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Formerly BC

Writing stories is something I started doing a long time ago, I stopped, then came back... After a while of being completely disconnected, I'm going to try and return to the old things I left pending. I'm trying to recover the habit of sitting down and enjoying the feeling of losing inside my own thoughts, as the story comes out, in the way it has to be. I owe that to myself.

Reading and re-writing, I try to get better and discover where did I lost track of where the story was going to.

I hope I actually get better...

Writing is something I normally always do, that's the way my feelings come out every time I feel upset or sad, the thing is actually publishing any of that. I've re-written more than ten times all the stories I used to have, and I still don't find them suitable to be shown or published. Writing used to be something just meant for myself, at some point I decided to try and publish work or papers and even when everything went smoothly at the beginning, at some point it also became allowing people into my own personal world.

I have to say I'm very similar to lots of characters I usually write about, I'm the kind of person that puts a wall or a barrier between her and the world, someone who shows no weaknesses but accepts the ones from others and sometimes also takes it as her own.

It's not easy being yourself in a world that tells you how to be or how to behave.

Well I say now, fuck the world; we're all different and it's about time we all learn to accept it and cherish it. Imagine if all of us were the same, how then would we be any special? We are all special in our own way, and we all have something that no other human being has.

We just have to learn how to find it and work with it.

I started a blog, this is the first blog I ever write, it's more of a random thoughts collection than an actual day by day blog, feels kind of weird to write about random things, though I may start any day or so. Feel free to read, I mean, they're already posted!

Same as my website, actually the only website I have.

I want to let go of all those chains that tie me up, and stop me from doing what I enjoy most; and that of course is writing. Many moments have passed, where I've found myself writing and writing dozens of chapters, of new stories... all of them have gone straight to the recycle bin. Why do I even try? They're all just crappy pieces of text, I'd think; but not necessarily, they're my thoughts and ideas. It's my imagination the one that's being judged and by me! So hell with it, it's time I stop being my own worst reader; that's your job, to criticize my work to the point were I realize what am I missing as a writer, with out losing the things I want to say.

So here I am, finally saying (and this time finally accomplishing it), that I'm back to work.

Enjoy (:

Working currently on Strange Emotions, Letters to Myself, Missing you & Simple Melody.

All stories are being reviewed, so be aware that there might exist some few small changes, but nothing huge


About me:

I consider myself a regular gal and a faithful friend, I love listening to music all the time, usually I sing and ramble along with the song while I pretend to know how to dance. I consider myself to have no label at all, I am just ... well me. (Duh!)
I don't really have a favorite music band nor song, it changes depending on my mood and the weather.

I tend to smile a lot, whether I want to smile or not, I'm usually smiling.
I'm the kind of person that will burst out laughing at some random memory while everyone else stares and think I'm weird. Maybe I am weird, but hey, it's a lot more fun like that!

Even when I'm a smiley person, I'm also obsessive and sort of over stressed around regular simple things, as an example, finding the correct type and color of font can have me sitting and staring at the screen for hours. And yet, finding out what I'm wearing can sometimes take me less than 2 minutes, again, it's all due to mood and weather.

Damn you moods!

I have a thing for video games, to a point where I spend a whole day playing the same game I've already beaten like 3gazillion times, it doesn't matter, I'm kicking it again!

I love too much and care too less. And I ramble a lot, about this and that, when I'm nervous or anxious I tend to ramble even faster to a point where I'm just babbling things out while I'm moving my hands hoping that whoever is listening will finally understand whatever I'm supposedly saying.

Just like I'm doing right now.

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