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Author has written 9 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Blood+, Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Digimon, Kingdom Hearts, and Death Note.

NOTICE--I am the author on this site known as Saffyre Neko--for unknown reasons, I can't log on anymore. Huh. I was frustrated at first, but now I simply have this new account. That is why I have the same authors and stories under my faves including my account, and why this profile is nearly identical to the other one. Just so ya know. Now, onto the REAL profile~~

WAIT-Please do NOT just skip this section if you've somehow stumbled across it. If you read nothing else here, please read this: I'm an offbeat anime author that loves to write, and I'd also love it if you'd enjoy my stories. I can't promise that I'll update constantly, 'cause then I'd be lying. But please bear with me if you're interested, and stop by once in a while to see if things have changed--much thanks!

Now, if you decided to continue reading my profile-allow me to introduce myself! I am Saffyre Neko, formerly known as Dark Raven. My name has been changed to fit my favorite color which sapphire is-indigo-and to honor my favorite animal ever, cats! To know more about me, keep readin'...


My Bio:

Name: None of ya business!


Sign: Cancer, year of the earth snake

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Gray-blue

Gender: Girl

Heritage: Mostly European, mainly Irish and Dutch

I Live in: California, USA

Hobbies: TV, internet, video games, art, poetry, music, anything anime

Personality: Unique, kinda shy, quiet, talkative, friendly, insane

Blood+ Character I'm Most Like: Riku

Bleach Character I'm Most Like: Rukia

Death Note Character I'm Most Like: Rem

Digimon Character I'm Most Like: Matt/Yamato (1st season), Ken (2nd season)

Naruto Character I'm Most Like: Kakashi

FB Character I'm Most Like: Hatori and Yuki

FMA Character I'm Most Like: Alphonse Elric and Maes Hughes

IY Character I'm Most Like: Kikyou and Kagura

YYH Character I'm Most Like: Kurama (Suichii)

DBZ Character I'm Most Like: Android 16 and Dende

KH Character I'm Most Like: Roxas

Favorite Bands: Basically most rock, pop and electronica...basically a VERY long list of rock bands, both alternative and classic--

Anime I've seen: Full Metal Alchemist, Digimon, Fruits Basket, DB, DBZ, DBGT, Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai X, Yu Yu Hakusho, Inu Yasha, Tenchi Muyo, Tenchi Universe, Cyborg 009, Code Lyoko (Although it's really a french show, but I'm putting it under this category because did too), Cowboy Bebop,One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Blood Plus, Death Note, Pokemon (A LONG time ago).

Manga I have/collect: Death Note, Fruits Basket, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Blood+.

Number of Anime Movies I Have: sixty six!

Number of Manga I Have: Fourteen...

Favorite Anime: Death Note, Naruto, Blood Plus and Bleach, currently--

Fave Cartoon: Avatar, The Last Airbender

Fave Video Game: Kingdom Hearts I & II! IT ROCKS!

Fave KH Characters: I LUFF Roxas! So sweet and loving, yet frustrated, misunderstood and ridden with angst because he's confused about who and what he really is. Makes me want to cry...Sora's awesome, too! Both have such dreamy eyes...

Favorite FMA Characters: Edward! He rocks and he's soooo hot! Such a perfect blend of angstiness, temper tantrums, cheerfulness, and overall sweetness all in one character! What more could you ask for?

Favorite FB Characters: Kyou Sohma! He is the EMBODIMENT of hotness and he's so irresistable! Plus, he's a cat, and they're my favorite animal! Yuki Sohma is also very handsome...

Fave DP Characters: Danny Fenton/Phantom

Favorite IY Characters: Inu Yasha! He is cool 'cause he's sooo sweet and gentle even though he acts all tough and rowdy. (And he pretends to act dense)

Favorite DBZ characters: Trunks and Juunanagou (Android 17), of course!

Favorite YYH Characters: HIEI! So cold, yet so loving under his tough exterior...well, at least that's what I think. Kurama/Youko Kurama is awesome too, though my second favorite.

Favorite Naruto Characters: Sasuke. Some people hate him cuzz of his attitude and he's "emo", but I think if all the crap that happened to him when he was little happened to you, you'd have a chip on your shoulder too. I don't think he's as "hot" as most of the Naruto gals do, but he's my fave all the same...I also love Shikamaru, Gaara, and Kakashi's cool. And Rock Lee...he's cute! Such a sweetheart!!

Fave Digimon Characters: Ken, because he's a darling and had crap happen to him, and still has guilt issues. Plus he looks and acts so lovable. And Matt/Yamato, because of his obvious good looks and his calm attitude. He's caring and tries to be logical at the same time. I like Taichi also.

Fave Blood+ Characters: I love Karl...his lonely and obsessive nature makes me feel so sad for him. He's one of the few villains I really love...he doesn't deserve the things that happen to him. Also Kai. I love how devoted he is--he gives up so much for the sister he loves. He never gives up and he does a lot to show he cares--plus he's good looking and his moodiness cracks me up! I like Solomon too--handsome and charming--and Moses, he really goes through so much but he still cares for his friends...

