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Allo all. I'm Jarred...hence the screen-name...I'm 26, a Senior majoring in Liberal Arts (I know I'm old, but I was in the Army 4 years so I kinda got behind on the whole school thing). I'm not a fan of strictly and/or forced pairing fiction, well paced and believable pairing I can deal, but too much focus is put on trying to make someone be in love with someone else and the "convenient" way in which things progress completely hurts the over-all story. I've seen it done well, but I've seen it done atrociously...so much that I couldn't read it, but to those who are that type of writer I simply say, "To each their own. Some people like that, some don't, but at least people are trying to find a creative outlet."

I hate being labeled as lazy, or un-creative because I write fan-fiction. Essentially anyone who has ever written a comic book (unless they created the character), can be called a fan-fic writer, because they are taking pre-conceived and created characters and adding their own spin. So ultimately a fan-fic writer is a writer who just chose a different outlet than original fiction. There are some excellent writers here, and to take away from their skill just because it's fan-fiction, is wrong on so many levels.

I write stories under both Power Rangers and Ninja Turtle fandoms, as well as one or two in something else...but not primarily. I have a few rules that I live by, I will not write explicit sex scenes...heck not even overt adult situations in a sexual manner...unless it can be used for humorous intent. I like to laugh, and as such I like to write humorous characters (apparently people say my Michelangelo is scarily accurate at times...but that's just the way I am...so I relate). Sometimes I fall into Whedon-isms (dialogue influenced by Joss Whedon's writing...such as adding "y" at the end of worse...such as power-y...for example...or going off into random rants...sorry) If I write a Power Ranger fiction, I will never, under any circumstance, have the characters swearing. Why? Because there is never a situation that any of the Rangers or their enemies have swore, and therefore it is not in their characters. It's not a moral standing I mean there is swearing in Ninja Turtles and as such I will use it occasionally in the dialogue, because in certain iterations (the comics, the movies) they do in fact swear.

Apart from that, I really got nothing much else to say at this time. So later.

As far as TV goes:

Veronica Mars (the best show on television that no one watches, it was canceled and I blame you all for not watching)

Bones (Newest Addiction)

Xena (Stickler for that show)

Angel (Better than Buffy)

Buffy (Worse than Angel)

Power Rangers (I think it's the bright colors, they consume souls)

TMNT (classic and new)

South Park (How can you not like South Park)

Futurama (I was ecstatic when it got re-newed for 2010)

The L Word (Don't ask, I really don't know why)

Bleach (Adam from PR does the main character's voice)

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (An awesomely funny Nickelodeon show)

Other shows I'm sure, those are just the faves


Rocky series (It's not how hard you can hit, it's how hard you can get hit, how much you can take and keep moving forward)

Princess Bride (My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to die)

TMNT 1 and 2, as well as 4 (Bossanova! Bossanova? Chevy Nova?)

Saved (Mandy Moore, "I am filled with Christ's Love," hits Jenna Malone with a Bible, it's funny)

But I'm a Cheerleader (Because I have an odd attraction to Natasha Lyonne)

The Mask (Why? Because I gotta)

Dazed and Confused (The best thing about highschool girls, I keep getting older, they stay the same age)

Wayne's World (We're not worthy)

Mulan (Drag-on, I don't do that tongue thing)

Disney's Robin Hood (Ooo-di-lally)

Chucky films (I'll come back, I always come back...but dying is such a bitch)

And anything with Jay and Silent Bob (Snoochie Boochies)


Expendable (Part of the League of People's Series)

Michael Crichton's books (Not just the one's with Dinosaurs)

DaVinci Code (The movie sucked, curse you Ron Howard)

The Harry Potter Books ('Nuff said)

Others as well (Reading makes you looks smart)

Fave TV/Movie/Etc Characters:

Mac (Veronica Mars, I loooove her)

Chloe (Smallville, love her less than Mac)

Michelangelo (Every version)

Donatello (TMNT movie version)

Willow and Tara (Buffy, best alternative lifestyle couple ever)

Dick Van Dyke (He's a very funny man, plus his name is funny)

Yuffie (You know her, "Great Ninja" from FFVII amd Kingdom Hearts 1&2)

Spike (Buffy/Angel awesome bleach blonde who's not only funny but kinda an ass)

Rocky Balboa (Getting strong now)


Flogging Molly (an Irish themed pub rock band with a violent name)

Dropkick Murphys (similarly an Irish themed pub rock band with a violent name...I sense a theme)


Relient K

Cute Is What We Aim For

Jeremy Camp

Jennifer Knapp


Words: (all three of these words sound bad, but totally aren't)




Others TBA

Jarred Fouche'

Growing old is mandatory, growing up though, is completely optional.

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