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Author has written 15 stories for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and Grey's Anatomy.

I write when I have the free time (but mostly when I've got exams and get bored from studying).

I write Buffy and Grey's Anatomy fanfic only... (until I get inspired by another couple from another TV show, that is.)

I'm a Mer/Mark shipper.

I'm a Buffy/Angel shipper.

Couples I could never see myself reading/supporting:
Mark/Addison (Maddison)
Addison/Derek (Addek)
Mark/Izzie (McStizzie)
Mark/anyone else (haha.) "can I just puke now?"

Couples I could support in a way:
Spike/Buffy (Spuffy)
Buffy/Lindsey or Ford or Parker (back-off, it's MY opinion!)

And lastlyyyyyy... I THIRST for reviews.



1 Drowning Shadow
2 Changed by the Heart

Work in Progress:

1 The Son (I honestly don't know what I'm heading off with this one... There is a possibility that this fic would never be finished. I'm having a hard time finding the inspiration of writing Buffy/Angel stories because of my other current shipper obsessions. So you'll just have to wait and see if I find my inspiration...)


1 Going the Other Way (My first GA fic. I'm really proud of this thing especially the ending. This was really intended to be a Mer/Der fic but it was a good thing I changed my mind around chapter 3 and decided that Mer/Mark should have a chance. And so... The ending? Just go and read it.)
2 We'll Make It Through This, I Promise (I love this fic that it already has a sequel and a prequel on the works. It's another Mer/Mark fic. A reverse situation world in which Meredith is the married one and Derek is the 'Meredith'.)
3 A New Jersey Encounter (Crossover between House and Grey's Anatomy. I just love the thought of Chase and Meredith together, I think they'd be perfect for each other.)

On Hiatus:

1 The Heart of Sloan (I was really proud of my first chapter for this fic. It was supposed to be a one-shot but it grew and grew until it ran out of room to grow onto. But I'm really planning on updating this when I get the chance to think of what would happen next. I swear.)

Psuedo-Work in Progress:

1 Through My Eyes Into Theirs (This is another Mer/Mark fic in which they have a son. It's currently standing on its own, could be done and could still be continued...)
2 The Meredith & Alex Saga (My first Mer/Alex fic. This was purely written for fun and is also a could be done and could still be continued fic...)
3 Looking Through Braeden's Eyes (A supporting fic to The Littlest Sheperd. I'm currently thinking of not updating this anymore... Possibly even deleting it from my stories list. It was cute when I was first writing it but now I seem to have lost the will to write through Braeden's eyes.)

Work in Progress:

1 Did We Really Make It Through? (The sequel to We'll Make It Through This, I Promise. The updates to this fic is slow though I do intend on finishing it as soon as possible to make way to the prequel to the trilogy.)
2 I'll Look After You (This is one of my few Mer/Der fics and right now, I am currently thinking of not writing anymore Mer/Der fics in the future. But I am openly saying that this fic is something that I actually am proud of writing especially the first parts.)
3 Signal Fire (Another Groan fic. This time, friendship starts it all.)
4 The Littlest Shepherd (Though I barely update this, it's still a work in progress because I know I'm going to update it. Soonish, maybe. Just maybe.)
5 Maybe Tomorrow (This is my newest fic. It's based on S4 which I'm highly disappointed in. I don't think they're treating Meredith good enough nor are they making life even a bit fair for her. So in here, Meredith gets more than she bargained for and this'll tackle how she goes from dark and twisty to bright and shiny. She'll get the happy ending she deserves.)


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A wife's move. A husband's mistake. Another man's chance to fit in to the picture. Will they make it through? A MerMark, MerDer story.
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An accident. A big lie. Can a relationship built on lies end with true love? A MerMark Story. starts from 'Where the Boys Are'.
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