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Author has written 11 stories for Martin Mystery, House, M.D., Underworld, Blood Ties, and Avengers.


I currently have ZERO TIME to write as I'm trying to get into a product design program... In order to handle this better and not pass over my two new favorite fandoms like it happened with Treasure Planet (this movie made me get into fanfiction and it's been ten years since and the story I made for this is still awful and no you'll never read it), I've decided to juggle two fics at the same time (isn't that clever? No?). The thing there is, I'll post the finished chapters for each fic in this order: Underworld, Avengers and Sherlock. You may not hear from me in a while, but this is okay since it means I'm not abandoning anything, I'm just working on the appropriate chapter. I hope this keeps me off writer's block, and hopefully it won't take me tooooo long to update.

Timeless (Underworld, sequel to Eternity in Green): I want this fic so much and so badly that I can't write it. Seriously. This fic was my baby but right now I feel it's more like a monster. Every time I read it for corrections, I feel the need to take the story in a completely different direction and have to change the structure of the story. It's all drafted, I know what I want to happen and when, for this as well as the third part (Fic trilogy FTW!), I just can't get to writing it. Don't worry, though, it's coming :)

Duplicity (I love the title, it has the meaning of Loki's two natures, as well as betrayal as two possible definiitons): Avengers! Got my copy of the DVD about a week ago, perfect timing to sit down and write the first chapter of this :) IT will be posted as soon as I finish writing this, and I hope you enjoy it! The concept, cliché as it is, is something that I love. You know, the typical Tony-helps-Loki-becomes-Frostiron kind of thing (featuring My Little Pony in the sense that eventually Sleipnir comes along ;) and yes, that's going to be his nickname from Tony eventually). Frostiron crawled into my heart because of "Nine Lives", "Attack of the Minivengers", "Off the record", "One Touch" and most of all "Shades of Green" so if you haven't read those, DO IT! and to the authors: Big thanks for wonderful fics :)

As-of-yet-unnamed BBC Sherlock fic: I don't even know where I got this idea, but I suddenly wanted very badly to read a h/c fic dealing with blind John (as in literally blind) and it being Sherlock's fault (The angst oh noes!). In true John-fashion, he's VERY angry but doesn't blame Sherlock. Sherlock doesn't know what to do to cope with the fact because, again, he's feeling doubt (who's he kidding, he's afraid). It all ends with cuddles and happiness, so nothing to worry about. This fic is as of now IN HIATUS, the idea is still there and will be revisited when I have more time to think... (sorryyyyy)


For those of you who are bored and would listen to my advice, here's a compilation of every fic that I love (hence the fangirl attitude).

I'm starting with my oldest fandom, Treasure Planet. There's two fics you absolutely HAVE to read. Both of them are rewrites. First of all, there's The Captain's Papers, by Courtesy. It's a lovely, action-packed, witty fic that's got to be about as old as the movie and marks the start of fanficiton personally. The second one is The Captain and I, by Dearing. It's got an OMC and is the retelling of Treasure Planet through his eyes, but it's funny and cute and the original character (I believe he's a self-insert) is so well-rounded it's unbelievable.

There's millions of Harry Potter fanfics. I have to confess I haven't read all that many, but there's one I find BRILLIANT. It's called Just a Random Thursday, by Twisted Biscuit. If I could write like that, I'd be the happiest person alive. It's got so much detail and everyone is in character and it's so funny and clever and not what I usually read but it's one of my favorites ever! It's just one day in the life of Minerva McGonnagall, takes place in OotP.

Next up is Underworld. Go check out ALL fanfic by thecardinalsin66. It's an AU where Amelia was saved on the train. It's Amelia-centric, and there's one where there's mentions of Kraven/Selene. There are a lot of OCs in these but they're perfectly loveable and the storyline is addictive :) There's also a bit of Lestat and Dracula there, as well! :D And while we're talking about Underworld, if you speak spanish, there's Los caminos de la vida by Danally. Go. Read. My fav in spanish :)

In Avengers, there's Shades of Green. This fic is my current obsession, it's witty and I don't know how Gemsir keeps doing it, but she manages to surprise me EVERY TIME while still keeping everyone IC. Then of course there's Nine Lives and The Devil You Know, by MaverikFlame, which are great and sooo cracky and angsty and sweet I can't even tell you. And, of course, there's Off The Record by Hella, but then again this is probably the first fanfic everyone reads so no need to advertise ;) (yeees, they're all FrostIron fics. What can I say? I have a soft spot for both Tony and Loki, I'm a fan of cuddly romance and I never cared much for Pepper anyway)

Sherlock's my new fandom. GO WATCH THE SERIES! :D if you can, though, go check out Control, Alt, Delete by Mirith Griffin. It's cool and sweet. Also, there's The Heart in the Whole, The Swan Triad and then pretty much anything by MadLori, verityburns or ivyblossom :D

So, after this section is over, all I can say is this: WHO WOULD BETA FOR ME?!?!?! I haven't had a beta in YEARS and I think it's starting to show... Please?

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Replete with adventure, romance, mutiny, and witty quips, the valiant Captain Amelia documents her side of the thrilling story of Treasure Planet (Author also stands on head to entice you to click here).
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Duplicity reviews
When Loki is sent, hurt, to the Avengers Tower, he didn't expect to find allies in Tony and Bruce, much less have his brother betray him twice in the same day. Thor just doesn't understand the reason Loki has to take over Asgard, why he hates Odin so much, or even why he tried to rule Midgard. Tony does.
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Sequel to Eternity in Green. When Amelia arrives back to Washington, she can't juggle keeping her secrets safe from the council AND rebuilding the coven, much less when her own half-Lycan blood's trying to kill her. A story of trust, deceit and the origin of the bloodlines. Amelia's reigns as told by the memories in her blood.
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