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Note! November 27, 2006- Hello! Those of you who are waiting on chapter twelve, well, it'll be out as soon as document manager actually lets me upload the dag gone chapter!!

The Spiffy Profile (update) November 06, 2006

Hello there! You stumbled upon me, so I guess I ought to tell you something about myself, but what? Hmmm, (thinks). Oh yes, I have made a new name, cause well my writing has taking different turns and all my old stories is nearly impossible to write on and I don't like rotten tomatoes thrown at me. They don't taste good and frankly, the red stains are unpleasant. Anywayyyyy, enough about that. What do I like to do with my time? I'm not entirely sure. I like different things and I'm very sparatic. One day I'll up and leave and not appear for several days and other days, I'll be parked at the computer for days on end. I'm young - but not to young I don't think.

My best online friend, is Becccccccaaaa the famous and amazing writer, Lady-Treason. She's my girl! I love her to death. :)Her Corvus Heir Series is probably the best Slash Alternate Universe on this site. Although, I think she took them down, cause she is persuing a career in true blue writing. =) Cross your fingers for her, cause - well - she's damn good!

I enjoy both slash and non-slash fics. I am not biased, and I really do try and give everything a chance. Everything I post, will be completed. But I won't post unless I'm nearly finished or finished all together. I hate being left hanging and I hate leaving others hanging.

My grammar is horrendous, remember that now! It is terrible and I will try and have someone beta or look over my writing, but remember, what I said - my grammar is not my strongest subject. I just write! I've been writing for a very long time, and although I'm not the best writer, I do think I'm alright, and up to par. =)

I love many fics on this site, I haven't read much of them in a long time, but when I do, I'll have them plopped into my favourites. I will probably be posting loads of stuff eventually on whenever I get around to it. Might want to check it out if you're a Slash addict. It might just be up your alley. =) The rest of the boring facts about me is below. Hpfandom is where I will be posting uncensored material, because - well - frankly, I dun want to be frozen. :)

Other Things I do Online:

My favourite games at the moment, is Runescape. Rowena_Lupin is my name. I also play the sims from time to time, but usually I'm off writing or reading. I write 99 percent of the time. I also enjoy talking to my best friend ever Becca_Boots. :D

My Stories:

You will find that my stories may have an alternate universe theme, and sometimes mingled with canon, but it's rare that it is pure canon. I will leave canon to JK Rowling. :) I however, like to create my own universe with her characters. Sometimes personal, wicked, and others. At the momet, I am working on a Draco/Harry Let Love In, performed by the Goo Goo Dolls. I take most of my titles from songs, because I am a music freak, literally. The new story I'm about to delve into is definitely an eccentric couple. It will be Severus/Harry, alternate Universe, called I Promise from the band When In Rome. The word's are listed below, if you're interested. I thought it suited Harry marvelously.


If you need a friend,
don't look to a stranger,
You know in the end,
I'll always be there.

And when you're in doubt,
and when you're in danger,
Take a look all around,
and I'll be there.

I'm sorry, but I'm just thinking of the right words to say. (I promise)
I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be. (I promise)
But if you wait around a while, I'll make you fall for me,
I promise, I promise you I will.

When your day is through,
and so is your temper,
You know what to do,
I'm gonna always be there. - I Promise -
When In Rome (Future: Severus/Harry)


You wait, wanting this world
To let you in
And you stand there
A frozen light
In dark and empty streets
You smile hiding behind
A God-given face
But I know you're so much more
Everything they ignore
Is all that I need to believe

You're the only one I ever believed in
The answer that could never be found
The moment you decided to let love in
Now I'm banging on the door of an angel
The end of fear is where we begin
The moment we decided to let love in

I wish
Wishing for you to find your way
And I'll hold on for all you need
That's all we need to say
I'll take my chances while
You take your time with
This game you play
But I can't control your soul
You need to let me know
You leaving or you gonna stay

You're the only one I ever believed in
The answer that could never be found
The moment you decided to let love in
Now I'm banging on the door of an angel
The end of fear is where we begin
The moment we decided to let love in

There's nothing we can do about
The things we have to do without
The only way to feel again
Is let love in - Let Love In -
Goo Goo Dolls (currently, in the works: Draco/Harry.)


Tid-Bits About Me (Why you want to know is beyond me.)

Name: Mandy

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Music: Everything - But, I do adore, the eighties, nineties rock - newer stuff (David Bowie, Queen, Roxette, Bon Jovi, Gin Blossoms, Better than Ezera, Third Eye Blind, Daniel Powter, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Cinderella (Mhmm), Poison, Gwen Stefani, Montgomery Gentry, Gretchen Wilson, Shania Twain, Hank Williams Junior, Selena, Leann Rhymes, Garth Brooks, Reba, Five for Fighting, Dave Matthews Band, ohhh and Coldplay! Wow I love those three. :) and uhm so much more... too many more to name really. Oh I do love Joss Stone and K.T. Tunstall. =)

Foods: Pizza, Pasta, chicken, etc...

Books: Alex Rider Series, Harry Potter, the Giver, Lord of the Rings. Artemis Fowl, Through Violet Eyes, and uhm - so much more. =)

Harry Potter shipper aholic - I love Slash and regular, nearly all Harry/someone couples. Whether its male or female. :)

Ships that I read/write: I am a fanatic of rare or unusual shippers, along with the ones that everyone else likes. I love student/teacher fics, I always have. Some of the ones I am really craving to write are Kingsley/Harry, Ron/Harry, Cedric/Harry, Charlie/Harry, Bill/Harry, and so many more. I love Draco/Harry. I love Severus/Harry, Remus/Harry, Sirius/Harry and - well - you get the picture. I have a goal of trying to achieve each of these ships. Simply put, writing is a dream and a passion of mine, and I find that JK's world makes my writing improve. :)

Sheesh, that took a lot to write out. There's more, but I'm sure you're about to fall asleep. So, I shall take my leave. Go read and have fun, oh and stay open minded, its best for your health and everyone elses. =)



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