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Favorite movies: Blackhawk down, Taken,

Favorite TV channel/shows: Future weapons (destruction is fun) ,military channel, G4TV,Xplay, cinemetech, and Spongebob (I dont know either dont ask)





The Academy: Training Week.


The Academy: Freshmen Year



Favorite cadences:

When I go to heaven

When I go to heaven
St. Peter he will say
How did you earn your living?
How did you earn your pay?
My reply was with a little bit of thunder
I earned my living killing down under

When I go to bars
the girls they will say
How did you earn your living?
How did you earn your pay?
My reply was with a cool kinda nod
I earned my living killing commies for my god

When I go home
The hippies are gonna say
how did you earn your living?
How did you earn your pay?
My reply was to pull out my knife
Get out of my way before I take your life

Marine Corps Cadence (Jesse James)

Jesse James said before he died
There's five things that he wanted to ride
Bicycle, tricycle, automobile
An M-1 tank and a ferris wheel

Jesse James said in his final will
He had five things that he wanted to kill
A lion, a tiger, a kangaroo
A long haired hippie, and instructor too
And ifen he could kill just one
He'd kill the instructor, let the hippie run

First Formation

First formation it was pouring rain,
1 SG said it was time for pain.
Then he said extend to the right,
All you sick calls get out of my sight.

Spent last night out drinkin' gin,
Knew for sure I'd see it again.

Pushup, situps, run in place,
1 SG was setting a helluva pace.

High jumper, lunger, and body twist,
So many others too numerous to list.

By the time we assembled to the right,
I was praying with all my might.

1 SG spotted me in my daze,
Said where've you been the last couple of days?
Told him I spent them with my girl,
Oh, how she makes my head swirl.

1 SG said that's well and fine,
But today, hero, your ass is mine.

How many times do I have to say,
If you play the game you got to pay.

Anytime Cadene

C-130 rolling down the strip
64 troopers gonna take a little trip
Mission top secret, destination unknown
And they don't give a damn if they ever come home

Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door
Jump right out and count to four
If that main don't open wide
I've got a reserve by my side

And if that one should fail me too
Here is all that I should do
Roll over get up and run off the DZ
Cause never in HELL will ya' bury me

JohnnyMamma told Johnny not to go downtown,
Heard the Marine recruiter was hangin around.

Johnny went downtown anyways,
wanted to hear what recruiter had to say.

Recruiter asked Johnny what he wanted to be,
Johnny said, "I am wanna be infantry".

Johnny caught a plane to Vietnam,
there he fought the Viet-Cong.

Many he killed by knife and blade,
God only knows how many lives he saved.

Well Johnny was bold and Johnny was brave,
Johnny jumped on a hand grenade.

Saved the lives of the men he lead,
but before he died, this is what he said.

"Mamma O mamma please dont you cry,
The Marine Corps motto is Semper Fi!"

Airforce Cadence

Irene's her name
She's one of the best.
So every night
I give her the test.

She looks so pretty.
So sleek, so slim.
The moon is bright
the lights are dim.

I've seen her stripped.
I've seen her bare,
I've felt her over everywhere.
I handled her just as gentle as I could.

And when I got in her
I knew she was good.
I rolled her over on her side
Then on her back I also tried.

She's just one big thrill
the best in the land.
She's an F-16
in the Air Combat Command.

Army Cadence

When those ships start steaming,
And the radar starts beaming,
When those missiles start flying,
And the jets start striking,

We will teach you how to fight.
We will show you all our might.
You can run, but you can’t hide.
We will show you how to fight.

When those troops start loading,
And the planes start flying,
When those troops start jumping,
And the tanks start rolling,


When those jets start stroffing,
And the bombers start bombing,
When those troops start landing,
And the Bradleys start rolling,


We will teach you how to fight.
We will show you all our might.
You can run, but you can’t hide.
We will show you how to fight.

Now, a little about me...

Name: ummm top profile moron

Location: Hell, I get a discount on those crispy things

Nationality: Cadian Gate

Stories: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...I dont know

My best friend is insane, if you agree or if you have an insane friend then copy this to your profile


When in doubt empty the magizine.-old proverb


Beware the wrath of the corn bezerkers!- quote under a picture of CORN

Kill the zombies by shooting them in the head!

We took the Eagle from the airforce, the rop from the Army, the anchor from the Navy, and on the seventh day when God rested we overran his preimeter and stole the Globe, and we have been running the show ever since - USMC

Well that was unexpected - The last words of the chaos Warmaster Marok "The undefeatable"

you just got schooled

No1 H@X 0n Meh Serva!!

No no not soljua boy. KOSHER Boi

I haz R3coNz!! lololololoLololOL

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