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Author has written 28 stories for Tales of Symphonia, Legend of Zelda, Beyond Good & Evil, Merlin, and Rise of the Guardians.

I also have a Fanart Central account. If you want to browse my gallery rather than use the links in my art section, then click the link just here.


City of Solaris picture


Gender: Female

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel (Brown-green)

Height: 5"6 1/2

Age: Ah well, I may as well admit it... I'm 28 (Though a lot of the time in my Author Comments I don't act it, lol)

Live in: North-east England (I think most of my reviewers live in America and a couple have wondered why I seem to update at 2 in the morning most of the time. So I put this here to clear that up.)


Arkai's Equipment (In pencil, will colour properly later)



If my fic were the game, this is what the intro movie would look like.

Also here's the Links for the Doodle Animations of funny Restoration Series scenes.

Lloyd's First Flying Lesson:

The Reason Mithos Beat Gnome Solo:

The Word...:

Tricec Cards Montage




This is a story written by a friend of mine, Sparking Moon Phoenix. This is a story I believe will deserve to be put among the top ToS fics on the site, for already I can see in it the potencial to be truly something wonderful to read. I recomend all people who read this comment, click on the link just below and read it for yourself. The story is called: Second Restoration.

Negai Music Vid

Negai (English)

Hiria's Song

Mika's Ocarina

Kimi Ga Tame (English)

Uchi e Kaerou (English)

A time will come a time of suffering.

A time where the light of mana will blaze then fade.

A time where hope rests on the journeys,

of children led by crystals and wing'ed messengers.

It is in this time that a child will be born of the forest,

but they will not greive for me.

The new Bond of their spirit will be the flame of the future.

The flame that will lead to the Restoration of the Balance,

and fuel the birth... of the next... Giant Tree...

Ut fielu utuva dein lya ut juate ta ut Comretusho tho ut Symetra,

ai fiel ut lansa... tho ut nai... Vebi Artrei...

The Prophecy of Restoration

From my Restoration Series

Here's a new coding thing to use ctrlF to find stuff fast.

A-1 = Story info updates (planned stories etc.)

A-2 = Author details

A-2a = Quoted Scenes from other Authors

A-3 = ToS Fanart

A-4 Zelda Fanart

A-5 Original Art

A-6 Misceleneous Banners

Story recommendations:

'Hope for the Forsaken' (Formerly called 'Unsealed') by Mr.Who2123. It's a 'Phantasy Star Online' fic, but even if you've never played the game the story is great as a stand alone and definitely on par with her other three 'Shadow', 'True Pain' and 'Heirs of Darkness'. So if you like those, you'll like Unsealed. Please read it, cos you're missing out if you don't, and review it if you can. (So far I'm the only one who seems to be doing either according to Mr.Who2123)

'A Different Story' by Prosser783. It's about an alternate storyline starting at the scene where Zelos betrays the group. It's quite good and is getting very little attention. Which is a shame since it's the first fic I've seen that does it in that way.

'The Legend of Zelda: The Great Warrior' by The Lord Of The Words. A 'self insert' type story, it's a little different from most I've seen and a fun read. Definitely one to look at if your a Zelda fan and like something with a twist.


I'd like to thank 'lloyd-forever' for making me a Saint of the Church of Lloyd, and for recommending my story, 'Prequel to a Restoration', in her profile. She has been a regular reviewer of that story and I really appreciate her support.

I'd also like to thank Mr.Who2123. who has also been a regular reviewer of my stories and I recomend you read her stories 'True Pain', 'Shadow' and 'Hope for the Forsaken'.

Shadow of Undine is another author I'd like to thank, her comments and tips have helped me a great deal with my writing.

Lastly I'd like to thank Jana Yggdrasil and The One and Only Smart Blond for also reviewing my first story. Thanks a lot guys.


Well I'd like to say Hi to anyone who's reading this. I'm an author with lots of ideas that have been just begging to be written down. I've been reading fanfiction on this site for who knows how long.

I've quite a few favorite authors on this site (which I need to track down to put on my 'favourite author' list since I keep mixing up their names). However my favourite 'favourite' has to be Kasan Soulblade. Her stories 'Double Edged Sword', 'Shards of Regeneration' and all the associated One Shots are part of what inspired me to actually write down, and post, the stories that began rattling around my head as soon as I finished Tales of Symphonia for the first time.

A-1 Stories: (this section has been moved to make it easier to find)


Prequel to a Restoration: Set during the Kharlan War. This story introduces my own addition to the world of Symphonia. The Alurannai, who are the guardians of the Giant Tree.

Hope of Restoration: Begins 22 years or so before the events of the game. This is my version of how Kratos met Anna and it tells their story up to the point where Lloyd ends up with Dirk.

Path of Restoration: Book 3 of the Restoration Series. Begins two weeks before the start of the game.

