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Important notice: I want to thank everyone for the support and encouragement that I have received here on FF.net. It truly has been a great experience, having people read your stories. However, I notice that I have been getting review after review of how Turmoil is "just like Twilight" or that "I should say so" if my story is based off of Twilight. Honestly, I don't know what else to tell you people. I have stated that yes, the plot is derived from Twilight. I honestly don't see how it is any different from basing your fanfic off of an anime. I don't know. I'm frankly at my limit, and future reviews/comments accusing me of not stating that I based Turmoil after Twilight will lead to the removal of the story altogether. Again, this doesn't apply to the majority of you, who have been nothing but kind and enthusiastic. I have nothing against those who have left comments as I have stated above, but the last thing I want to do is frustrate anyone. Thanks for reading, and I sincerely hope that I am not forced to delete this story for those that enjoyed it.

Have some composure, where is your posture
Oh, no, no!
You're pulling the trigger, pulling the trigger
All, wrong!

Give me envy
Give me malice
Give me attention
Give me envy
Give me malice
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Hey everyone! Here's a little about me:

I think it's pretty obvious what gender I am now...

If I could describe myself in one word, I'd say aggressive. Or quirky. It's a tie, really.

I love music! Especially when I'm mad: my two options are listening to music or throwing furniture.

Pretty much all I listen to is rock: indie, hardcore, screamo, alternative, ambient, you name it! I'm also one for Imogen Heap, and who doesn't love a little JPop in their lives:B

Don't hesitate to leave me a review or e-mail:I don't bite...unless I'm hungry ;D

If you're going to flame me, give me a good reason or your review will go where it belongs: in the vast, empty world of "erased-ness."

My favorite pairings:

SasuHina (Naruto) Okay okay, I'll admit it. I am a former NaruHina supporter. But then again...this pairing leaves room for so much potential. That's my two cents. So shoot me. Crack or no crack, I like em, and they're staying!
NejiTen (Naruto) ...They're cute together.
ShikaTema (Naruto) The most canon couple I can think of (other than Hayate and Uzuki Yuugao aka 'purple haired anbu chick')
ItaSaku (Hey, it could happen!) If ya can't snag the younger one, older is even better! IF IT'S LEGAL!
Kiba with...anyone spunky. He needs a spunky woman, no?
MoriHaruhi (Ouran High School Host Club) did you see the manga scan? Yeah, you know, that one. Nuff said :D Besides, the man's a stud muffin!
RoyRiza (FMA) You just gotta love them!

Pairings I'm not so fond of:
EdRose (FMA) Bah...for some reason I just really can't stand Ed with Rose, just...the chemistry...not there?
SasuSaku READ! I AM NOT A SAKURA BASHER. I don't hate Sakura. In fact, I think she's a sweet girl who's finally grown out of her awkward/annoying stage. So bottom line, I like her. But!...I just can't see them as anything besides siblings. So yeah. I'm done.
That's about it. I'm open to pretty much anything else you can throw at me (I don't particularly like yaoi, but I have read a few nice ones).

I respect your opinion as a reader, and I'm not going to try to change your opinions. I'd never try to discredit you because your opinions conflict with mine. You like a different pairing? Fair enough. But...

I am so sick of people who flame because of a pairing! Sometimes I like to read the reviews of a story if the summary is still vague, and maybe see if it's worth reading, but low and behold! Yet another flame based on the pairing! People are different, and thus, have different perspectives and preferences. When will you grow up and accept the fact that not everyone is a conformist! This is the real world, people. The heroine does not always end up with the knight in shining armer! Sure, it's nice when it does, but I for one enjoy something a tad bit more creative. So sue me.

You know what sensible people do when they stumble upon a pairing they don't like? They move on. They don't read the story (what, are we masochists here?) Why put yourselves through that "torture" in the first place? Spare yourself, and the author. And I'm only ranting because I sympathisize for writers who've been brave enough to take a stab at a risky pairing and using creativity to turn it into a good read. Do you understand how irritating it is to read a review by some anynoymous idiot saying "YOUR PAIRING SUCKS _ AND _ FOREVER IT ROCKS OK YOU'RE STUPID!!!" If you wanna flame about something, make it constructive, or feasible in the least! Comment about how poor the grammar is, or something that'll actually help writers! But the pairing??? What are you so angry about? That not everyone shares your opinion (however right you think it is)? That you're not having every little thing your way? Try to be open, people. I've read many wonderfully written stories with pairings I loathe; pairing isn't everything. It's nice to see how the different possibilities would work out; some of the stuff writers do here on ff.net would blow your mind: situations you never even thought of. So give it a rest!

Don't be upset that some writers possess creativity that you're lacking in. Why can't we all jsut support each other, because aren't we all here to accomplish the same thing? To write a story that other people will be able to enjoy? What satisfaction could you possibly from discouraging someone? No one will take you seriously if you throw a hissy simply because you don't like the pairing. If it's not your cup of tea, honestly, no one's forcing you to read. Forget its existence: use the search to find a fic with the pairing of your liking to negate the "torture" you just endured.

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