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Author has written 6 stories for Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Twilight.

NEWS: (27 Jun) As those who read Ch. 19 of Travel to Fate will know, I did not like how that chapter turned out. It was far too ansty and fluffy and blech for me.

So I deleted it. It's gone. Poof.

Now before people freak out at me, a brand spanking new chapter 19 will be up so soon, it's scary. Seriously. I wrote it tonight. I just need to edit down from my ramblings. But trust me. A LOT happens.

More good news: Ch. 19 will come with a BRAND SPANKING NEW CHAPTER 20! Woah! In which EVEN MORE SHIT HAPPENS! ZOMGZ! Double update freakout!


Helllllooooo to all you persons in cyberspace (waves spaztically to computer screen). Welcome to my page. Enjoy your stay. Kick your feet up, let your hair down. There's fics for your enjoyment as well as a plate of virtual cookies on that table over there (Actual cookies may vary. Virtual carrot sticks available on request.)

A bit about me (in all its random glory!)

-I'm currently enrolled in college as a sophomore and am studying film though if I have any say in the matter, I will be switching to screenwriting.

-Instead of partying and getting wasted, I've spent most of my freshman year on set. I love being on set.

-I got to spend my fall semester as a sophomore living in the Netherlands. In a castle. Best thing I've ever done with my life.

-I LOVE traveling. Seriously. I can't stay in one place for very long without getting bored.

-My dream job is to write sitcoms for the BBC. Or really anything for the BBC. I heart the BBC.

-I'm horribly random, laugh at everything, and am bitingly sarcastic. Ergo, most people think I'm insane.

-I spend way too much time in my own head.

-I find humour in everyday life. Unfortunately, no one understands my twisted mind. So I write most of it down and it ends up in one of my work

-I'm obsessed with Keith Harkin. Really, male half of the population, I'm sorry you have to compete with such a gorgeous and talented young musician.

-I am a caffeine addict but I'm trying to cut back a bit. It's really not working.

-I love love love love love music. I played oboe for 6 1/2 years, English horn for 3, saxophone for 2, percussion for 2, and piano for 1 1/2. Now I'm on a break, but I really want to pick up oboe and English horn again.

-I'll listen to just about any genre of music except country. Actually, I'm even warming up to some country. Awkward.

-I don't have a favourite film. I have hundreds.

-I laugh at horror movies.

-I'm terrified of craneflies and cannot eat jello.

-I used to think that any movie could be made better if it's made into a musical. Then High School Musical came out and crushed my dreams.

-I quote things a lot.

-I cuss way too much now

-Sleep is fun. I wish I could do it more often.

-The worst thing about going far off for college is the lack of real food. I can't wait til I can live off campus and cook for myself again


I know some people on this site do request stories. I'd love to get in on that. If there's anything any of you EVER want written or anything you think I should be writing, please send me a message or an email or something! I'll give anything a try and I'll get back to you promptly on if I'll do it or not. If I do choose something you do, I'll totally dedicate it to you and provide a link to your page and your work or give a link to the original work...something promotional, whatever fits.
If you want a sampling of my style, check out Travel to Fate, Ch. 13 especially; its the most recent thing I'm working on and the chapter I'm proudest of so far.



Travel to Fate: (Twilight, JB/OC); Two years after Eclipse, Jacob Black is finally starting to heal from Bella's rejection. Meanwhile, two college students arrive in La Push on assignment from their internship. Switches between OC's POV and Jacob's POV.

Sweet Transvestite: (Harry Potter, JP/LP); James publicly make a fool of himself. threeshot songfic/crackfic

Truce: (Harry Potter, JP/LP); Lily has called a truce with James on the basis of pending romance...but not the romance James so desperately wants. While they try to get their friends together, will they end up getting together? Crackfic drabble, updated whenever I feel like it

Cursed Love (Harry Potter, BZ/OC, HP/OC); What if Draco Malfoy had a sister? What if that sister was in Gryffindor? What if she was best friends with Harry Potter? Her story as she struggles to balance her family's holierthanthou pureblood creed, her friend's beliefs for equality, and the expectations of both parties. ON HIATUS

A New Leaf: (Harry Potter, JP/LP); Lily has to plan a dance for the seventh-years and James sees it as the perfect chance to woo her. ON HIATUS

Daughter of a Eunich, Son of a Pirate: (POTC, OC/OC); Will's daughter wants to see the seas. Jack's son wonders if a pirate's life is really for him. They meet, they speak, and with Jack being his usual conniving self, chaos ensues. ON HIATUS; PENDING DELETION


As always read and review and i'll do the same for you!


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