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Hello everyone,

I call myself "desirepassion", maybe some of you recognize me since I've read and reviewed for several stories before I decided to get an account on this site. I like to review for as many stories as I possibly can and it's fun becoming friends with some of the authors. Even if I can't meet them in real life there are many people on fanfiction who I really admire.

Wow, it has been forever and a day since I've updated my profile. It has also been forever since I've updated my fanfic. I promise that I will complete this fanfic. I am so, so sorry that I haven't updated in years (highschool, college, and other aspects of real life have attacked). I don't know if anyone is going to read now but honestly, I don't really mind. When I first started posting chapters, I was definitely obsessed with reviews. That was definitely wrong of me and I apologize for it.


I am very, very old. I have lived for over two decades. I was born in the year of the cat.At least I wish I was...I was actually born in the year of the horse. I'm not much like Isuzu Sohma except for a few similar traits in personality. We're both loners. I definitely do NOT dress like her. I don't like to wear tight, shanky clothes but I do like outfits with leopard, tiger or cheetah print. I would never wear a real fur (I shall not murder animals even though I eat chicken/fish so I fail) I just like the design of it. My first time wearing a miniskirt was in ninth grade and that's only because I'm a cheerleader (I was a cheerleader throughout all of highschool). I also did tennis and track (I do not play sports in college). My favorite sport is soccer but I hate competitions(it brings out the bad side of people) so I don't play on a team.

I live in the United States. Someday, I want to visit Japan. It's one of my many dreams. Hopefully, I will be able to study abroad there. I am trying to learn Japanese on my own because I don't have time to take the classes. I have studied Latin for almost 7 years but Japanese is so different. I also want to go to England someday. I've been to Scotland and Rome, Italy during my college years. I can't tell you how amazed I am about going outside of the US.

I'm less than five feet tall. My friends affectionately call me names like dwarf, elf, oompa loopa(sp?), hobbit, goblin, troll, smurf, etc.

I'm a girl. When I was in 4th grade, some guy told me that if I kissed my elbow I would turn into a boy. I tried and failed. Needless to say, I was and am a gullible person.

My favorite color is black even though technically that's not a color it's a shade.I'm neither emo nor gothic even though I love the gothic lolita style.

I have a very large family however most of them live in other parts of the United States so I rarely get to see them. The person I'm closest to is my older sister who has an account on this site. She calls herself "bishounen lover seeker". My sister helps me out so much with my stories. She corrects my horrible grammar and such. She's the best!

As for my personality;

I'm shy, quiet and insecure. I just don't have a lot of confidence in myself but I am trying to do better. I want to be the kind of person who can hold her head up high and someone who others can rely on. I like hanging around lots of people and being as friendly as possible towards everyone I meet (but siriusly, there are people I just can't get along with). However, I like my privacy and will often go to a secluded place. Therefore, some automatically assume that I'm either lonely or antisocial. When I do try to hang out with people I'm usually ignored or forgotten (sorry, that's ridicuously depressing). Even though I'm standing right there with them it feels like I'm not really there. I'm sorry if that didn't make any sense.

I guess you can say that I'm a people-pleaser because I try my hardest to make everyone around me happy at the same time (I realize that sometimes it doesn't quite work out that way). I think that I'm also clumsy, absentminded(I daydream too much lol), overly polite, and way too trusting (I kinda like seeing the good in people).

Also, I don't like it when people are mad at me and so I feel guilty really easily. When I do feel guilty,I hold onto that feeling for a very long time.Maybe, I like making other's smile because it makes me smile along with them. I won't say I'm depressed but I call my own smile a mask. I wear it all the time so no one worries about me. I don't like it when my friends say things like "Are you okay?" or "I'm worried about you". It makes me feel like a burden.

I'm really lazy and so I'm a procastinator. Actually, it depends on what I'm doing whether or not I'll work hard hahaha. Writing poetry and stories is something that I enjoy more than anything so yes, I do try my hardest when doing so.