Fave Bleach Characters: Toushirou--He's one of those guys who looks even cuter than he already is when he gets all annoyed and serious. His loyalty to Momo is sweet... and I love Ichigo! Even though he always has a frown plastered on his face, he's really a different person than the 'image' he puts up. I adore his strong protective streak--and his embarassment around not-so-dressed women is both adorable and hilarious! And his looks don't hurt either--oh, and I also love Yoruichi's cat form.

Fave Death Note Characters: Matt--although he isn't in the manga or anime for very long, it's obvious that he's really awesome. Also, I love Mello. His unbalanced emotions make him lots of fun...and I adore his chocolate fetish. And of course, L. Obviously. I mean everyone else loves him. He's cute, he's a friggin' genius, and...his little quirks and habits are just so darn adorable.

Plus I also LOVE Kohaku the dragon river spirit from Spirited Away!! He's so sweet and kind and handsome and loving. He friggin' rocks!!

Fave Gals of KH: KAIRI! She's really cool and tougher than she looks. I don't know why so many folks hate her...I think Namine's an interesting gal, too.

Fave Gal of Naruto: Hinata. She a very kind-hearted and sweet girl, who's also kick-ass when she isn't afraid to show it.

Fave Gal of Bleach: Rukia--tough and kind-hearted.

Fave Gal of Blood: Saya--she has so much crap and love issues happening with her that I'm amazed with how well she's able to handle it.

Fave Gal of Digimon: Kari/Hikari. She'd do anything to help those she cares about.

Fave Gal of FMA: Riza! Total cool-ness!

Fave Gal of FB: Kisa! SO adorable...!

Fave Gal of DP: Jazz is awesome.

Fave Gal of DBZ-Android 18, or Juuhachigou, is so cool!

Fave Gal of YYH: Yukina! So sweet...

Fave Gal of DN: Misa. I know there aren't many significant gal characters to choose from, but...I like how she's always honest and sincere. She speaks from her heart. I think that's really important since she's surrounded by people who are either super-secretive or just plain dishonest. So I like that about her. Also...Sayu, since she's really cute, and I like Naomi. I feel so sorry for her.

Favorite Couples:

DBZ--Trunks/Pan (Mirai or not...I don't care), Pan/Juunanagou, Juunana/Juuhachi

YYH--Hiei/Yukina (I don't know why I like the brother/sister incest...I just think Juunana/Juuhachi and Hiei/Yukina are adorable together...and I'd rather read stories of them if they're not related) Also, Botan/Kurama - They're so kawaii! I also love many other people paired with Hiei, including Keiko, Shizuru, young Genkai and Kagome from Inu Yasha.

IY--Inu Yasha/Kagome and Inu Yasha/Kikyou. Also Kohaku and Rin.

FMA--Hmm...Curious, I don't have any favorite couples in this anime...although I do think Edward and Winry are cute together...I also like strange couples like Edward/Lust, and Ed/Rose...

FB--Kyou and Tohru totally rock as a couple! It's so obvious they have feelings for each other and their personalities fit so well. Tohru/Yuki is also sweet, but that would mean Kyou would be rejected! ;_; He needs her way more than Yuki. Lastly, I sorta like Kyou/Kagura...but only because Kagura looks like me! ;;)

KH--Of course, the classic couple, Sora 'n Kairi! I luff Roxas with Namine, too! I also like couples like Roxas and Kairi. I like my regular doses of crack--the internet term, people--

Digimon--Ken and Hikari is my total favorite. Both are really kind and can support one another, and they look so cute together! I don't care what the end of the 2nd season says!! I've also grown to like Takato and Jerri (I don't know the gal's Japanese name) together quite a lot. So sweet--

Naruto: I have four faves, most to least favorite in this order--Sasuke/Hinata, Rock Lee/Sakura, Sasuke/Sakura and Naruto/Hinata. I think that if Hinata got over her crush on Naruto and Sasuke would drop his guard emotionally, they would really be good for each other. They would understand each other better than anyone else, in my opinion, because of everything they have been through. Both have sibling issues, in different ways, too. I think that Rock Lee and Sakura would be so CUTE together if she gave him a chance. Rock Lee is so adorable when he gets all love-struck with Sakura. It's so sweet. I think Sasuke and Sakura would work and be a nice couple if they were older, and Sakura was more mature. (That whole fangirl craziness is the best way to drive any guy away) Also, it would definitely help is Sasuke wasn't so driven by revenge and if he hadn't left the village later on. It isn't easy to have any kind of a relationship when that's constantly going on. Lastly, I think Naruto and Hinata are simply a cute couple. Naruto would just have to grow up a little so he'd realize Hinata likes him, and Hinata would need to be a little less shy.

Blood: Karl and Saya--it really is a one-sided relationship, but Karl's desperation and loneliness make it a very intriguing pairing. And Saya and Kai--I know they're considered family, but both of them were adopted so they aren't blood-related. And Kai falls in love with her in the anime anyway--I really think it's just so sweet how he would do anything for her, and stop her from ruining her life. He knows how to make her happy...

