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Author has written 7 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, Invader Zim, and Pokémon.

Hullo, I'm Harriet. I'm 18 and in college studying Biology. I regard everything I have written on this site previous to 2011 to be absolutely horrid, but if you want to read them then be my guest.

When I'm not updating/reading fanfictions or at school, I like to take care of my pets, draw, play with my Ed puppet that my mom made for me, hang out with my friends, and read. And eat cheese. Mmmm. Cheese. drools

And my favorite kind of pizza is anchovy pineapple. Mmmmmm...

Some of my favorite quotes:

-Sari (one of my friends) quotes:

Eew, look at the eyeballs on that thing.

What if fish wore t-shirts?

I wonder if baboons like cheese...

I want to see a chicken eating ham!

And then! And then!... Yeah.

(me) Roy in a dress! (Sari) That makes me sad...

Harriet, you are a nut job. Ya know that?

Get it off! Get it off! (after being informed there was a moth in her hair)

Nooo my starburst fell on the ground!" (begins to roll on ground) Whoamygawd! Whoamygawd!



Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! (points fingers back and forth at nearby person and begins to jump up and down)

A lot of people are emo.

Gaara is not a nerd!

If you make me and Russel make out a lot, I swear...

You do need help.


Maes Hughes looks like an otter.

Hoenheim looks like a walrus.

Don Patch is an idiot.

And then some gorillas with machetes...

Omygawsh! A broom!

Root did NOT die! And neither did Maes Hughes! YOU'RE LYING!

RoyEd fics are just... Eeeargh! Bleeah! Yucko!

I want to make out with a laundry basket.


Harriet, I'm not your friend. I don't know you. Who are you?

September 25th has been turnip day for a year now.

Jellyfish do explode, ya know?

I don't know. I think it's our friend. I forgot.

Eeew, you're drooling.

You're not my sister anymore.

You. Drawing anime head. Glasses girl. You with the ears!

Umm... There's a person... On his tongue...

I will not respond.

What? Let's fart at ceiling fans?

Two plus two equals... Hey, the computer's wrong.

I forgot.

Your equation is so unreasonable that it's like saying this desk is equal to cheese.

Do you know what I think 'bout your frog pencil holder? WELL, you unzip its back and that's kinda like cutting it open. And then it reminds me of that game operation, and the pencils are those things. Like pencils in the arm.

Yay for Maes.

Armstrong should put on a shirt, like, please?

Is everything I say gonna be a quote now?

Roy needs a new haircut.

Oh my god, look at that guy on tv! He's so ugly!

Look! A giraffe! (points out of car window)

Let's blow this pop stand!

The mailman's an astronaut, and nobody beleives me!

My favorite wall is the floor.

Caitlin, help me find the microwave.

-Magi (Sari's sister) quotes

Why did you burp in my ear?

What the-? Harriet, y'know...

Harriet, shut up...

Don't poke me.

Honestly, Harriet, what do you see in Gasser?

(imitates Beauty) Oh, Gas-can!

Eat with your mouth closed.


I hate you.

Why do I have to know you?

She's trying to think.

Those people have really big heads.


You're such a spoiler.

Harriet, why do you have to tell me that?

I can't believe you!

Calculator man!

Neither did me.

You have man feet!

Aww, I got the dolphin reject!

(looks at hentai) Hmm.

You kissed a guy with a unibrow!

-Magi and Sari's dad

Oh, Shari, you can't have pretzels? Well, how 'bout a spoonful of instant mashed potatoes?

Want some pork rinds? They're delic- eew, that's an ugly one!

-Shari (another friend) quotes


I wanna glomp Jack Sparrow!

Envy's sitting over there. (motions to empty seat in cafeteria)

I wanna glomp Envy!

Foaly is my boyfriend.

Jack Sparrow is my boyfriend.

Envy is my boyfriend.

I have more imaginary boyfriends than you do.

I want to see a chicken eat ham!

The meaning of life is POTATOES.

Normal is cheese.

Ooooh, a finger!

-Julia's quotes

My pants were inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist.

That guy is hot.

Are you going to Tekkoshocon?

This earring looks like a supernova, and this one looks like a gem-studded condom!

I probably gave them MRSA, I've been hugging people from Mt. Lebanon.


What if pickles had brains?

Just keep chewing on your cup, Harriet.

Yes, I do want to suck Phillip.

-Jay (my imaginary friend)

You know you want to...

(is watching Family Guy) Earsex? Kinky, but no thanks.

Cichlids make me horny. P:

MY GOD, can she go a week without mentioning handcuffs or condoms?! (talking about Julia)

Hehehehe... squeezy boy. XD

I feel like a dead chipmunk.

That talk bubble looks like a sperm.

-Naomi (my adorable little sister)

(points at picture of Armstrong) Boobs.

(singing her favorite song) And then the pirates BANGED the pony! And it was dead! And it was on fiiiiire! Because it was deeeeead! And then it explooooded! And it died, and the chi-old was saaad. And then it waked up! But it was deeeead and it explooodeeed. And it was on fiiiire...

I burped in my diaper.


(is playing Pingus) Harriet, I'm going to explode all the pingus! (presses all explode button, all pingus explode) Boom! Ha ha haaaa! They exploded! Yaaaaaaay! They exploded! Let's eat the blood! Harriet! Let's drink the blood! Yaaaaaaaay! I killed them! They're dead!

I'm gonna lust (no, she has no idea at all what that word means XD) for monkeys!