I stay up really late at night and go to sleep in the late morning or afternoon so I guess I'm nocturnal (hooray for night owls!).When I get a job I'll most likely work the nightshift. Even though I'm not sure whether or not that's possible since my dream is to become a Physical Therapist. I've wanted to become a Physical Therapist since middle school and now, I'm in college and will be applying to PT schools this summer. I'm just amazed at my stubborn nature, haha. I'm also interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Massage therapy.

My favorite kind of stories and movies are; horror, romance, tragedy and humor. I like things that bring out different kinds of emotions. I guess that's one of the reasons why I call myself "desire passion". My mom won't let me see a lot of scary movies so when I'm in college I'm going to rent a lot of them (well my college has movie nights very often so I've gotten to see a large variety of movies.)

In ninth grade, I had studyhall, then lunch, then another studyhall. This happened on fridays so nobody wanted to do homework. Instead, my friend brought his portable DVD player and we watched movies. I got to see "Saw 2", "Pet Semetery" and other kinds of movies like "Napolean Dynamite" and "White Chicks". It was fun but then the teachers stopped letting us bring any more electronic devices to school. They wouldn't let us chew gum either. They made this new rule at my school if you misbehave you get a grievance. It's a yellow sheet of paper that you have to get your parents to sign. If you get three grievances then you're sent to the office. If you get nine then you're suspended. It's really dumb. Then a year later, my high school "upgraded" and started giving out detentions. Lucky for me, I've never gotten any. I don't get in trouble at my school. I've never been sent to the office or recieved a detention or anything like that. And I'm really grateful for that too. Yes, I am a rule following nerd.

I'm a very cheap, penny pinching person. I budget like crazy! Haha, I wouldn't call myself a miser because I'm generous with friends and family (a bit too generous actually but recently, I got used by a family member and have lost my trust in people as a result). However, I'm not the richest person under the sea (I still wouldn't call myself poor. I'm very Blessed and happy about it.) so I've learned to save my hard earned money for necessities.

I spend most of time writing stories/poetry, listening to music, talking on the phone for hours(currently, I text for hours and hours because it's free), going onto the computer (I don't have a facebook or myspace) and reading manga/watching anime. I don't like going outside very much especially during the daytime (its too hot most of the time!). I guess I really am nocturnal. I used to play a lot of video games when I was a kid but now I think I've lost interest. When I was younger I'd play Mario games on my Super Nintendo. Then later I got a Nintendo 64 and played Super Smash Bros. When I heard of Super Smash Bros Melee I bought a Game cube. I really like fighting and racing games.I don't have the patience to play adventure video games when you go on some kind of quest in a storyline. Currently, I play nintendo wii but I don't actually have one. I only play when I'm at a friend's house. I love wii bowling and fit.

Music choices: I like a variety of music but favorite kinds are Rock(not the soft kind. I mean really loud and heavy rock! I like metal and screamo and such), Rap, Hip-hop, foreign music (like J-pop and Wolfsheim), Rhythm and Blues(I like old school music), Techo, Pop and I like some classical music (I like Moonlight sonnet or is it called Fur Elise?) but not much. I hate country music! No offense to anyone but I really don't like rodeos, farms, ranches and all of that hillbilly stuff.

And I also like every single song by Evanescence. I've seen a lot of Werid Al music videos. He's hilarious. I really like Amish paradise, White and Nerdy, and Like a surgeon.

My favorite foods are ice cream(vanilla and cookies & cream), pizza (cheese, barbeque chicken, sausage, and hamburger), cookies (chocolate chip and lemon), cake (I like cheese cake and chocolate), pie (I like sweet potato and meat pies), bread (any kind is fine with me), spaghetti, lasagna, cereal(Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon toast crunch, All Berries, Captain Crunch, and Frosted Cheerios), chicken (fried or grilled it makes no difference to me), grapes (I don't like them with seeds), blue berries, strawberries, oranges (I don't eat them very often because I'm too lazy to peel them), grilled cheese sandwiches, and chocolate(I don't like dark chocolate very much even though it's healthy. Btw, chocolate doesn't make you makes you sexy!) I also like coke, sprite, fanta (I think the orange or , sierra mist, (the one and only soda I really hate is Dr. Pepper even though I drink it alot. I have no idea why!). I really love milk, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, apple juice, orange juice, Sobe, Ensure (I like the vanilla kind), Full throttle, coffee (with lots of cream and sugar), and tea (I have never tried a tea I didn't like. I usually don't need sugar because I like the natural taste. I like hot tea more so than cold.)

