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Poll: ok the last poll was too close so I'm starting it over, who would you rather Amilia end up with in my story engaged and underaged... Vote Now!
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well there isn't much to say about myself...

I'm 15, I'm a girl, i love writing and reading, my favorite series is of course twilight, and i have written a few stories but i am currently posting one for the first time, to all my readers once again thank you for voting on the poll,

if your curious about what the characters of Engaged and underaged are supposed to look like here are the links to the pictures, (they are random pictures that i found specifically for my characters i take no credit for them)

Amilia/Brunette (I changed the picture for Amilia, its still not my perfect picture of her but it's closer, and a lot more realistic, the hair is a little too straight and too long, it needs more waves and it is supposed to reach just below her shoulder blades, and not all to the small of her back, but you can barely tell, and there should be some side swept bangs that are a little shorter than the rest of her hair just around her face but thats about al the faults i could find, but of course her eyes are grey and her lips are a little more...defined (more full, but not too pouty) well thats all the little differences.i should warn you, you will have to look at it upside down:) )

Amilia/Blond (this is what she would have looked like if she was a blond.)

Edward (this picture is absolutely perfect it is exactly what I pictured Edward to look like. and it was sooo easy to find, (why is the guy’s pic always easier to find?)

William (I don’t know why but I always pictured William as the 'good' bad guy, so far everyone hates him, but to me he is just a really good person that is driven by love for Amilia and hatred for Edward, you have to admit his intentions are pretty good. : ) )

Julius (The hair is a little long, it is actually only supposed to reach a little below his shoulder, but other than that this is a very good visual of Julius.

anyway I thought you guys might like to see what the characters look like so there.

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