Wait! I forgot my monkey!

I broked up with the Nickolas with brown eyes, and the Nickolas with blue eyes is my boyfriend now.

When I get married to a man, if he kisses me, I'm gonna say "Eew, gross! That was a sweet baboon kiss!"

You look like a woman-fox!

I can speak to ketchup!

Mine smell like real farts, so I did it!

-my mom

You're on my poopy list.

Your brother's looking for the left -bleep- of Exodia or something like that.

It is undignified for Professor Xavier to scream like a little girl.


Xavier sounds like he's choking on puke when he screams like that...

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, banana phone... AUGH! IT'S STUCK IN MY HEAD AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!

Thor looks like a girl.

He's fuzzy and stinky! What could be better than being fuzzy and stinky?

Hello, mister wuzzum!

Hello, Quozey moto!

Hello, Baccher doodle!

You don't have a penis!

Penis penis penis!

It feels really weird to be driving with unbalanced penguins on my steering wheel.


You can't measure your armpit.

I can fit four Cheerio's in my belly button!

-my dad

(on the phone with Mom) Yes, I recommend wearing pants.


Jack Sparrow is a BUMMMMMMM! He drinks RUMMMMMMMM!

It's gonna be really funny when Wolverine screams like little girl!



Eeshaboogimuggum! (cuddles ferret)

(me) -burps- (Shari) Harriet, what do you say? (me) I burped! (Shari) What are you supposed to say? (me, sadly) Excuse me...

I hate RoyEd fanfics. Ed is just way too hot for Roy!


In English class we read a short story, and I didn't like the name of one of the characters. His name was Edwin.

Badger cheese!

Want to see my special pictures?

I like my special pictures. (:

Go screw a chipmunk, you fuckass dick head!

I'm droooooling! Look! I'm drooling!

I burped!

Your face! Hahahaha!


What'd you say about back hair?

It doesn't taste good mixed with kool-aid.

Yup, it tastes like coffee. With a lot of sugar. SUGAR! BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!

Here, have a fly that fell down my shirt.

That's MY popcorn! (hits Skyler over head with bag of popcorn XD)

And now... (BELCH!) ... you shall die.

I'm farting while I'm singing.

(whispering) But I likes mah boots.

What monkey is tha- I mean what movie is that?

Jay is happy today.

OMG you definitely don't want to know what Jay just said... ... ... Well, do you?

It's like finding an avocado in your head. It's just not right.

Crouching mango, hidden bacon!

Wrath does NOT have a penis on his foot!

The foot-penis is after you, Magi.

Here, Magi. Sign the clock.

Don't Swiffer the walls!!

Jay ish teh shmex.

I'm gonna kick you!!... er, with my hand!

Well, it's more sanitary than buttsex.


Dad: Woof woof! (holds up stuffed animal)

Me: -,-; That's a cat.

Dad: Oh. Meow meow!

Naomi: You suck!

Me: Suck what?

Naomi: Banana!

Jay: ZOMG WTF?! She did not just say that! XD

Me: XD!

Me: What kind of idiot tries to chop down a tree with a sledgehammer?!

Ricky: We did!

David: No, seriously, we did.

Skyler: Affirmative.

Me: -,-' You guys are morons. But mostly Skyler.

Julia: Is there a body part that begins with a P?

Me: ... XD!!

Julia: Oh... ew... I didn't think of that... DX

Random guy: I hate everyone.

Random guy 2: I need a goddamn muffin!

Me: Can I have some popcorn?

Magi: No, you're naked.

Jay: raises hand That would be my fault...

Maji: Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water...

Me: Jack fell down and they got it on and took care of a baby forever!

Magi: O_o... HAHAHAHA!! XD!!

-people from the BPHS anime club

Congratulations. You have a screwed up mind.

Can I worship your drawing?

A spork. It has to be a spork. FEAR THE SPORK!

Don't touch me.

-people at school

Lindsay: What's a compact disk? random person: A cd. Lindsay: Ohhhh.

(this next quote is part of a theater arts game where the goal is to get someone to get off the couch by saying something)

Phill: (sits down) I have explosive diarrhea. other kid: (stands up) rest of class: (laughs violently) Lindsay: Hahahaha... Um... I don't get it.

Rommie: Poop'd on it!

Rommie: I'm wearing my laughter pants.

Ms Totty: RAHR! Venn diagram!! (shoves venn diagram in student's face)

Ms Totty: It smells like "eau de wet students" in here.

Alyssa: Holy freakin' momma's llamas!!

-quotes from movies and shows

boy- I'm 25 years old! vampire girl- (points down) Is that 25 years old? boy- (looks down and eyes bug out)

Ed- Woopty flippin' doo!

reporter- ...and my tiny little nipples went to France.

-the lamest quote of all time!

that weird alien thing from Cubix- I don't have a head!

-very stupid internet ads

Learn more about "poop" and related topics at Britannica.com

And here is my list of fanfics that are the most extreme!

Award for best real life crossover goes to... Ashiteru!

Award for best OOC fic goes to... The Palm Tree Within!

Award for Mary-Sue-est Mary-Sue goes to... the character Bri from Love by moonlit Blood!

Award for funniest fanfiction goes to... Ask the Cast!

Award for randomest fanfiction goes to... Randomness!

Award for 'omygosh you are so brave to write that' goes to... The Perils of Coffee!

Award for strangest FMA/Disney movie crossover goes to... Riza Encounters a Beasty!

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