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Welcome to…

The Jazziest Profile Ever!!!

Hi guys! I’m Jazzy-Raveler!

I have been writing poetry and stories since way back when I was 5. As early as I could write I was always writing poems and stories and I am in love, love, love with writing and in love, love, love, with Degrassi!

Favorite couples in Degrassi-in the order in which they’ve appeared and I’ve loved them…:

Season 1:



Season 2-3:



Season 4:


Sean/Emma-(I know they weren’t together but I held out hope…and time stands still/back in black confirmed my suspicions…)

Season 5:

Didn’t like any couples in this season…cept Craig/Ellie-and they weren’t a couple but I love their chemistry…

Season 6:

Emma/Sean-(By now, I hope you noticed a pattern!!)

Jimmy/Ashley-they grew on me

Spinner/Paige ( A girl can hope)

Craig/Ellie( again with the can and the hope)

Favorite Degrassi character quotes:

These are the quotes that Degrassi characters have said over the years that I just love…either cuza the way they were said or because I absolutely agree!!!

They’re in no special order…

Jimmy “I’m not saying you can’t dance cuz you’re white; I’m saying you can’t dance cuz you SUCK!”

Spinner: “I decided to bring my own Amuse.”

Hazel: “BTW: Paige used to be straight; until you came along and turned her GAAY!!”-she sounds so crazy when she says "Gay" doesn't she?

Ellie: “Friends-City!”

Tracker: “You think you’ll be a good influence on him or something? ‘Cause you are.”

-this is the only time I ever considered liking him…-

Chris: “Go eat some place else!”-This is the only time I was ever like “Hooray 4 Chris!!”

Manny: “Sean Cameron…your love!”

Manny: “Dibs on the cinnamon buns!”-she sounds so drunk albeit comical when she says this…

Marco: “Well, I’m actually too busy enjoying not being you.”

Marco: “Every man for himself; right Craig?”-I love Marco’s expressions and the way he talks!!!

Jay: “Chemical Spill!!”-it is me or is he just a little too pleased with himself after saying this?

Liberty: “So, you use my pregnancy to stage a coup de ta?”-I hate the way Liberty talks, but this always cracks me up!

Paige: “Don’t use your outdated slang on me!!!”-I use this saying all the time!

Favorite Degrassi Scenes:

“White Wedding” How could I not love the scene when Sean and Emma are dancing and then kiss? Did anyone else see the way Sean was looking at her before she kissed him? Daniel can really act good cuz he looked like he was entranced by her!!!

“Voices Carry” When Ashley climbs into the bed with Craig and tells him she’s “here”.!!! How romantic was this scene?!!!

“ West End Girls” The scene when Paige stops Marcos foot and then snatches off Manny’s dress and knocks Marco down!!! That scene is the funniest one in Degrassi history!!!

“Ghost in the Machine” The scene when Craig goes to Sean’s house to spend the night to avoid Joey!! I loved Sean and Craig’s friendship!!!

“True Colours” The scene when Emma is at the jail and after Sean says “Nothing could replace the real thing.” She looks like she’s about to cry and I was like “My couple is finally back together!!” Love those two!!!

Favorite Sean and Emma QuotesScenes-Oh come now, you knew it was coming…

Emma: “Mom can we go now? I am mild-ly dying.”-love how Emma says “mildly”!

Sean: “It wasn’t garbage.”-I think this was the first time Sean actually acknowledged the fact that he was crushing on Emma too. Love that episode!!

Emma: “I just got my period, for the first time. Mens-trua-tion. You may have heard of it. It happens to, oh, 50 percent of the population. Perfectly natural. Nothing to be ashamed”- .”-I love this scene I was like "We are women… hear us roar!!!" I love the way she tells them slap off!! Plus could Sean’s eyes have gotten any bigger?!!”

Sean: “Hey! Shut-up!! Let them Dance!!”-this was classic Sean perfection!

Emma: “This is about me and you. Sean? I like you.”

Sean: “I like you too.”-I love the look on his face when he says this. It’s so sympathetic and scared and sad and heartfelt. I love it!!!

Sean: “Should I be jealous…?”-I love it when he says this!!!

Sean: “Come on. A movie, a couch, double cheese, me.”
Emma: “How could I resist?”-What Sean and Emma fan can not love this scene?!!

Emma: “Hello? vitamins”.
Sean: “Hello, taste good.”-
love this entire scene from the part where he slides down beside her till the end!!!

Sean: “I don’t know many birds that can change a transmition.”-Again, I am in Love with Sean and Craig’s friendship!!

Sean: “Well I’m not at the bottom of it!”

Emma: “Sorry that I care about stupid unimportant things like the environment!”-Love the Classic Emma sarcasm!!!

Sean: “Look, I know our break-up sucked…and I’m sorry you got hurt…”-when Sean apologized I was like “Ok: Soooo not over her!”

Emma: “Sean’s finally gonna pay for what he did to me. Or Snake…what he did to Snake.”-love how she looks after saying this!!