Zelda: Winds of a New Beginning: Set four years after the events of Windwaker. In light of the release of Phantom Hourglass, the sequel to WW, I'll be declaring this as being an alternate timeline.

Currently in progress:

Beyond Good & Evil Lies a Haunted Past: Set 6 years after the end of the game. This is a story leading to Jade discovering her distant past, and where she really comes from. (this game is seriously under rated. if you want to see the start cinematic of the game then click this link. I guarantee at least one bit will make you laugh. The game has tons of little jokes that that one in it, it's great.

Zelda: Winds of a New Darkness: Sequel to Winds of a new beginning, and set 500 years later.

A Question of Destiny: My Seasons 1&2 Merlin novelisation, with added sub-episodes, character stuff, and plot hole filling.

A Question of Motives: My Season 3 Merlin novelisation, with Arthur knowing Merlin's secret. Again, it has sub-episodes, plothole filling, and me having lots of fun playing with the charaters.

Whom History Won't Remember: Started out as a fic about Liam, my OC from Motives. It is now all about a conspiracy within Camelot that supports magic behind Uther's back, even though it's led by one of his most trusted friends. This one is almost finished.

One Shots:

Learning to Fly: This is simply about Vayla's first attempt at flying. It is the backstory for the chapter 'Reminisence of Revenge' in Prequel.

Teasers: (each of the following have/will have a teaser chapter posted at some time)

Nothing in this section at this time.

Planned Stories:

Zelda: Journey of a Gale: Pre-Windwaker, this will be a short story based on Eidan's life before he was shipwrecked. Will include his friend Lyle and their ship, the Time's Gale (hence the title), EidanxAhria, the Pirates, young Link and Tetra (However, I can confirm that the two will not meet each other during the story), and the backstories of some OC and Non-OC characters (main plot to be determined, suggestions/requests for scenes are welcome. If you have one PM it to me and I'll add it to my list of possible events for the fic

Escaflowne: Destiny's Crossroads (Preliminary Title, subject to change): Summary: Three years ago, two paths collided. A crossroads that changed the fate of a world. Time moves on, worlds turn, the past fades into distant memories... Until the greatest past of all is discovered... and the greatest of secrets... revealed.

It's going to be a long time before I get round to this, but hopefully not too long (I know that summary will probably have Escaflowne fans chomping at the bit). This will be post-series, starting three years after the end episode. I have the general plot simmering in the back of my head, but there are a lot of alternate events I need to sift through to get a definite storyline set. It's going to follow a similar line to Winds of a New Beginning, in that there will be no great evil to fight, or war for that matter. It will all be about the people, the secret, and how it's discovery affects them all.

On another note, I'VE FINALLY GOT AROUND TO BUYING THE BOX SET OF THE WHOLE SERIES. Saiyonara tiny Youtube window! Hello 42" widescreen! SO looking forward to watching dubbed non-crappo-foxkids-edited version. Watched whole uncut series with subs, but the tiny youtube window is crap and the sound's not that great either.

Other Comments:

For all you Zelda Fans, I've come up with some theories based on things I've picked up while playing Twillight Princess. These set TP just a few years (or a century or two depending) after OoT and to be honnest there's only one way I personally can see TP fitting in with the established Zelda Game Timeline... At least the only way I can see that remotely makes sense. I may be including them in some way in my fic 'Zelda: Winds of a New Beggining', but I'll have to dissapoint you by saying that the Twillight Realm and the Twili won't be making an appearance, though they'll probably be mentioned... The storyline of WoNB is complicated enough to write as it is.

Current Favourite Quotes:

“Tiny little diamonds in an inky black darkness. I could be really depressing and say that’s typical of life. There is so much more darkness than light in the worlds yet the lights still aren’t overwhelmed by the darkness, and go on twinkling and shining – as a beacon of hope.”

(Nia, from 'Memories of Wind and Flame' by Mez10000.)

"When faced with living indefinitely, it's better to stay young at heart. Life doesn't get so monotonous."

(Kratos, from 'Prequel to a Restoration'.)

“Well, you know how the saying goes. Behind every great man, there is a woman surprised.”

(Hitomi in 'Riding with the King' by Namariel)


Painting, drawing (Fanart and originals), reading books (Sci-fi and Fantasy), watching documentaries (whatever takes my fancy at the time), playing with/walking my dog Jenny (Who attacks the mail every morning), and playing computer games though god knows how many times because I think the characters and the story are cool (I know...some people would tell me to get a life, 'shrugs'...whatever).

Favorite book: Don't know, I like too many to decide.

Favourite Authors: Anne McCaffrey, Tamora Pierce, Tolkien, Trudi Canavan.

