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My Stories

Hello my name is Ldsprincess!

Although I've been on this site for a while, I haven't got that many stories posted... only one... but I have an imagination that will not be contained, and I find myself on this site quite often.

I’m an Australian, and proud of it! Yes I have an Australian accent, no I don’t say ‘Crikey’ all the time, yes I have lived in the bush... when camping, no I don’t ride a Kangaroo to school... well didn’t. I’m not in school anymore. I do not laze around at the beach all the time, in fact im quite pale. I do not like Football, although i do support my home AFL team. I work in a Child Care Centre, and work with children with disabilities 2 days a week and I love every second of it.

My hobbies include Reading (duh), Creative Writing, Writing Songs, Singing, Art, Sketching, Painting, Drawing, Sculpting... basically anything to do with Art, Scrapbooking, Playing Computer Games, Sport (Netball, Softball, Australian Football League (AFL) and Soccer), Dancing/Cheerleading and watching Anime. I am currently doing a lot of singing and going to start studying music/vocal/performance soon.

I come from a very musical family, my dad is a professional opera singer and was a founding member of the Ten Tenors and toured extensively around the world with them... so I have grown up with music and that is a major influence in my writing. I may on occasion put some tracks to listen to while reading parts of my chapters, but I will refrain from doing so unless completely necessary.

I love reading and have been reading novels for as long as I can remember. If I don’t have a book on me or somewhere nearby, I feel very strange. I am forever reading. I love fantasy fiction and maybe a little Sci-fi and Romance thrown in there.

I am a Disney Nut! Ask me anything to do with Disney and I will answer. Among other useless trivia. I’m a fan of the ‘oldies’, the old Disney cartoons they used to show on Disney channel: The Little Mermaid series, Gummi Bears, Chip’n’Dale Rescue Rangers, Hercules series, The Adventures of Whinnie the Pooh etc. I don’t know why, but Disney Channel had got some really weird shows on TV now days.

I Love Anime/Manga! For me, someone who loves art and drawing, the animation style is amazing! But that’s only one reason I love it. I enjoy the stories and the way that for half an hour or so I can detach myself from reality and just enjoy the fantasy world. My mother is constantly saying that I should stop watching cartoons and that cartoons are for children... a lot of Anime is definitely not suitable for children, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood for example. And a lot of children’s shows today have nonsense plots for their episodes, whereas my anime has an actual storyline that you can follow.

I recently got to sing with Vic Mignogna at the Adelaide Australia Supanova!!!!! WOW!!!!!! Best Experiance Ever!!!! And I also got to perform at the opening ceremony of AVCON in Adelaide South Australia as a solo vocal performance.

... ok... rambling over


I am a Disney nut, as previously mentioned. Disney was a genius! It’s a fact, deal with it. My all time favourite Disney movies are:

- Beauty and the Beast - The Lion King

- Robin Hood - The Sword in the Stone

- Bambi - The Hunchback of Note Dame

- Sleeping Beauty - Aladdin

- The Little Mermaid - Snow White

- Tangled


I enjoy lots of different Anime/Manga, but the main ones I love are fantasy, magic and almost all is Shounen Jump... anyway, here is a list of my favourite Anime/Manga beginning with my most favourite on the top and slowly leading down. You may see some old ones that I have held on to:

- Sword Art Online (Subbed Only)

-Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood (
Preferred Language – Dub)*

- Naruto/Shippuden (Preferred Language – Dub&Sub)*

- Detective Conan (Preferred Language – Sub) *

- Magic Kaitou (Subbed Only)

- Gundam Seed/Destiny (Preferred Language – Dub)

- Romeo X Juliet (Preferred Language – Dub)

- Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (Preferred Language – Dub)

- D.Gray-Man (Preferred Language – Sub&Dub)

- Bleach (Preferred Language – Sub&Dub)

- D.N.Angel (Preferred Language – Dub)

- Sailor Moon (Preferred Language – Sub)*#

- Inuyasha/Final Act (Preferred Language – Sub)

- Cardcaptor Sakura (Preferred Language- Sub)

- Dog Days (Subbed Only)

- Elemental Gelade (Preferred Language – Dub)

- Pokemon (Preferred Language – Dub)*

- Tokyo Mew Mew (Preferred Language – Sub)

and more!

