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Author has written 6 stories for Star Fox.

There will be times, however, when the whole bottom will seem to have fallen out of your life...and when those times come, just say to yourself, "well, here goes nothing", fix a smile upon your lips that will not come off even if the whole world totters, clench your teeth and keep right on will be able to reach heights of accomplishments that I could not even dream of, and you will learn that the happiness, for which everyone is searching, is something to be found only within yourself. Not in your surroundings. And always remember that these suggestions come to you from a man who has seen the worse life has to offer and has made the best of it, who has ten times in his life had doctors tell him that he could not survive, and three times has heard a judge fix the day and hour of his death. Yet, who has outlived all of them and who knows by experience that the only thing that can ever defeat you is yourself.

Robert Franklin Stroud (January 28, 1890 - November 21, 1963)

The Birdman of Alcatraz.

“And as He spoke He no longer looked to them like a lion; but the things that began to happen after that were so great and beautiful that I cannot write them.” ~The Last Battle

"You're a gryphon. You're very powerful without needing to brag about it. Creativity is one of your strong suits. Your outward personality may change drastically according to your mood, which is not always a good thing. You're a loyal guardian when you choose to be and you're aligned towards good."


Two new oneshots posted. Working on the second chapter of The Godfather.

I am considering a second episode for The Gryphon's Writing Library.

About the Author

Age / Sex / Country: 18, Male, United States

Educational Goals: B.S. in Avian Science

Current Education: College Junior

Career Goals: Ornithologist (the study of birds)

Interests: Reading, writing, digital anthro art, Nintendo (primarily the Legend of Zelda and Star Fox), falconry, school

Favorite Genres: Science fiction and fantasy

Music: Soft rock, adult alternative rock, video game soundtracks, orchestra and instrumental, drum and bass, and tasteful metal and hip-hop

Favorite Game: Star Fox Adventures

Quote: "Don't hesitate. When the time comes, just act." ~Wolf O'Donnell

I am quite happy to be a fellow author here in the Star Fox section and I really enjoy to read what all of you have written. I feel that so many of you out there are deserving to be mentioned, so I have compiled a list of mentionable stories and authors that I highly recommend.

Mentionable Stories (roughly in order of latest I've read)

