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Author has written 15 stories for Killzone, Hitman, Batman, Manhunt, Venture Brothers, Band of Brothers, Indiana Jones, Crimson Skies, Mercenaries, Hellboy, Boondock Saints, and G. I. Joe.

I'm a comic book, video game, and movie freak. I have very large collections of all three and have continuous ideas on all of them that could be turned into stories. I decided to try my hand at writing them and decided to post them to see if I was any good. I do hope you enjoy my work or if's all good. A few different story ideas are bouncing around in my head, but I have trouble keeping on one track as it is, so I'm just getting through the stuff as fast and as good as I can. What can I say? ADD is a bitch...

Song of the moment: "Illumination" by Rollins Band

My Myspace is (fixed it should work...yeah...I'm an idiot): Here

Anyway, my list of stories and where they are:

Batman: Lethal World: I really like how this story turned out.

Hellboy: A Land of Wonder: Definately my most popular story to date. Couldn't sleep one night so I came up with this story.

Hitman: Dark, Stormy Night: My first attempt at "fan fiction" and one of--if not my favorite story.

Hellboy: Demons of Chaos: I like I wrote a story on it...

GI Joe: A Duel in the Snow: Pretty much just wanted to see if I could write a one shot that had almost no dialogue in it's ninjas fighting which is cool.

Manhunt: Let the Games Begin: I wrote it to see how far I could push myself into bloody horror scenes. I think I did ok at it.

Band of Brothers: Normandy Invaders: What WWII...or at least what Normandy was in my head when I wrote this one day...

Killzone: Killing Zone: Had more that could have gone into this story, but I got to a point I just couldn't figure out how to get past. So I just closed it out and called it done. I might end up back in this subject again and use the ideas I had, but as for right now, it's done.

Crimson Skies: In the Crosshairs: Okay, I'm going to call this done and consider it a one-shot. I had more that could have gone into it, but I can't remember all the locations, nations, pirates, etc. to do it justice. Chances are I'd end up screwing it up and I simply don't want to do that. Apologies, but this one is most probably finished. But I still think it's a good one-shot.

In Progress
Batman: Cold Summer Nights: I'm working on it.

Venture Brothers: Super Crazy Adventure Time: Yes...the Venture Bros...I have no idea when/if I'll finish this because I have no idea where it's going.

The Boondock Saints: A Russian's Revenge: Had this planned out in my head for a long time, so I finally sat down and wrote will probably progress quickly, but no promises...

Indiana Jones and the Hidden Garden: My fun action/adventure story. I like the Indy universe and know how this is going to's just filling in everything in between the beginning and the end.

Mercenaries: Desert of Fire: Wanted to do a story on this I did...will finish this one after Hellboy probably.

In Limbo Projects
Hitman: Vengeance: Had an idea for where this story was going, but then figured out it was kinda stupid. Might come up with something else...but as of right now, it's just not going anywhere.

Inevitable Stories to Come
Hellboy: Yes, another Hellboy story. I have a very good idea on what it will be, but right now I just want to finish the Hellboy story I'm already working on before I even think about starting another one. But trust me, if you like my other ones, you'll like this one.

Captain America: Have a very promising idea for a story. I will write this, but I just want to get through some of the stories that I've started and haven't finished yet before I tackle this one.

Freedom Fighters: Some story based off Freedom Fighters. It's my favorite PS2 game.

Grand Theft Auto: Even if the story is ridiculously over the top, it'll be fun to write.

Ghost Rider: Have an idea for a story in the movie-verse context.

Prince of Persia: Ideas...ideas...ideas...

Justice League: Eh...maybe..liked the cartoon a lot.

Splinter Cell: Good story ideas

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