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About Me:

Prior Notes: I haven't come on in a while and I don't know if I will for a long time, sry to my readers, I know you've been waiting for a new chapter...

Name: Not telling you but y'all can call me Jae (For those who aren't satisfied without a last name) Rainte (no, that's not my real name).

Age: You can countinue guessing.

Gender: Female (as in I'm a girl).

Height: I'm not sure (it's really weird, but I'm really not) I meet a lot of people who are like an inch or two shorter than me and they're like, "Oh my god, how tall are you? I'm 5'8." I think I'm 5'1 (mostly because um... I don't know maybe because I measured myself using actual measuring tape. I know I'm pretty short, if it helps I'm almost the tallest in the family (though I'm not sure if that's to reassure you or me).

Hobbies: Drawing, wrting, song writing, poetry writing, acting, writing everything else in between that expresses creativity.

Favorite Sayings/Quotes: "Shoot me so I can die, Kill me so I can live." and "God help me stop these unshed tears for I have no strength nor will against them as they fill my aching soul and stop my beating heart." Okay I made them up but hey I'm a writer, and I'm weird, so what, everyone else is. Though the second quote/saying is sort of from A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray I did change it though. Oh and this last one I took from Ron in Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling "Bloody hell." I have more though...

Loves: Music, TV, IM, radios, any connection to the outside world, art, books (you could call me a nerd but I don't care everyone else is one too), depression (it's nice to feel something), dancing (as long as it's not freak dancing), candles (they look so pretty in the dark), nighttime, morning, animals, water (as long as I'm not drowning in it), tattoos (what can I say, other than they are so cool), anything that has to do with creativity, magic, the list goes on.

Hates: Preps, clowns (some scare me), faces in the window (a lot of them are ugly), nighttime(I read too many scary stories), power outages (I have my reasons), morning, school, homework, rude people, nice people, people who apologize about everything when they do nothing wrong (it gets annoying to say it's okay every 5 seconds), crying/nervous breakdowns (I lose my temper during them and break things lamps, computer, porcelain famously known as "china", my sister's fingers. Kidding I've broken the TV remote and a few (try 100) pencils), people who exaggerate things way toooo much (like my sister), my sister, bar code tattos (I like tattoos just not this kind), and this list goes on and on.

Things I'll probably become: A suicial freak, an actress, an artist, a photographer, a writer, a singer, a poetess, a drug addict, an emo (meaning a person who cuts themselves to see if they're still alive or to see what's really inside), and most likely the front page of the newspaper.

Things I am: Shy, confident, creative, bored (mostly), half-asleep (during the school day), over- protective (I defend anyone in trouble. Even if I don't know them. But it has to be a life or death situation), I had more earlier. I wonder what happened to it...

Favorite Shows: Supernatural, Smallville, One Tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy, So You Think You Can Dance, On The Lot, America's Got Talent, etc, etc, etc...

Favorite Books: Too many!!!!!!!!! Agh!!!!! Going crazy!!!!!!!! lol, jk, jk. :D

Favorite Movies: Drumline, Shakespere in Love, Titanic, Phantom of the Opera, etc...

Favorite Song (Currently): Gravity by Shawn McDonald (again, don't ask)

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the charcters from T.V. shows, movies, books, articles, or real life I may write about them though. I just thought I'd write this here so I wouldn't have to write on all of my stories and on all of my chapters.

Copyright: On a technicallity I own the things I write about and make up, but I do not own the people just the stories so don't steal my stories otherwise I will go to the government and I will try to sue just watch me. But, you can ask me if you can take a few ideas (you have to wait for an answer though).

Thanx: I give my thanx to all my reviewers, To the person who came up with Supernatural (call me clueless but I have no idea who that is. Though without him/her I wouldn't have hope for tomorrow), InvisibleLilacNights (For helping turn some of my ideas into words. I'd be lost without her.), elizabethlilianpotter (wonder if I spelled that right...) for being there and just helping me inspire myself, Glaceo for being one of the few people who truly understand how I really feel inside (no comments please), God (For helping me through all of my rough times, and for helping me decide, kinda, of what I want to become), and to my Muse(s) (For helping me get all of these ideas, and for keeping me from killing myself every time I see something sharp). Oh and to all the people I hate in the world (don't worry, I probably don't hate you. Seeing that I probably don't know who you are) for giving me reason to keep secrets, for giving me reason to despise and hate you, and for giving me reason to treat you badly when I feel bad enough. :)

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Supernatural: Poetry by Mummyluvr reviews
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Memoirs Of A Hunter by J. Fait reviews
REVISED! Our world is not far in the future, but it is very different. My name is Jaylynn Jinn Winchester, and my husband, Sam, his brother Dean, and Dean's wife Charlie, are Hunters. But that is who I am, I guess I should start with who I was. R&R!
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Fatal Truth reviews
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