Star Fox: United by MisterChief

Star Fox: A Threat Most Fowl by OrangeKat and Ca'diem

Venom Strikes Again by Artistic Tuba

Through Unheard Eyes by Sir Raphael

Purity by Ice Fox 111

Contrition by SF Ghost

The Bow Man by Sturgmeist

Happy? by Ice Fox 111

Unmasked Villains by minimazza

Jaded by Gen. Darkcat

Lonely Fish by Myshu

Star Fox 40,000: Realm of Chaos by GamerJay

Thierry by Stinger - VXR42

The Romantic Get Away by StarFoxChic

Welcome by Ice Fox 111

Observance by Roy Fokker 99th

Gasp! A Collection of Random Star Fox Events by Ice Fox 111

Star Fox G-Wing: Call to Arms by SF Ghost

The Catastrophe of War by Link McCloud

XIII by Ice Fox 111

Bitter Taste of Tears by OrangeKat

The Remnant by knightcommander

StarFox: Fire and Ice by TrailerFlip

A Journey Apart by Fox MC

Grim Swordsman by Ariaz

Progenita by OrangeKat

Star Fox: The Mercenary Wars by Foxmerc

Fox and Krystal’s Night Out by TrailerFlip

Silhouettes by Simba McCloud

The Son’s Loss by RaymondS

Star Fox 40,000 by GamerJay

Bloodkin, Save Me, and Silence all by Asika

Slippy’s Mistletoe by gamecube professional

Star Fox: Travesty of Doubt by Pogiforce-14

Macabre Events by Josie Okami

The Annals of Wolf: I Hate Life by Ferrix

The Twelve Misunderstood Days of Christmas by Sol-Ratcht Saporro

Mentionable Authors

SF Ghost

SF Ghost is by far one of the most popular authors here in the Star Fox section. In fact, his sheer talent as an author has earned him the amount of praise worthy of a literary god. This man has written one incredible masterpiece that has thrust him into the Star Fox section spotlight. Star Fox G Wing: Call to Arms has emerged to rival the best stories in this section that have ever been written. This beautifully written piece of literature is amazingly fast-paced and full of action, while at the same time delivering extremely well-detailed writing that transports the reader into another world. He has big plans for G-Wing, so everyone can be looking forward to much more! In addition, he has recently published a oneshot entitled Contrition,which is certain to trick even the most wary reader with its unbelievably well-thought character description. Originally intended for the Star Fox Anthology project (now dead), Contrition proves that originality can breathe life into even the most cliched concept. SF Ghost reads as much as he writes, and he is sure not to ignore the stories posted every day, leaving behind words of wisdom that only he can so eloquently speak. To top if off, he is a wonderful individual and is never shy to send a PM or two and chat about a bit of fantasy or science fiction. Who knew that Vikings could be such accomplished, humorous writers?


Personally, I owe GamerJay my writing inspiration. His story, Star Fox: 40,000, was one of the stories that first got me hooked into the Star Fox section and also inspired me to write my own story. His latest sequel, Star Fox 40,000: Realm of Chaos, is even better than the original story and is most certainly what one would expect from a writer like GamerJay. Though still a bit rough around the edges, his writing cannot go unnoticed, and he is well on the way to ranking among the best authors here in the Star Fox section.

Link McCloud

If you thought it impossible to combine Star Fox and supernatural science fiction, you better think again. Link McCloud is also well on his way to becoming one of the best authors of Star Fox, which is clearly evident by his story, The Catastrophe of War. His story is complete with a lightening-fast plot, full of unexpected surprises, and swirled together with a supernatural twist that makes his story one of the most original Star Fox stories you can find. In addition, Link is perhaps one of the greatest Zelda players in existence, for he has played Ocarina of Time well over 80 times! If you're stuck at the cursed Water Temple, give him a jingle, and he'll be sure to entertain you with a joke or two and give you some helpful hints to become a master with Link. Unfortunately, his story has drastically slowed down due to a lack of writing time, but rest assured that TCoW is far from dead!


If ever there existed an author who could paint a million dollar picture with nothing but the English language, knightcommander would be that author. His story, The Remnant, is so heavily detailed that the reader practically forgets they live on Earth. The description found in his story is incredibly vivid, and anything you could imagine is described in amazing quality. I doubt that anyone in the Star Fox section has come close to rivaling knightcommander's talent in description. He is sure not to overlook the other aspects of writing, either. The Remnant has a deep plot that will keep you hooked until the last word, and you'll never bore of the massive description that melds into the storyline.

Ice Fox 111

Hail all parody-addicts! There does exist raw and uncontrolled Star Fox humor, and Ice Fox is the one who writes it. Hail all suspense-addicts! There does exist a story full of action, blood, gore, horror, suspence, and cruelty, and Ice Fox is the one who writes it. Ice Fox 111 is a wonderful author who gets a lot of his inspiration from Fox the Cave II. This is apparent in his story, XIII, which is rather well-written and is sure to make you squirm in your seat and shock you with both suspence and horror. Throughout his writing, he's sure to keep up a good pace and not to leave out too many details. One might think, judging from his writing, that he doesn't have a humorous side to him, but don't be fooled. Gasp! A Random Collection of Star Fox Events is incredibly funny, and you'll be certain to laugh if you are at all familiar with Coca-Cola and Star Fox. This isn't necessarily a story, but rather a completely random and hilarious compilation of random thoughts. Ice Fox makes good fun of some of the accomplished writers here, as well as torment the Star Fox team as if they are his puppets. As if these weren't enough, Ice Fox possesses some of the greatest talent in character description, as evident in his story Purity. This masterpiece will be sure to make your jaw drop, and you'll be feeling the same pain that his protagonist does within seconds. Just make sure that you look deep beneath the surface of this story and identify with the theme, for if you don't, I can guarantee you won't enjoy the story. Make sure you read his stories, for they are sure to entertain both your dark and humorous sides.

