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Hey there.

I'm a lurker. Been lurking on this site, collecting stories, for a LONG time. Yet I still can't seem to be able to make my own story.

I have a lot of interests, and the list grows every day.

I'm more of a manga fanatic than anime (MUCH less censorship), but I don't go weaboo crazy over every single Japanese-related thing. I don't like shoujo mangas either. Unless they're funny as hell, like Ouran. I don't mind yaoi or yuri or anything that's not too messed up (i. e. Tokyo Akazukin. Holy shit.)

I'll read.. pretty much any decent fiction novel series. My favorite authors (to start with) are T. A. Barron, Eoin Colfer, Tolkien, J. K. Rowling, Dianna Wynne Jones, Brian Jacques, and P. C. Cast.

I ADORE old cartoons. I'll watch anything made earlier than 2001.

You could say that my being a HUGE Jimmy Neutron fan back when I was a kid was what brought me into this site.

My biggest interest though? GAMES. Big retro game fan here. Big Rareware fanatic too (before they got sold to Microsoft, of course). I prefer old over new, and gameplay over graphics, but I seem to be getting into Valve Co. and their games these days.

(I nearly shat myself with joy when I heard that TF2 was made free to play.)

I seem to have a sick sense of humor at times. What disturbs the shit out of you might make me laugh my ass off. You have been warned.

And YES, I do enjoy the sick feeling of dying brain cells that I get when I read a trollfic/badfic. It's like a car crash. So horrible, yet you can't look away.

(inb4 "lol koopa you have no fics therefore i'm better than you")

The Principles of Engineering by Rae D. Magdon reviews
Korra tries to learn about engineering for Asami's sake. Asami turns out to be an even better teacher than the book she picked up.
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