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~~~Story info~~~

I've been gone for a while! But I'm finally back with a new story, a long one too, not just a one shot. It's been a while hasn't it! It's called Dreams of Running and it's a hurt/comfort fic. I really need to know if the idea is too confusing for people to follow because there are basically 3 seperate ideas running parallel to eachother and it makes sense to me... but.. please tell me in your review if you understand what's going on! thanks!!!

~~~My fav. House info~~~

I love all genres and all parings in House fics!Angst and drama fics are probably my favorite though. And House/Wilson friendships are wonderful. I don't really have a favorite pairing, I'll read them all. I don't believe that all pairings correspond to the plot line of the TV show, but hey, that's what fanfiction is for. I enjoy any story that's well-written and true to the characters. I lied. (Everyone lies) I don't enjoy all fics. I don't particularly enjoy Mary Sue fics. If you're going to write a Mary Sue fic please don't write the cheesy ones where some dreamy-eyed girl falls into House's lap and heals all his pain, that is not true to the characters at all. I see the need for created characters (seeing as new characters are introduced with every episode) but please don't make them Mary Sues. Now that my plea to the universe is over.

~~~Random info about me!~~~

I'm a seventeen year old singer and writer. I'm a farely chaotic person by nature, who loves to laugh. I'm adventurous and creative. I work a lot on my own fiction work, but enjoy writing fanfiction as well. Some of my fiction work is posted at I love talking with my friends and creating the insane chaos that we usually do. I do most of my writing late at night when everyone I know is asleep so that i won't get distracted. I'm fairly nosey by nature. And I love to sing. I'm singing nearly all the time. Mostly I sing Broadway and some opera. I love rock and roll tho...unfortunately I can't sing it very well...I do try...which is scary. I dream of working on Broadway some day, hopefully playing in some of my favorite musicals (namely RENT, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera)

~~~Warning about me! hee hee~~~

Ooh, and a warning, I am a fairly blunt person when I review. I tend to give my honest opinion (this isn't to say that I flame), I'm not rude and nasty about my opinion but when I see room for improvement I say so. I note what I believe is wrong with a story and inform the author about this. I try to give constructive criticism so please don't be offended. I would of course enjoy the same courtesy from my reviewers, if you are going to leave me a review, I would most enjoy your honest opinion, but be constructive and if you believe that my stories were terrible, please tell me why so that I may improve upon those errors. And if you do decide to leave a flame (I actually find flames very amusing) have the honor and courage to leave your real pen name or email with that very amusing rant. "If you're gonna flame, leave a name!" But I'm really a nice person, so try not to take my comments the wrong way.

I'm a bit of a grammar and spelling freak (even though I'm not the most amazing speller on the planet) I will comment on any glaring errors that I find in people's stories. It's much easier to read a story when it's been edited so that a reader can focus on reading the story instead of being distracted by all the errors. If you need a beta, please see my forum

~~~More about my beta-ing~~~

If you're interested send me a message through here and I'll work with whatever system you are most comfortable with. My email is listed on this page, so send me your story through there.

"Only love and music are forever"

~Erik (The Phantom of the Opera)

All my love! And keep writing, reading, and reviewing!

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Cold Call by Double Dog reviews
House makes some phone calls. May be read as a oneshot or as a darker alternative ending to Standoff.WARNING: Character death, although it's in the past.
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Birthday reviews
A semifluffy Snape fic in honor of the new book that centers around Snape's poignant memories of his birthdays and where he spent them. Kinda sad, but mostly just cute, an exploration into Severus's human side. Enjoy!
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House's obsession with his dreams of running is pushing him towards insanity. Not to mention a case that leaves a girl in as much pain as him. Not to mention Tritter's torture to make House admit his adiction. But which reality is real? T for language
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Picking Up The Pieces reviews
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House, M.D. - Rated: T - English - Romance/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 727 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 11 - Published: 8/20/2006 - J. Wilson, G. House - Complete
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