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Author has written 2 stories for Inuyasha, and Kingdom Hearts.

Pet peeves:
Bad gramer and spelin
When people scrap their feet, while walking on concrete! AAARGH!
When stupid people think that "smoke" or "lightning" is an element. The elements are as follows; Earth- including dirt, trees, plants, etc., Air- including wind, lightning, thunder, etc., Fire- including forest fires, campfires, etc., and Water- including ocean, drinking water, etc. There's also quintessence, but you don't need to include that.
People who claim to be otaku, but only like the anime on Cartoon Network
People who claim to be otaku, but forget all the character's names.
People who claim to be otaku, but mispronounce all the Japanesewords; in Japanese, you always put the emphasis on the first syllable, there are no silent e's, and all the vowels are pronounced the same way as they are in Spanish, but even Spanish people mispronounce the letter i, pronouncing it like the "i" in fish, when it should always be pronounced like the "e" in we.

I just saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and I'm so obsessed! It was so good! We even stayed after the credits to see the extra scene with the dog! I suggest you stay and watch it, too! Heh heh . . . Well, anyways, yay, I LOVE POTC 2! And Jack/Elizabeth! And the part with the compass! My sister and I are the only ones who like it. Everyone else in my family liked Will/Elizabeth. Even my mom did, but she liked the scene where Jack and Elizabeth were kissing . . . weird . . .

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! I HAVE NEGIMA! 11! I PWN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! THE COVER IS SO AWESOME! I literally jumped for joy when my sister brought it home. I was even bouncing around for, like, 20 minutes afterwards. I'm weird like that. Oh, and I also got a digital camera. BUT WHO CARES, I HAVE NEGIMA!

Did you ever notice that this thing gets rid of exclamation points if you put more then one? Look. ! I put 50 down and now there's only one. Try it on your profile! It's true! I'm not crazy!

Random Quotes from Friends and Family

"Estoy psycho!" Scott

"Do not defy my mad orc-imitating skillz!" me

"STOP! There goes the egg." Friend's mom

"What's this brush for?" me

"My camera." Jaime

"Camel? You have a camel?" me

"I said CAMERA!"Jaime

"What, do you hide a camel in your closet and brush it when no one is looking? Weirdo." me

"Go to hell!" Jaime

"Okay, fine. Then I'll tell Mrs. Drysdale that I was too busy being in hell to finish our social studies project. And how do you suppose I get there, anyway? Should I dig a hole to the center of the Earth and jump in?" me

"I could so see you doing that." Jaime

"Well, I could see Donald Duck doing it, doesn't mean he's going to!"


"That person on the computer is talking to me! Stop talking to me! You can go to hell with me and Donald Duck!" me

"He doesn't look French! He looks like a normal person!" me

"I'm not human! I am FRENCH!"

"Quizzies!" William

"If quizzes are quizicals, what are tests?" Rebecca

"Testicals?" William

Rebecca, Marissa, Gillian, and Libby all fly back and hit wall at same time

"What? I don't get it!" William

"Which do you like more, mom? Will/Elizabeth or Jack/Elizabeth?" me

"Will and Elizabeth." mom

"That's so boring! Well, what was your favorite scene?" me

"When Jack and Elizabeth were kissing!" mom

" . . . " me

"(talking about .hack game) Dad, did you see my grunty?" Rory

"Yeah, that time you forgot to flush the toilet." dad

"Cheetos! They fell from the sky!" William

"Plus, in the past he had some kind of crazy wrist-cutty freakout and, as we all know, gay people are wild and unstable." Some weirdo online

"I want to see more passion and less . . . polka." Chloe (on Paul dancing)

"Are you laughing at me? Do you laugh at God?" Dad (imitating a lunch lady)

"I think I have one with a hole in it somewhere." Paul (inside joke)

Fave Pairings

Kingdom Hearts- Sora/Ariel (you so know it's true, admit it)

FFX- Tidus/Rikku

Negima!- Negi/Asuna

Negima!- Setsuna/Konoka

FMA- Ed/Winry

FMA- Mustang/Hawkeye


DNAngel- Dark/Riku

DNAngel- Daisuke/Risa

.hack/sign- Tsukasa/Mimiru

Kingdom Hearts- Roxas/Namine

Scrapped Princess- Pacifica/Shannon

Scrapped Princess- Pamela/Furet

Spiral- Ayumu/Hiyono

Spiral- Kosuke/Rio

Inuyasha- Miroku/Sango

FFVII- Cloud/Tifa

Bleach- Ichi/Ruki (happy now, Kik?)

Full Moon wo Sagashite- Takuto/Mitsuki

Full Moon wo Sagashite- Eichi/NO ONE

Full Moon- Izumi/Meroko

Sgt. Frog- Giroro/Natsumi

Ranma 1/2- Ranma/Akane (duh)

Ranma 1/2- Ryoga/Ukyo

Tsukihime- Arki

Tsukihime- Inui/Akiha

Tsukihime- Akiha/the MAID! MAID JOKES! Inside joke

AkiMono- Darren/Ayame

AkiMono- Akira-kun/Akira-chan

Kampai!- Nao/Shintaro

Chrono Crusade- Chrono/Rosette

Fruits Basket- Kyo/Toru

POTC- Jack/Elizabeth

Full Moon o Sagashite- Prince/Ms. Oshige

Full Moon o Sagashite- Madoka/Nachi

Kingdom Hearts- Axel/Kairi (I know, I'm weird . . .)

Pure in Heart- Ugyeong/Yunjeong

Pure in Heart- Gukhwa/Yunhu

Harry Potter- Ron/Krum (OTP)

Negima!- Eva/Nagi

Negima!- Ayaka/Kotaro

Yu-Gi-Oh- Mai/Joey (I couldn't resist_ )

Real Life Pairings (not that you care, I just felt like it)

Libby/Scott (tee hee)

Jaime/Matt (not Jaime/Sven!)

um . . . that's it . . . I think

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