting ones. I normally have ideas, but I just have to find a way to write it. It's pretty hard y'know. I still have to focus on studying too. Plus, Pointy wants to do a collaboration with me, we just have to have time. As soon as she posts Calendar (hopefully soon), I'll try making fics for her, and for you too. Anyways...

Enjoy reading! And don't forget to review after too! Reviews and constructive criticism helps, just no harsh ones and no flames (like I can controll you).

Please and Thank You:)

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