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Author has written 20 stories for Naruto, Summon Night, Beyblade, .hack/SIGN, Air Gear, Tales of the Abyss, Persona Series, Tales of Vesperia, and S4 League.

I'm Shikamaru-Nara2, for now anyway. I plan to change this author name because one day I decided to do a google search on my name and I found that it was primarily used on yaoi websites. And as we all know I'm not really a big fan of it, but if you like it go be marry i don't care.

I've been writing a variety of fic extending from the ever so popular Naruto to the seldom written/read air gear. But lately I've been getting into the AMV scene and I'm pretty good at it. My youtube name is l337ninja junpei so drop by and watch a few amvs why don'cha? But when it comes to my writing I'm a more lax kinda guy who will mispell certain words on purpose because that's how people would actually talk. In each fic I offer a little for the guys and a little bit for the girls. A little bit of action and a little bit of romance creats the perfect fic. Why because the rest of you may have solved the parenthesis but I've solved the equation for the perfect fic!...Darn you Sho Minamimoto!


The World ends with you - own's period

Naruto - it's become meh now. Masashi Kishimoto your brother Seishi is better than you!

Bleach - Bankai!!

Soul Eater - I still say they can take the bleach gang!

Rave Master - Oldie but a goodie

.hack// - a story that will never die

Air gear - authors name says it all. OhGreat!

Black god - no many know of this hidden treasure of a manga. So worth reading.

Disgaea - Overlord!

Samurai x/Ruroni Kenshin - great samurai anime

Vandread - epic mech anime

Tales of... - Tales of games period own period


Realize - What the Akatsuki is planning an attack on Kononha! Relationships bloom in this time of preparation. Just how will Naruto and the gang be able to hold relationships and protect Konoha at the same time? Cancelled.

Trick and Treat - Shikamaru wants a little more than candy for Halloween. But the hing he wants is just as sweet. Finished.

Lesson for both - On the battle field two craftsmen forge a relationship stronger than the very materials they forge their weapons with. Finished.

Workout - No practice? No worry. I know just the thing to work up a sweat. Finished.

Can't take the hit, stay out of the kitchen - It started in the kitchen it'll end in the shower. Done.

Icha Icha go round - Jiraiya need ideas for a new book so where does he turn? To the very heroes/villians of the Naruto universe. No one is safe from the pervy sages pen! Request fic. so that means you decide the next chapter! No yaoi or yuri (unless it's three way and thats a stretch)! Hiatus.

Bladebreakers G-squad - The bladebreakers had better watch out the hotties who are their girlfriends have formed an anti-bladebreakers team called the "Girl Squad" or "g-squad" of the bladebreakers. Can the boys teamwork beat overcome their lover for their girlfriends?! Hiatus.

Meeting you on the other side - Two lovers who were brought together by the wrold must be torn apart again. But with Chika's enrollment in Ryou's school they might get a second chance if people would leave them alone long enough to have a peacful date! But it seems in the depts of Haseo's mind something is stirring. With all of his work as PKK on his mind memories arise of when he was simple a PK. Finished.

Spiral sky - The golden haired rider for Kogarasumaru would stare up to the heavens as if searching for an aswer from it. It was as if the wolrd was his cage growing smaller day by day. But could there be someone who could pull him into that ever ending sky? Finished.

In front of us - sometimes the one we love the most are the ones we hurt the most and in turn we hurt ourselves. Finished but thinking of doing a lemon extension

Together and Alone - It must be nearly impossible to have a relationship with a dormmate especially when you have other dormmates, friends, teachers breathing down your neck and even the fate of the world resting on your shoulders. Finished...but thinking of doing one more short chapter.

Support - a broken team is like a puzzle. It just needs someone to put them back together. Finished but is doing a lemon variation of the first chapter.

Heroes of Old - AIDA may be gone but darkness still looms over The World so the godess must assemble the heroes of twilight once again. Finished.

Please thaw my hear - Just like this mountain side their hearts was frozen but maybe just maybe one anothers touch can warm their hearts. Finished.

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The White Tiger and The Green Dragon reviews
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