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Donut Kitty...

In a land far far away from all human civilization, a kitty is born. Yes, a kitty... one who loves donuts like a hobo would love its box. This poor kitty who loved donuts was shunned from its own people after birth, since donuts were forbidden in kitty's homeland.After that, the kitty wandered the earth, delivering donuts to good people and trying to find a purpose in life.
Now known as Donut Kitty, she has found her place writing strange and absurd stories for the scary human population. Though normally too shy to publish anything, this new author has finally made an official account on this site... And now, you can enjoy Donut Kitty's whacky fanfictions just as much as she enjoys donuts.

Also, Donut Kitty beta-reads. But that, my friends, is a story we shall save for another day... (In other words, email me or message me if you want me to beta ANY story for you. My life is boring so I beta for fun.)

Things about Donut Kitty:

Age: 16
Birthday: September 19, 1991
Weight: 98 lbs
Height: 5'1" ((What a BIG KITTY! Certainly nothing my mother would let me keep in our house...))
Other useful/useless information: D: What's useful about a cat that eats donuts?

Ok, on a more serious note now, I seriously can't get ANY of my stories to load on this site! It's so completely frustrating! If anyone knows how to maybe correct my problem, PLEASE do not hesitate to email me! I typed a WHOLE HUGE STORY just to find out it didn't load. I'll try again on my new computer but... ehh... some how I don't think it'll work! I'm not optimistic, nor am I pessimistic... I'm just REALISTIC and if it's not working on the big mama of my computers then why would it work on little compy junior?

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