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hi my name is Allison and II live in Rhode Island yes that is really a state your Geography books aren't lying to you. um lets see i love Gilmore Girls i have recently come to find the joys of the most wonderful book called TWILIGHT it is awesome! if you haven't noticed i am a crazy 13 year old

NOTE: What the fuck is your problem if you have nothing better to do but review someone saying YOU SUCK AS A WRITER! jeez, just say you don't like the story and get it over with, don't insult his/her writing just because of one story, also he/she might not be a good story writer, but they might do well in poetry, persuasive, etc. categories! and also if someone says that some else has died in their life, they aren't saying that just to get off of not updating said story! or at least i hope not because no-one should take death lightly...also people have ideas that are similar, no big deal, people don't just go around saying hm.. i love that story ill copy it! jeez (sorry i just hate that this website is for fun and some people take it way to seriously and end up hurting peoples feelings and possible ending people writing if they are very low self confidence)

Tom: (voice on walkie-talkie) I got 'em.

Lorelei: Doors? You got the doors?

Tom: They're on their way up. My guys will be standing by to get them

Lorelei:.I love you like a two dollar whore.

Tom: Terrific. I'll tell the wife

Raincoats and Recipes - Gilmore Girls

PAIRS: Logan/Rory, Lorelei/Luke, Bella/Edward, and all that Twilight regulars

veryyy sad at Rory turning down his proposal...

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Honk If You're In The Hartford Elite by rawrrry reviews
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sorry! this is the repost the orignal sucked.
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