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UPDATE - 26 July 2013

New story posted - A Reflection of Lies. This can be seen as a sequel to DLI, as I had this story in mind when writing it. I felt like writing one day (when I'm meant to be working on my dissertation), and ARoL was the result. I also changed my pen name from LadyPoison to NijiOnna.

UPDATE - 22nd JUNE 2010

Hello everyone,

Firstly, I just want to apologise to you all for my long absence. I offered no new information to what was happening in my crazy little world since the explanation of my mother’s illness. I have had lots of emails since then, asking about the status of my stories and when, or if, I’ll ever get back to them.

I can’t say things aren’t any less hectic, even though it’s been about a year since then. I’ve recently moved into a new house that needs a lot of work doing to it. Yes, me and my family are living in a construction site. My mum hasn’t got any worse, thank god, but neither has she gotten any better. She’s also been diagnosed with M.E which doctors are guessing was triggered by the cancer.

I need to say thank you to all those people who wished my mother well. It was very kind of you all, and I appreciate it a lot.

Now back to the issue of my stories. I recently tried to find the next chapter to Angels Wearing Masks, which was about 65% finished, only to realise I didn’t have it on my computer anymore. A few weeks ago my computer got messed up. To fix it I needed to delete a file. Whilst deleting this file I also accidently deleted a bunch of stuff I still needed, including Angels Wearing Masks Ch20. I tried using a programme called ‘restoration’ to get it back (it restores files that have already been emptied in the recycling bin), but I still couldn’t find it. Believe me, I was devastated. I now have a shortcut on my desktop named ‘Angels Wearing Masks Chapter 20’ and when I click on it it says ‘this item has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly. Do you want to delete this shortcut?’ If anyone knows how I might be able to magically fix this (I’m no good with computers) please let me know. I’m hoping some of the chapter is on one of my backup discs, but until work on the house is done I won’t be able to get into the box that I packed those discs in.

Chapter 3 of Desire’s Frail Nightmare was also deleted, but it was nowhere near done, so not much was lost. However, though I want to finish Angels Wearing Masks and Desire’s Frail Nightmare, I can’t see myself actually finishing both. I mean, come on, exactly how long has AWM’s status been ‘in progress’? Three years? I’m horrible at updating, even with having a busy lifestyle. I am tempted, however, to re-write DFN with original characters. Although that’s probably just a dream.

So in conclusion, yes I still want to, and plan to, finish AWM. That being said, don’t expect an update soon. DFN is likely to be dropped, but not completely forgotten. I love the storyline. If I do end do doing something with it I’ll leave a note here to let anyone who may be interested know.

Thank you, and I’m sorry I don’t have any better news to give T_T


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Pairings I LOVE:


BakuraxRyou (Tendershipping) - How can people not like this pairing? Cute, innoccent, Ryou with the dark, sexy, Bakura RULES! A possessive Bakura is even better.YamiMarikxRyou (Deathshipping) - Same reason as BakuraxRyou really. Ryou needs a confidant, evil lover.MalikxRyou (Angstshipping) - They’re cute together! Besides, Malik can be dominant and possessive when he wants to be.MarikxMalikxBakuraxRyou (Conspireshipping) - It’s all of my favourite Ryou pairings mixed into one, how can I not like it? Only if the relationship revolves around Ryou though… like the story’s from Ryou’s point of view (I’m Ryou obsessed I know).Thief King BakuraxRyou (Gemshipping) - Obvious reasons.BakuraxYMarikxRyou (Necroshipping) - Again for obvious reasons. Has to be through Ryou’s point of view though, sadly the pairing is rare… I think I’ve only read one fic with this pairing.

Sengoku Basara

Masamune x YukimuraIeyasu x MitsunariOichi x Tsuruhime (yuri)

Sonic the Hedgehog

Shadow x Sonic


Venom x Spiderman

Pairings I like:


YamixRyou (Fragileshipping) -…It’s interesting, and nice to read for a change.YamixYugi (Puzzleshipping) - I think almost every yaoi fan girl has liked this pairing at one point.Yami MarikxMalik (Bronzeshipping) - They’re fun together.

Pairing I DON’T like:

BakuraxMalik (Thiefshipping) - I’m a Ryou fan girl… Bakura is Ryou’s Yami… the problem is obvious.PegasusxRyou - Sorry, but I just can’t stand Pegasus. He creeps me out… honestly, I don’t care if it’s not the main pairing and Ryou goes off with someone else in the end, just mentioning that Pegasus touched Ryou intimately puts me off the story.BakuraxYugi - There's so many things wrong with this pairing that I don't know where to start...
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