Favourite Games: TALES OF SYMPHONIA! (Of Course), Twillight Princess (It ROCKS), and Beyond Good & Evil (A game that never got the attention it deserved, and which appears on pretty much every 'greatest games you never heard of' list. Seriously, it's short but really good with great graphics. And at only £10-£12 (15-18) in most shops, it's a bargain.) ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME 3D!! (Huggles 3DS)

Times Completed ToS: Four times for Kratos, twice for Genis, twice for Sheena and once for each of the others, so that's 13 times (currently part-way through again, playing on mania. Trying for Zelos this time).

Times Completed Ocarina of Time: ...Do't ask, I have no clue... Too many XD

A-2a: Quoted Scenes from other Authors

Two Worlds Combined by Venus Tenchi: Chapter 59 (This is HILLARIOUS!) Thanks for giving me permittion to quote this :)

‘Ah,’ WC concludes to himself quietly, glancing over his shoulder while Lloyd buries his face in his hands and Kratos continues to squeeze the hilt of his blade just in case. I sigh, glancing up to the man beside me, who is still glancing back. He tightens his lips in thought once more, and turns back to me with a quick tap on the shoulder. ‘Because those two Desians have been following us for quite some time now.’

Quick as a flash, Kratos wrenches his sword out from its sheath and Lloyd follows suit a moment later. I place one hand on a gun when I spin to face our attackers, and WC jumps at our sudden movement, backing into the wall. I think, on some level, he expected the two behind to stab him at some point. Poor thing.

Anyway, the Desians WC indicated seconds ago come into view from their previous hiding place (behind a large metal crate slowly rusting in a corner there), hands held up in the air as if we’d just stormed in donned in coppers’ outfits. Y’know, Kratos would look cool in police gear. Right, shut up Charlie – enemies ahead. I notice, after a moment, it’s the same two that Kratos knocked out a while ago. I guess they came looking for us, but by the looks of utter horror on (what we can see of) their faces, they didn’t really want to. I blame Kvar.

‘We don’t want any trouble!’ the taller, more braver of the two declares shakily. ‘We’re more than willing to let you go! Just ... don’t eat us!’

‘For heaven’s sake,’ Kratos sighs, smacking a hand to his forehead.

‘Look – we don’t really want to be Desians!’ the other one exclaims, and you can see him shaking. I don’t blame him – besides WC, we’re all covered from head to toe in blood and Kratos is probably looking quite pissed off and vicious right now. ‘We just, uh ... peer pressure, you see! All half elves have to be Desians or they’re killed!’

‘We have two half-elves with us,’ Kratos says quite calmly, but the Desians jump in terror anyway. I look over my shoulder and wonder if he’s referring to Genis and Raine – well, duh, of course he is. But still ... Lloyd doesn’t know that they’re half-elves ... surely Kratos wouldn’t just say it so bluntly like that ... either way, we have stuff to deal with.

‘We just joined this ranch! They dragged us here, I’m not kidding!’ the shorter of the two squeaks (seriously, I’d say he’s about nineteen). ‘Y’see, we don’t do that Exsphere making stuff they do up there – we just patrol down here, I swear! I didn’t lay a finger on that freak!’

He points shakily to WC, whose mouth just drops open in shock. Kratos, still holding his sword, just manages a short growl of anger at this awkward scenario we have going on here and Lloyd is looking pissed off at this giant delay. True, they could be doing this just to stall us until some braver, stronger Desians wonder down here to help them out, but sweet lord.

‘Okay, that was mean,’ WC says with a slightly annoyed look, folding his arms. ‘Calling someone a freak isn’t polite.’

‘You just walked into the ranch with a stupid grin on your face!’ taller one declares. ‘That makes you a nutjob!’

‘Excuse me, I teleported in by accide-‘

‘You were stupid enough to teleport in right on our laps!’ he continues in a shout.

‘You still haven’t apologised for taking my fork.’

‘We – what!?

WC pouts while the two guys behind him stare in absolute awe (besides Kratos; he’s looking more angry than shocked). ‘My fork. You took it. I want an apology.’

‘You tried to stab me with it!’

‘You were pulling my cape.’

‘So!? It’s a stupid cape!’

‘That’s not very nice. And you have a big chin.’

‘My chin isn’t big!’

‘It is.’

‘Shut up!’

I turn to the other two while WC continues his spat, jerking a thumb in the direction of the exit. ‘Should we just go?’

‘I’d like to, but we can’t,’ Lloyd grumbles, not looking over at me. He’s still angry with me. ‘Hey! Forget them, we have to go!’

WC presses a finger to his lips when he turns to Lloyd, shushing him loudly before turning back. ‘Apologise.’


‘I’ll hit you if you don’t apologise.’

‘With what? Your giant for-‘


I honestly think my jaw hits the floor when the WC is suddenly no longer at my side. He charged at the Desian mocking him faster than I’ve seen anyone run (I think he partly teleported), and ... he just ... pimpslapped the Desian’s helmet with his fork. Behind me, Lloyd makes a sound that resembles a cross between a cough and a gasp, and I don’t hear anything from Kratos. I actually find it physically impossible to turn my head to see his expression, because I’m watching in absolute horror and amazement ...