There are quite a few others but if I listed them the entire list would be too long.

Notes: (*)Love the Dub because, let’s face it, Vic Mignogna did an AMAZING job doing Edward Elric, and honestly the Japanese sounds funny after listening to Vic the whole time
(*)Detective Conan was one of the FUNimation’s first projects, and though they did a pretty good job with the dubbing, the Japanese is just way better.
(*)I started with watching Naruto on Cartoon Network, so the dubbed voices stuck in my head, they did a really good job, but imp not sure which I like better, Sub or Dub. Though you have to give Naruto’s voice actress credit, its gotta be hard to get all that growling and yelling out. It was hard enough when they did DBZ.
(*#)It wasn’t until recently when I rewatched Sailor Moon Dub, when the last time I watched it was when I was 10, that I realised how bad the dubbing was. Way to over acted. Though I give 4Kidz credit for turning a teenage show into a children’s show... just prefer the Sub... you get more of the story that way.
(*)I can’t imagine the voices of Pokémon in Japanese... I heard it once and it sounded really weird. Probably the only redeeming dubbing project of 4Kidz. Though I really hate Best Wishes. I mean, come on! Ash cannot seriously still be 10 years old after all that! Kanto, Jhoto, Orange Islands, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Battle Frontier... he’s be at least 15! And after going through all that you would think he wouldn’t make such a rookie mistake as to try and catch a Pokémon without weakening it first, yet he wondered why it didn’t work. My perception of Best Wishes is that it’s redoing the first season.

Anyway, enough of my rambling on Pokémon.


I love reading books as previously mentioned. And here is a list of my favourite titles and the authors. Again, most favourite at the top and working down:

- Inheritance Cycle - Christopher Paolini

- Beauty, another retelling of the story of Beauty and the Beast – Robin McKinley

- Rangers Apprentice - John Flanagan

- Study Series – Maria V Snyder

- Healer Series– Maria V Snyder

- Wings, Spells, Illusions, Destined – Aprilynne Pike

- Peter Pan – Sir James Matthew Barrie

- Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling

- Deltora Quest and Rowen of Rin – Emily Rodda

- Glass Series – Maria V Snyder

- Twilight Saga – Stephanie Meyer

- The Mortal Instruments – Cassandra Clare


I love playing computer games, especially Play Station. I love all the classic PS1 games: Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Mickey’s Wild Adventure, Disney Hercules etc. But my absolute Favourite is listed below:

- Kingdom Hearts Series
I own every single game in this series, including all the Final Mix’s, even if I can’t play them because they’re NTSC format. I AM LOVING DREAM DROP DISTANCE!!!!! The only reason I bought a 3DS was to play the Kingdom Hearts game... same with my PSP with Birth by Sleep... Same deal with 1.5 HD with the PS3.

Final Fantasy X & X-II

Pokémon – Yellow (GBColour), Silver (GBcolour), Gold (GBColour), Leaf Green (GBA), Diamond (DS), Soul Silver (DS)

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Series

There are still some things I am new at, and Editing and Co-Writing a story are some of them. But I have been reading fanfictions longer than vie been writing them, and I have a few that won’t ever see the light of a screen.

I am very much into Cannon. If a story doesn’t seem realistic enough to follow with the original story than it bores me. I have read some ones that aren’t based off Cannon, that were pretty good, but that is what I mainly search for... and you’ll be surprised how hard it is to find them! Most fan fictions are AU. And I HATE AU! I HATE Lemons or anything close to it so... I’ve come across many a great fanfiction where I'm really enjoying the story when it turns out to be a Lemon fic where that all that the story was heading to. Some like it some don’t. I just happen to be one of the ones that don’t.

Same with GuyXGuy Pairing! Seriously, that is disgusting. I can understand if it’s a father/son relationship or brothers/best friends. But guyxguy (Yaoi) romantic relationships... it’s just disturbing. And annoying. Those who read Detective Conan fics would probably agree with me. I think I find a really good story and it has a really good storyline and I get all excited, until I find out that it’s a GuyXGuy romance pairing. That just annoys me.

But on another note, I love crossover fics. It takes a wonderful imagination and penmanship to write a convincing crossover with 2 or more topics.