Bleach: Ichigo and Rukia. They fight like siblings, but they're both caring under the surface too, and I think they would be good for each other...they can really open up to eachother. Besides, their relationship and when they met in the first place plays a huge part in the story--

Death Note: Matt and Mello--the first, and currently only yaoi pairing I adore. They're both such amazing guys, I think that both of 'em together would be lovely. Matt seems like the kind of guy who can keep Mello calm and grounded, while Mello can give Matt excitement--which I'm sure he'd love, since fun is pretty much all Matt really wants. And for the most part, their personal lives aren't really discussed in the anime/manga, so why not? ...And can I hear L and Misa? ; D Seriously, though--there should be a lot more fics of that couple online. Misa deserves someone better than Light and L just doesn't get enough love. -cries- Plus, they're so cute together and they'd be one hilarious combo. = D

And I could never foget Kohaku and Chihiro from Spirited Away!! One of the few canon couples I love!! If you want to know why I love them together, see the movie for yourself--

Favorite Genres: Romance, Humor, and romance tragedies. I also looove angst (no idea why...).

Least Favorite Couples: Most yaoi, I don't think it's gross, I just don't like it. (Although I have one Fruits Basket story with yaoi under my list of faves, but that's because it's an overall awesome story) Also mixed generations/most incest like Yusuke/Atsuko.

'Kay,well that's basically who I am... so please come here to find stories I recommend and I promise you they won't be a waste of your time. THANKS TO ALL READERS AND REVIEWERS!

Just so you know: All the above stuff about the characters and couples, etc. are my OPINIONS. So please do not take it personally.

Love to ya all~~

My Fanfics and Their Current Status: Note: My stories will all be found in DeviantArt under my name, SaffyreNeko. I'm sorry but I have to do this to prevent the a-holes on this site from taking them down again and from losing reviews.


So these are my stories...

1. Things the YYH Crew Would Never Say-As one of the reviewers said, this fic contains random scenes of hilarity! There are 50 pages worth of it--however only two of the chapters are on, otherwise it isn't currently online--

2. My Last Breath-one-shot and Completed-Hiei/Yukina, bittersweet ending. PLEEZ RNR. This story is on and DeviantArt unedited. (As in rated probably know the reason.)

3. Deep Thoughts: A Collection of YYH Poems-These are a bunch of poems from different characters point of view. There are around twelve in all. Also up on and DeviantArt.

4. Scars of Regret-Complete-These are angst poems from Edward Elric's point of view. There are three in all--also up on DeviantArt.

5. Love's Today and Yesterday-Complete-Two Inu Yasha poems in his POV, one about Kikyou and the other about Kagome--pretty self-explanatory. Up on DeviantArt also.

6. Painting-Complete-A Digimon poem (2nd Season) focusing on Ken's point of view--struggling with his evil self and what he went through to get rid of that side he had. Also posted on DeviantArt.

7. Two Sides of the Same Heart - Two Kingdom Hearts poems, one in Sora's point-of-view as I imagined he'd be in KH 2, before the game came out--the other has Roxas's POV and focuses on his reasons for existence... Also posted on DeviantArt.

8. No Other Way- A Naruto poem in Sasuke's point of view. About his past, his brother and the whole revenge deal--I guess it's a good way to sum it up in poetry form. Up on DeviantArt. (Will post here later--)

9. Secret Confession and Letting Go- This Blood+ fic is something I started the weekend before Thanksgiving '07--it's in Kai's point of view, about his rather confusing relationship with Saya. Since she's family, later on the only person he's close to who survives, and he falls in love with her...things get complicated. Yeah. 'Nuff said. XD Will be updated ?? (When I have the time and inspiration)

10. Dangerous Game- A Death Note Poem from Light's point of view. He's all dramatic and 'I'm God hear me roar rahh' only more interesting. It explains how he sees what he's doing as 'divine judgement' and matters concerning L. Up on DeviantArt (Will post here later--)

11. Keep a Secret- A Death Note romance-drama concerning L and Misa. I have a general idea of what I want this story to be like, but I'm also improvising. It's made up of vignettes that make up the entire story. The story is narrated by both L and Misa. (Also contains humor and angst) Also up on DeviantArt.

My Stories Coming Up:

More poems, fics at times... I will no longer be adding details here. You will simply have to be surprised!

As you may have noticed, I will not be putting my future stories, or any updates for that matter, on There are two reasons for that: First, I've been having a lot of trouble just getting on that site for some reason (no, there aren't any parental controls), and second, because of the flamers. Most of them seem to read stuff on that site, and they're so damn annoying. Hope you understand, and read my other stories on DeviantArt and Media, instead! Thankies -

PLEASE R&R! PLEASE CHECK OUT ALL MY ART AND WRITING ON DeviantArt, UNDER MY NAME SaffyreNeko-- I thank you sincerely!!

ONE LAST NOTICE--I won't always be putting up fics or poems, so don't expect that. But I have plenty of faves having to do with DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, Full Metal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Danny Phantom, Kingdom Hearts, Digimon, Naruto, Blood+ and Bleach. So check 'em out! I'll have more periodically.

Much love, and see ya-Saffyre Neko

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