Things I fear/hate are...

deep water (I can't swim since I have hydrophobia. I hope to overcome this fear some day because I love oceans and lakes)

spiders/bugs (I think that the worst kind of bugs are cockroaches...especially the ones that fly!)

sharp objects (I really hate shots and I'm not comfortable with knives! I guess the best way for me to deal with shots/having my blood drawn/whatever is to not look at what the nurse is doing. Yep, I either close my eyes or turn away completely.)

loud noises (my ears are extremely sensitive)

clowns (They're so scary! The most creepy thing to ever walk this earth. I've watched the movie "It" with my sister and had nightmares about clowns for a week.)

people who make fun of anime(people who say it's a cartoon with bug-eyed people really piss me off! I hate that. I really hate people like that. You don't have to love anime to be my friend, but please, respect my interests! I can't stand country music but I don't make fun of it or people who happen to like it. I don't even make fun of my friends who love Twilight! (and I really can't stand those movies/books. And yeah, I've watched the first two movies and read the books so it's not like I didn't give it a chance.) Why? Cuz it's completely insensitive and rude to mock another person's interests.)

fake people(the other kind of people I don't like are the ones who pretend to be all friendly but really have snobbish, ugly, hateful personalities. Almost (well at least the people I have encountered and my high school is very tiny fyi) every single person at my high school is like that. Anybody who isn't exactly like them and loves the exact same things they do gets shunned. I'm happy to be one of the shunned people. It's because when I'm nice to someone I try to be real and sincere (even if I'm brutally honest sometimes). Also, I'm an anime fan and like other different things than they do. By the way, I love college! There are so many different kinds of people.)

closedminded people(I also don't like people who aren't willing to try new things. And when they do try new stuff, they criticise and make fun of it. I used to think yaoi was nasty and hated it. But one of friends wanted to show me a really good fanfic with Yuki x Kyo. I read it because my friend wanted me to and it wasn't like a little yaoi was going to kill me. I read the fanfic and I loved it. The story had a good plot and it was very well written. After that, I started to read more Yuki x Kyo fics and ones with other yaoi pairings. I also started watching some yaoi animes and reading yaoi manga. I won't say that I'm a yaoi fangirl but I'm at least open to it.)

insufferable know-it-alls(I am PROUD of the fact that I am a NERD but I make an effort NOT to flaunt my knowledge in other people's faces. Also, if I am wrong then I will admit my mistake (at least, I hope I do lol). I don't like people who will never admit they are wrong and act like they know everything and anything. So yeah, I'm not a big fan of Hermione Granger but that's another rant I won't go into XD. OH YEAH! I also don't like it when people (I won't mention any names haha) who claim to know everything about anime. And guess what? They've only watched the mainstream animes like Bleach or Yu Yu Hakusho or Dragon ball z or Naruto. These people offend me!!! There is nothing wrong with the animes I've just mentioned. I watched and liked them but anyone and everyone can watch them. In my opinion, a real anime fan has watched animes that can be considered obscure/hard to find/not so popular with the masses. Does that make sense? Lol, maybe I'm being way too serious about it but I really can't stand people who claim to know everything about a subject and they really haven't touched the tip of the iceberg/haven't even scratched the surface.)

competitive people(There's nothing wrong with competition but I don't like people who are obsessed with winning and throw themselves a pity party when they lose. When they win, they think that their the best in the world and get all conceited. When they lose, they claim that they were really tired or the other team cheated or the referee was against them. I find people like that very annoying.)