As the Wonder Chef beats the crap out of these two Desians singlehandedly ... with a giant fork.

I avert my gaze slightly when the strangled screams start and the blood goes flying, but still ... Christ on a cracker. The Wonder Chef continues to stab and hack away, and I bite my lip a little when the squelches start and the clangs of steel bouncing off each other erupt into the air. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see the remaining Desian unsheathe his blade from his belt, and Lloyd readies his swords in case he lashes out.

WC kicks the Desian ... um, right there, and proceeds to thwack the crap out of his head area with the fork. I have to screw my eyes shut at the resounding clangs echoing through the hallway, and Lloyd actually makes a small disturbed sound as if he were about to hurl. I can’t blame him – for someone seemingly as ditzy and blonde-stereotyping as Colette, you don’t really expect the Wonder Chef of all people to ... mercilessly slaughter two Desians because they pinched his fork.

I realise, when I can hear Lloyd gulp, that everything has fallen silent besides soft panting from the Wonder Chef as he straightens up, fork in hand. We all stare for a few moments as he brushes some hair out of his eyes, and he turns back to us with that usual grin, front covered in splashes of blood. He slaps his fork over his shoulder like a baton or something, and I notice with a shudder how it’s still dripping red.

‘We ready to go again?’

We all just stare. A few tense moment pass, and the Wonder Chef gives us a confused look, glancing down to his shirt.

‘Oh ... these will take ages to come out. Darn. Ah well, not much we can do!’ he declares with a grin, straightening up and marching right past us. ‘I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts ...’

Again, we just stare as he continues down the corridor by himself, singing whatever troubles he may have away. Lloyd glances back to the two Desians strewn on the ground, winces, and turns away quickly. I just take a deep breath, scratching my cheek nervously. Kratos coughs in his fist, sheathing his sword quickly.

‘Well, ah ... let’s continue,’ he says, grabbing Lloyd’s shoulder and shoving his foreword. ‘We’ve stalled enough.’



‘Is ... is there a phobia of chefs?’

‘Not to my knowledge.’

‘... There is now.’

My Fanart: Based mostly on my stories.

A-3 ToS Fanart:

The Alurannai (Line drawing) A drawing of Tsahi, Tarryn, Khalin, Breuntas, Kratos, Vayla and Noishe.


The Alurannai (Colour) Same as above, but it's been painted.


Plotting Revenge: A pic of Vayla and Noishe, based on the end of my One Shot 'Learning to Fly'.


The Nine Conpanions: A picure of Yuan, Martel, Mithos, Dalli, Sanaro, Kratos, Vayla, Noishe and Annule.


Sanaro and Annule (With wings)


Mithos, Martel and Yuan (With wings)

Up soon







Forest near Nae Shiu










A-4 Zelda Fanart:

The Three Golden Goddesses: Din, Nayru and Farore done in the windwaker style.


Medli, Sage of Earth: Medli as she appears in my fanfic, dressed in her formal sage robes.


Kyayna, the Goddess of Creation: One of OCs, the mother of Din, Nayru, Farore, and Kaiayn.


Tetra: Dressed in her version of the old Hyrule's traditional outfit for the Princess/Queen.


Makar, Sage of Wind: Makar as a Kokiri, based on my fanfic.


The New Great Sea: The Great Sea after the new land rose (This map has a couple of small spoilers for new towns on it, nothing really major though)


Outset in true Scale: A picture showing just how big outset really is(it's shown larger than scale on the main map). The dark-green blob in the middle of the light green is the island's size before the new land rose.


Island Montage: Maps of Outset, Windfall, and Dragon Roost, since it was impossible to see what I'd done to them on the main map.


Link and Aryll grown up: Aryll is actually about 15 in this. In the fic she's soon to turn 13.


A-5 Original Art: What ever else my imagination comes up with.

Night Watcher: A Dragon. Done in pencil.


Takuroh, the Guardian of Truths: A dragon drawn in pencil and coloured.


Flighted Curiosity: Another of my dragons. Done in pencil.


A Meeting of Friends: A dragon and a winged girl. Scene with full background, drawn in pencil and painted.


Doorway to Another World: Abstract, done on plasic with acrylic paints.


Dream Wolves: Based on a dream I had once. Painted with acrylic paints.


Oriental Crane: Abstract, Done with felt tips.


Light of the soul: Came to me during a daydream. Painted using oils on a canvas covered board.



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Merlin - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 23,320 - Reviews: 195 - Favs: 532 - Follows: 516 - Updated: 12/20/2019 - Published: 12/3/2013 - Merlin, Arthur
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