Fox the Cave (II)

Fox the Cave was popularly known for being one of the best authors here in the Star Fox section and he published many astounding stories. He's recently decided to start anew with new upcoming stories, which many of us are looking forward to reading. Though he may not be continuing the old stories, he is still Fox the Cave and still has left multiple excellently written reviews, leaving bits of advice that only one as knowledgeable as he in writing Star Fox can know. His reviews are certainly harsh at times, but he knows what he's talking about and is a very respectable author. Any words of wisdom you might receive from him should be heeded closely, and if you're recognized by him, you should consider it an honor. I encourage you to check out his new stories once they are published, for you will be blown away by the sheer quality of writing his stories have.

Sir Raphael

Perhaps one of the youngest accomplished writers here in the Star Fox section, Sir Raphael has constructed multiple science fiction stories that are sure to leave you fulfilled with satisfaction . His two most notable stories, Black Skies and Through Unheard Eyes are excellently written, and Raphael shows great talent in portraying original space battles. The reader will follow a small band of otters during the Aparoid Invasion, and it'll be nigh impossible to not become engrossed in the science fiction that Raphael presents. I certainly recommend his works, for they are a milestone in Star Fox science fiction stories! Raphael is involved in far more than just writing, and he is the creator of the ingenius Database Three, a resource created by some of the best authors in the Star Fox section that beginning authors can access for helpful writing information and to list their stories and request reviews for them from the accomplished authors who founded the database.


Though I have not personally read his stories, I don't have to in order to praise his talent as perhaps one of the greatest trilogy-writers of all time. Darth has constructed a simply astounding masterpiece of a storyline, packed to the brim in a 6-part series of stories lasting well into 30 chapters. This accomplishment alone proves that he has a boundless imagination, and is certainly capable of dragging the reader through such a gargantuan story fulfilled with a very extensive and enjoyable plot. Unfortunately, his stories have received very few reviews, likely because of the sheer size he presents in the 6-part installment. Don't let that discourage you, and I guarantee that you will enjoy his story as soon as you sit down and lose yourself in the world he creates. Darth is also certain to review your story if you ask him, and he possesses one of the best imaginative minds in the Star Fox section as evident by his involvement with the story game design forum.

Star Fox: The Story Video Game

This is a forum that I created to experiment with the idea of designing the next Star Fox game out of some of the well-written stories published here on FanFiction. The concept was talked about between myself and SF Ghost in its very beginnings, and has now flourished into a popular idea and involves several authors. We're all working hard at designing for the next Star Fox game, but it's worth noting that we aren't coding any of these games or presenting them to Nintendo. Instead, we're taking all of the important concepts of every game (cut-scenes, characters, boss battles, music, etc.) and adapting each story to become a written design for publishing here on FanFiction. Come and join in on the fun, everyone is welcome!

The first story that we are working on is Like a Vixen Scorned by The Oracle. Our pace is very slow, but as DarthVenom2 noted, there is absolutely no rush for us, and we have no deadlines. You can check our progress at any time. Also, we are currently working on Star Fox Stories: Battle of the OC's, which is essentially a Super Smash Bros. game featuring all of the original characters found in our stories. This side-project is a lot of fun, and seems to be almost more productive than the actual designing!

Collision of Worlds Trilogy

My own story is the Collision of Worlds trilogy. It features not only the main three installments, but several oneshot tie-ins, a Dune (the science fiction series by Frank Herbert) crossover, and heavily focuses on the Imperial Solar System and Cerinia. My inspiration for this story has come from multiple sources, but mostly from Star Fox 40,000 by GamerJay. If it weren't for his story, I never would have had the desire to write! The first installment of my story is published, Sudden Invasion, along with a oneshot tie-in, A New Identity. The second installment will be titled Chronicles of Titania, and the third is Secrets of the Imperialists: Origin of Lylat. For more information about my trilogy, check it out on Database Three!

I don't just write my story, and have written four independent oneshots (two of which are songfics). None of them are related to the trilogy, and they are simply stand-alone oneshots. In addition, I am thinking about a Legend of Zelda story, but I am not sure whether or not I will write it.

Please read and review my stories! I always appreciate knowing what people think, good or bad!

Last Updated: 9/26/08

PM's and emails always welcome! Cheers!

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