Okay, I think I've ranted enough about the unlikable and offensive parts of life lol. I love several animes and mangas, way too many to list…Fruits basket is my favorite manga (even though, I didn't like the ending because in my personal opinion, it was too cliche) and my favorie anime is Onega My Melody. I'm going to list a few anyway...yeah, I like a whole variety of kinds. I've been watching anime since I was seven. I think my sister really got me into anime. My first one was Sailor Moon (I didn't even know what anime was! Lol, I called it a cartoon), then Tenchi Muyo, and then Dragon ball Z(I used to think that this show was so violent and I was watching the edited dub lol). Eventually, my sister and I learned what anime is haha. I remember staying up late with my sis and watching Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha. We thought that we were so hardcore, lol.

Black Bird (I wish there was an anime to this amazing manga!)

Stepping on Roses (Once again, I wish there an anime for this awesome manga!)

Blue exorcist (I love Rin, Yukio, Mephisto, and Amaimon)

Fruits basket(I love all the characters of Fruba except for Saki Hanajima, Kimi Toudou, Ren Sohma,and Yuki/Kyo’s fangirls. Sorry if my opinon offended anyone. I also don’t like this one servant of the Main house. I don’t think she has a name. She’s really crazy and bitchy. Somehow she doesn’t age she stays really old and ugly. She made her first appearance in volume 10 when she told Hatori that he needed to stay by Akito’s side forever. I also hate most of parents of the Sohmas except for Momiji's dad, Kagura's mom, Hiro's mom, Kisa's mom, Ritsu's mom and other nice ones. I also don't like Tohru's family except for her parents and grandpa.)

Onegai my melody(I really love Jun, Kuromi, Baku, Keiichi and the Class president for Uta's class(Sorry I forgot her name but she's one of my favorite female characters. To be honest, there are very, very few female anime characters that I actually like))

Black Butler (I love the Undertaker, Sebastian, Grelle, Soma, and Will. I want Sebby to eat Ciel! No I do NOT ship CielxSebastian. Ciel is NOT legal! You crazy fangirls!)

Ouran host club (my favorite character is Nekozawa but I really like Tamaki and Kyoya also)

Descendants of Darkness (I liked Muraki)


Shugo Chara (I love Ikuto!)

Strawberry eggs


Darker than Black

Fairy Tale

Sword Art Online


Fushigi Yugi

Yugioh(I love Bakura (Yami and Ryou), Yami Marik, Mokuba, Kaiba, the Dark Magician and Vampire Lord(this is a card that Kaiba had when he dueled Noah))

Pokemon(I like Raichu, Meowth, James and Harley)

Sailor Moon (This was my first anime. I watched this show when I was 7 years old)

Digimon (I like the first and second season. My favorite character was Ken aka Digimon Emperor and I like Mummymon)

Tenchi (I really like Ryoko)

Hetalia (I love Japan, America, Russia and Greece and okay, I can't think of any character I don't like lol)


Naisho No Tsubomi

Dai Mahou Tenge

Hayate the Combat Butler(I like Hayate and Nonohara)

Naruto (I love Kakashi, Rock Lee, Gaara, Kiba, Fourth Hokage, and Itachi), Naruto shippuden(I still love Kakashi, Gaara, Fourth Hokage, Rock lee, and Itachi but I also like Deidara, Sasori and Sai)

Full Metal Alchemist(I love Envy)

Inuyasha(I like Miroku, Naraku and Sesshomaru)

Yu Yu Hakusho(I love Hiei, Kurama, Koenma, and Yoko Kurama)

One piece

Tokyo Mew Mew

Shaman King(I like Yoh, his ghost partner (sorry, I forgot his name!), Yoh's brother, but I really love Faust VIII)

Wolf's Rain(I love Darcia III)

Bleach(I like Uryu, Evil/Hollow Ichigo, Noba, Kisuke, Mayuri, Kaien, Byakua, Ukitake)


Kaze Kami Jeanne

Trinity blood

Black cat

Realbout high school

Full moon wo Sagashite(I like Keiichi, Eichi and Izumi)