Detective Conan/Bones Crossover I want to see if anyone can write a Detective Conan and Bones Crossover. I’ve been waiting for someone to do one, but there are none... same with Castle... but I think Bones would be a good one because of Booth being in the FBI and Jodi also in FBI. Using either Conan as a 7 yr old or Shinichi either before or after shrinking, but it must have Conan/Shinichi and Ran pairing, Black Organisation must be in the story, and I don’t mean as a mention, but as one of the confrontations that happen on occasion throughout the series and must be based off cannon. I’ve always wanted to know Booth’s reaction to Conan snooping around evidence and crime scene, being a father, and the ‘Squints’ reactions to how knowledgeable Conan and Haibara are for their age. Same with if he’s Shinichi. He’s only in high school and he’s in murder cases. I just really wanna see what people come up with. Maybe throw Kaitou Kid and Hattori Heiji in there for fun.

Detective Conan/Castle Crossover same as the Bones Challenge above. But must be Believable and based off the cannon. Similar reasons as stated above, Becket would flip with a child at a crime scene, and Castle could go either way. He’s a father so he’d want to keep Conan away, but on the other hand, Castle can be unpredictable. Shinichi or Conan, before/after/during shrink, Must be Shinichi/Ran pairing and must be based off cannon.

Sword Art Online / Kingdom Hearts must follow cannon as much as possible, cannon pairings.

I’ll add other challenges when I think of them


There are a few stories I have on my favourite list that i want to reccomend:

Fallout - The Silversage (Detective Conan)

Amazing story but if I say anything about it I would be giving it away. All I will say is that it is a very realistic continuation of the 13th Detective Conan Movie. Incomplete but still updating!

The Girl with Red Hair - Renatus (Harry PotterXNaruto)

A fantastic story! Has had me hooked from the first five minutes of reading. Good crossovers are hard to come by but this one is beyond good!

Observations - Thisisentertaining (Detective Conan)

Amazing story that could also be a part of the Cannon. Takagi observes Conan since after the Elevator incident. Always keeps me on my toes.

Seeking Power and Seeking the Future - xRaianx (Inuyasha)

Another one that I cant say anything on without giving it away. But they are amazing stories and I have re-read them over and over again!

I'm not one to judge a person on how they write a story, some have a talent and some just want to get their idea's out there. I will support you either way, and be rest assured that I will not mouth off at you on your work, I have not done that before, neither in a review, email or verbal, and I am not about to start now. Everyone is equal to me and is welcome for anything. Reviews are meant to be encouraging to the author and help them improve where needed, and give congratulations when they deliver an exceptional chapter. I don’t believe in flames, because they are mostly rude and harsh. How else can writers know to improve if we don’t tell them, and only tell them off? That’s just my thoughts on the matter...

I look forward to many good reads in the future!

Best regards and Happy Reading!


Stories I have published:

Gundam Seed Destiny: Battle of the Bonds:

This story was not completely written by me but was written by my friend, and I gave her advice and some of the story line. So in a sense we worked on it together. I’m also the editor of the story and she gave me permission to post it on this site. It’s pretty much about what happened after Gundam Seed Destiny, and explains some things from the OVA. Well our view at least. A random group of people from ORB, ZAFT and Earth Alliance militaries that have banded together calling themselves Dawning Destiny, are supporters of Durandal's Destiny Plan and are working to find the Destined Child... their main priority at the moment is to gain power and to do so they have some obstacles they have to overcome, this being the heroes of Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny. This fic is set approximately 6 months after GSD. lol, can't give too much away as it is still in progress, but I’m trying my best to post them asap.

This story, I do warn you, may not have frequent updates as we all have busy lives and I sometimes find it hard to find time to edit and update new chapters on a regular basis... but it is far from being abandoned, and there are many chapters to come!!

Current Chapter: Chapter 10: Progress 10%

Hey guys! Sorry sorry sorry sorry!!!! I recently got married and setting up a new life is hard work, but I am slowly getting there. GSDBOB is still being worked on. It is just the hard copy is in a box I haven't unpacked yet. So I need to get in and find the book. Then there will be an update! -

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The Next Great Adventure by EmLights reviews
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