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City of Vice - The Crisis is up and complete. There may be another City of Vice story in the future, there may not. The other major plot I had toyed with previous did rather involve certain characters that are no longer with us at the end of The Crisis, and was set after the completion of the story in the game. As they so often say - watch this space...

Written chapter 9 (called Loyal Friends) for City of Vice: The Crisis but I won't be posted it just yet as I want to triple check it's perfect as can be. Once 9's up, 10 will go up maybe the same day, maybe a week or two later - I haven't decided yet. Anyway, City of Vice: The Crisis is finished now bar any tiny editorial work to be done on chapter 9, and it's a little sad to have nothing more to do on it. However, rest assured I shan't be pulling a Lucas on you all and going back to it from now until I die, re-releasing a million different editions that have little to no actual changes in them (it's not like the two different Blade Runners now is it?). Thanks to the three people that have reviewed what they read and the four people who made it a favourite - glad you liked it and thanks for your support. Hope you enjoy the end.

I have been remarkably busy over the last however long it's been since I uploaded chapter 4 of City of Vice: The Crisis, both in terms of writing and in terms of having to lots and lots of other things. Work became a large priority, teacher training became a real possibility, releasing my debut EP on iTunes (Feb 8th if you're interested) became a project, and I wrote chapters 5-8 and chapter 10 of the story. I've uploaded 5-8, and once 9 is written (not for a little while I'd imagine - lots of hard dialogue to get absolutely perfect) I'll put up both 9 and 10, at which point The Crisis will be complete and posted in its entirety. I hope you enjoy the new chapters, and when the rest goes up the whole story.

Regards the character H in the City of Vice story; he is 100 percent original. I came up with him to add a new angle to Tommy's world. City of Vice was a film I came up with to write music to for a composition competition some time ago and has been slowly evolving ever since. First it was just ideas for major scenes in my head. Then I padded out some of the plot and turned some ideas I had into outlines for episodes of a T.V. series. Since I just found fanfiction.net I've only just started writing the few stories I had in detail out in full continuous prose. When finished they will add chapters to Tommy's progress through Vice City (the game), and continue the story on into his future. The Crisis is set around the final chapters of the game, possibly before you undertake the missions to find help for The Heist mission depending on when you undertake the missions that follow. I don't think there are any spoilers in there (edit: excepting the huge one right at the end regards one major character - basically don't read it until you've finished the game), although I have altered one plot point that was criminally underdeveloped in the game itself; I have had Tommy and Mercedes marry.

The Pale Man character is a fairly blatant hark to Pulp Fiction; think of him as an homage rather than stolen, for that is what he is - I love Harvey's character in that film.

I enjoy writing stories for pleasure, and have no real intention of taking it further at the moment. I'm working towards becoming a teacher, and have many varied hobbies. Writing is one that I have always enjoyed, although one that I practise on odd occasions. I tend to write music more than prose or poetry.

If you like it review it and tell me, if you don't, be kind and say why not.


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The Vercetti mansion has the mother of all morning after the night befores after the celebrations of the gangs stealing 100,000s worth of firearms, finding dead men in the bath tub, and prior warning to a surprise visit by the police. Strong language.
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