Kyo Kara Maou (I like Conrad, Yuri, Gwendal and Gunter)

Princess Tutu (I like Mytho and Fakir)

Cowboy Bebop(I love Vicious)

Trigun(I love Knives, Vash and Legato)



Death note(I love L, Light, Matsuda and Mikami)



D N Angel

Spiral(I liked Eyes)

Knight hunters/ Weiss Kreuz(I like Aya, Omi, and Nagi)

Serial Experiments Lain

Midori Days


Magical Witch Puni-chan


Last exile (I liked Dio)

Gad guard

Shinzo(I liked Sago and Mushrambo)

Beyblade(I liked Kai, Hiro and Brooklyn)

Dual Masters(I like Hakuo(sp?))

Bdaman(I liked Bull)

Read or Die (I liked Junior)

Blood cross



Excel Saga(I like Ilpalazzo and Iwata)

Hellsing(I love Alucard)

Gravitation (I liked Ryuichi)

Dragon Ball(I liked Lunch aka Launch)

Dragon Ball Z(I like Vegeta and Gohan)

Dragon ball GT (I liked Dragon ball and Z alot more)

Rurouni Kenshin(I love Kenshin and Shishio(sp?))

Twin signal

Samurai Champloo(I liked Jin)

Paranoia Agent

Boogiepop phantom



Aishiteruze Baby

Vampire Kisses (I like Alexander)

Code Geass (I love Lelouch)

And many, many more!

I've also seen the movies...

Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Wolf children, Arrietty, From up on Poppy Hill, Castle in the sky, Princess Monoke, Valley of the Wind, and I've seen two Naruto movies, most of the Pokemon movies, a Tenchi movie and all three Sailor moon movies.

I’m not a yaoi or shounen ai fan but I will tolerate certain pairings if the fanfic is really good. I am not nor will I ever be a yuri fan.

Okay, I think you know that I am an anime fan by now. If you look at my fave story's list you notice that I also love Harry Potter. If you are a fan and haven't watched AVPM and AVPS on utube yet then your life is deprived and depressing. These two musicals are the best!

I really love Snape and Harry stories! No, not Snarry! I love stories when Snape adopts, mentors, or really is Harry's father. Severus Snape is my favorite character in Harry Potter series. He has had a very horrible life (it seemed like nothing good happened to him and noone truly cared about him) and still remains a good person (I mean despite everything that happens he still does the right thing and receives nothing in return). Not a perfect person(yes, he chose to be a deatheater and chose to transfer his hatred towards James(and maybe Lily too) onto their son) but he's a hero to me. I also love the fact that Snape was played by Alan Rickman. He's my favorite actor! I've seen Mr. Rickman in Robin hood: Prince of Thieves, Die hard, Harry Potter movies, Alice and Wonderland, Snow cake, Noble son, Sense and Sensibility, Sweeney Todd, Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny, Search for John Gissing, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, Bottle Shock, Dark Harbor, Blow Dry and Closet Land. Someday, I would like to meet him in person and thank him for his amazing acting abilities.

I just received the news today that Mr. Rickman has passed away. I am very sorry for his family and his friends' loss. Cancer is terrible (well duh!). I didn't know him personally. He didn't even know I existed. Why am I so sad? I feel like I have no right to be sad because I didn't actually know him just the man he portrayed in his movies. He's important to me. I admired him so much. When I get settled in my career, I'm going to buy all his movies and dedicate a place to him in my home. Since we didn't meet in this lifetime, maybe we'll see each other in heaven? It gives me hope to believe that.

"Who needs reason when you got passion?" This is a quote that I came up with years ago and even now I still believe in it(when I say "passion" I am NOT talking about anything physical so please get your minds out of the gutter). However my favorite quote is stated by Akito Sohma "This not a world of light." I believe in this also...Although like Yuki Sohma, I want to believe that the world isn't all darkness either.

Thank you for reading my profile. If you have any spare time please feel free to read my story. I'll be very happy. Thank you everyone!

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