Emma: “Let him go, Ellie. He should’ve done this years ago.”-I love when she says this. I was like “Yes!! Tell her bout ya man Emma!!”

My favorite scene of all is the one when Emma and Sean can’t exchange goodbyes. That scene I was just like “Oh my God!! They can’t say goodbye! How sad! How romantic!! How angsty!!” Yeah, so basically that scene just evokes a lot of emotions!!! Love it!!!

Sean: “That’s why I like have respect for you…and whatever.”-this is so sweet the way he says it!!!

Emma: “Well, I’m glad Sean. That I have your respect or whatever”-Love how she looks at him. Big wide eyes, and the expression is perfect!!!

Sean: “I have more than just respect for you…you know that, right?”-What else do you have for her Sean…?Love maybe…?-

Favorite Degrassi episodes-in order of favoriteness-

1. Message in a bottle-I love this episode. To me, this shows the basis for the whole Sean and Emma relationship; Emma sees Sean for who really is and who he can be, and he can’t believe that she actually does…

2. White Wedding-this would be number one but there is hardly any Sean and Emma interaction…although the kiss makes up for all that.

3. Drive-I love this episode because you don’t get too much when it comes to the Degrassi boys friendships but this one really makes up for all the ones where Sean doesn’t interact with the guys…although the end is sad…

4. I Want Candy-I love this for 3 reasons: 1 because Spinner and Paige show why they are one of Degrassi’s power couples; they just work and go so well together. God I love them!!!!

And 2. We see the development of the relationship between Emma and Snake…This episode pretty much clues us in to the fact that she and he view one another as father and daughter, and she shows how deeply she cares for him…

And 3?

Emma pretty much tears Alex’s trashtalking tail up! I love that they show that Emma can fight and that she not only can stand up for what she believes in…she can stand up for herself. Emma held it down in this one!!!

5. TimeStandsStill/BackinBlack: It’s a tie for these two…for one TSS really touches on a lot of diffenent things all at once and we see how things can spiral pretty easily outta control…for another thing-of course-Sean saves Emma’s life and that of course was perfectly angsty/romantic…and also I like how Emma and Manny are there for Toby when he needs them. I really hated how their relationships pretty much disintregrated over the years…

As for Back in Black, This episode lets us in on Sean’s way of thinking for once in a long time… it shows you that Sean and Ellie actually do have a relationship…but at the same time it shows that Emma Sean still care deeply for one another. Overall, it’s a really really sad episode and everytime I see Sean cry as the car drives away, I tear up a little myself, but at the same time I love it because we all knew it was the perfect ending for another beautiful beginning for Sean and Emma …Love it!!

Anyway, my favorite guy character is, was, and always, will be…

Sean Hope Cameron


His character has always acted so realistic ever since he was first introduced.

He never tries to be anything but…whoever the heck he decides is right for the time

And I love that!!!!

I love how he does the wrong thing, but he always apologizes for it…

-If only real guys were like this…Wishful Thinking eh, Beautiful?-( inside joke nonSemma Sisters know nothing about!!!)

Anyway, Sometimes I get so mad and be like “Sean!!! Why the heck would you do that?!!” but at the same time I’m so glad that they don’t turn him into this pitiful yuppy who can do no wrong like so many other “Bad Boys” on TV.

I loved Sean and Emma separately before they officially “hooked up”,

But he and she dating didn’t hurt much (case you haven’t read my stories and noticed)!!!


The episode Sean left, I cried

-Which if you knew me, you’d know was a big deal-

-Not me crying, but me crying over something on tv-

And swore I’d boycott Degrassi (though I knew I was fooling myself) but for Emma,

And now I find out that in Season 6 he’s back

Oh my god I love it!

I swear, I think I am the biggest Degrassi fan ever!

Definitely The Jazziest!!!!

And until Season 6 rolled around.

I watched every Degrassi episode over and over

And My sister, who writes on this site, but not for Degrassi

Told me about FanFiction.net

And I checked it out for Degrassi

And Voila!!!!

Newest Degrassified love of my life!


Jazzilee aka Jazzy-Raveler


Shouts OUTz!!!

Shoutout to my Sister AS!!!

The rockingest lil sis/best friend ever!!!!

I love my sister…

LOL!!! AS!!!

Girl you know you’re simply the best!!!!

Update 2013:


Ok guys, I had officially dropped off the fanfic planet but I am back and happy to say ready to write-and review-again. I am so psyched to be writing again and I should have a lot of stories posted soon. Also I am reposting all of my originals, just to get back into the community...


I am trying to round up any and all Degrassi lovers for the Degrassi Forum. But any and all shippers are welcome and be prepared to voice your opinions-civilly-and agree to disagree. Also anyone can start a topic if you'd like...


My newest hobby is to be a beta reader for any and all Degrassi stories...just message me. Also, if anyone reads any of my stories-all Sean/Emma (with a little Craig/Ellie/Manny in one) -just so you know-and likes the writing style and has any requests just let me know and I'll be happy to write one.

LOTS OF LOVE to all my Semma Sisters!!!

And I should be updating when I post the stories...

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